Angel Pawprints: Reflections
on Loving and Losing
a Canine Companion

by Laurel E. Hunt (Editor)
ISBN: 0786865776
Angel Whiskers
by Laurel E. Hunt (Editor)
ISBN: 0786865784
Blessing the Bridge:
What Animals Teach Us About
Death, Dying, and Beyond

by Rita M. Reynolds
ISBN: 0939165384
Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
by Moira K. Anderson
ISBN: 0931866979
Final Farewell: Preparing for and
Mourning the Loss of Your Pet

by Marty Tousley, Katherine Heuerman,
Kenneth D. White
ISBN: 0965712818
Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom
for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet

by Gary Kowalski
ISBN: 1883478227
Good-Bye My Friend: Pet Cemeteries, Memorials, and Other Ways to Remember
by Michele Lanci-Altomare
ISBN: 1889540579
It's Okay To Cry
by Maria Luz Quintana, Harley King,
Shari L. Veleba
ISBN: 0965593614

Journey Through Pet Loss
by Deborah Antinori, MA Deborah Antinori
ISBN: 0966884817

The Loss of a Pet
by Wallace Sife (Introduction)
ISBN: 0876051972
Legacies of Love, A Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One
by Teresa L. Wagner
ISBN: 1891864084
Pet Loss:
A Thoughtful Guide for Adults & Children

by Herbert A. Nieburg, Arlene Fischer,
Martin Scot Kosins
ISBN: 0060926783
Preparing for the Loss of Your Pet:
Saying Goodbye with Love, Dignity,
and Peace of Mind

by Myrna M. Milani
ISBN: 0761516484
Three Cats, Two Dogs:
One Journey Through Multiple Pet Loss

by David Congalton
ISBN: 0939165376
When Only the Love Remains:
The Pain of Pet Loss

by Emily Margaret Stuparyk
ISBN: 0968454208