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08.22.06 -
Created a brand new version of my photoblog, Mugging...Over Coffee.
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Added a few new quotes.
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Updated It's Summertime, Summertime...
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Updated Happy Howlidays
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Updated A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Harvest and Happy Howlidays
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Updated It's Summertime, Summertime... and Hoppy Spring!
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Launched Mugging...Over Coffee, a photoblog
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Updated Hoppy Spring!
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Updated websources (alphabetic and mission).
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Updated My Heros.
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Updates made to: Happy Howlidays , Urgent Mews, Feedback, and Favorite Sites. Look for updates to my Lord of the Rings page.
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Happy Howlidays has been updated again. Look for continuing updates and some memories from Christmases past to appear...
12.04.03 -
Happy Howlidays has been and will continue to be updated for this holiday season. Please drop by for some hot cocoa or (as available at Caribou Coffee) a Fa-La-La-La-Latte.
11.16.03 -
Editing, tweaking and formatting to: What I Believe (linked table of contents) and My Favorite Websites page. Completely re-designed my Thanksgiving holiday page. Watch for updates to the Boutique pages as new releases come out (LOTR: Two Towers Extended/Platinum Edition) and the holidays approach--need gift ideas for someone? Why not pick from some of my favorites?

On September 11th, 2001
Everthing changed -- forever.

Forever Changed: My Tribute to the Victims
NOTE: Tribute takes a few moments to load.
War on Terrorism: One Perspective
9.11 People Reaching Out to People

9-11 Anniversary
Like Many Americans...remembering 9.11
Unsung Heros of 9.11 | They said, "Enough"
Second Anniversary of 9.11 Attacks

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