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Sunflower Lover's Bouquet
Product Code: 1149
Search: Sunflowers

Sunflower Vase Arrangement
Product Code: 1245
Search: Sunflowers

Bloom of the Month
October Sunflowers

Product Code: 1149
Search: Sunflowers


12 Stems of Special Roses
Product Code: 2138
Search: Roses

Spray Roses
Product Code: 1472
Search: Roses

Love's First BloomArranged
Product Code: 1503
Search: Roses

One Dozen Multicolored
Long-Stemmed Roses

Product Code: 1274
Search: Roses

Two Dozen Multicolored
Long-Stemmed Roses

Product Code: 1275
Search: Roses

Fiestaware® Vase
with Multi-Colored Roses

Product Code: 1364
Search: Roses

Rose Trio Arrangement
Product Code: 1224

Look Under: "By Price > Under $30"

Spray Rose Bouquet
with Hershey
®'s Kisses

Product Code: 1239
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"

The Power of PinkBouquet
Product Code: 1407
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"


Dozen Carnations in Vase
Product Code: 1228
Look Under:

Dozen Mini Carnations in Vase
Product Code: 1236

Search: Carnations

‘Moonshadow’ Carnations
Product Code: 1479
Search: Carnations

Don't Be Blue Bouquet
Product Code: 1356
Look Under: "For Him" or "Get Well"

DAISIES (and related flowers)

Gerbera Daisies
in Fiestaware Vase

Product Code: 1052
Search: Daisies

25 Stem Gerbera Bouquet
Product Code: 1482
Search: Daisies

Basket Full of Daisies
Product Code: 1265
Search: Daisies

Gerbera Daisies in Vase
Product Code: 1973
Look Under / Search:

Dozen Daisies in Vase
Product Code: 1229
Look Under: "Just Because" or Search: Daisies


French Countryside
Product Code: 1747
Search: French

Make Lemonade
Product Code: 1903
Look Under: "Just Because"

Sentimental Surprise
Product Code: 1202
Look Under: "Love & Romance":

Thoughtfulness Basketof Flowers
Product Code: 1534
Look Under: "Just Because"

Exotic Flower Arrangement
Product Code: 1285
Search: Exotic

Avalon Bouquet
Product Code: 1487
Look Under: "Just Because"

It’s Your Day Bouquet
Product Code: 1187
Look Under: "By Price > Under $30"

Bouquet for Baby Boy with Frame
Product Code: 1335
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"

50 Stem Freesia Bouquet
Product Code: 1480
Look Under: "Just Because"

Lavender Garden Bouquet
Product Code: 1488
Look Under: "Just Because"

Party Time™
Product Code: 1188
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"

Candy Bars and Toy Cars
Product Code: 1918
Look Under: "For Him"

Garden Basket Arrangement
Product Code: 1895
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"

Bouquet with Pink Piggy Bank
Product Code: 2280
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"

Hand Tied Bouquet
Product Code: 1377
Search: Wildflowers

Cafe Bouquet
Product Code: 1781
Look Under: "By Price > $30-$50"


Jade Bonsai in Water Garden
Product Code: 4169
Search: Bonsai

Small Juniper Bonsai
Product Code: 1822

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Merry Miseltoe™
Traditional Tidings™
Classic Christmas Centerpiece™
Fields of Europe™- Christmas
Holiday Flower Tree®
Mama Moore's Bakeshop(sm) Snackin' Santa
The Holidays are here! Deliver the magic of the season with rewarding gifts to all the special people in your life. Remember the patient way she held the ladder steady while you hooked on those strands of lights? And don't forget to reward him for lifting that big box of holiday decorations from the basement. And what about the nice neighbor who shoveled the snow off your sidewalk? Or all those associates in the office, who go the extra mile to get the job done? You can still surprise everyone on your list with a gift from

Their Christmas Collection has everything from floral arrangements to centerpieces, sweets and gourmet treats, and unique gifts! Best of all, they're accepting orders up through December 24th for Christmas delivery! So, don't put it off any longer! Happy Shopping, and we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

Call 1-800-FLOWERS® (1-800-356-9377), click