Shag's Art WebsiteThe Art of Shag
ISBN: 0867195282

Living Color: A Writer Paints Her World
by Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 0553354892
Aiga Professional Practices in Graphic Design: American Institute of Graphic Arts
by Tad Crawford (Editor),
American Institute of Graphic Arts
ISBN: 1880559897
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook:
Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

by Graphics Artists Guild
ISBN: 0932102115
Always a Reckoning and Other Poems
by Jimmy Carter, Sarah Elizabeth Chuldenko
ISBN: 0812924347
Eighteen Straight Whiskeys
Poetry by Michael Easton
ISBN: 0965867404

Top of My Lungs: Poems and Paintings: And the Essay "How Poetry Saved My Life
Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 158567298X

Becoming a Writer
by Dorothea Brande, John Gardner
ISBN: 0874771641

Bird by Bird:
Some Instructions on Writing and Life
by Anne Lamott
ISBN: 0385480016

The Essential Writer's Notebook
Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 0880882433

If You Want to Write: A Book About Art, Independence and Spirit
by Brenda Ueland
ISBN: 1555972608

Old Friend from Far Away:
How to Write a Memoir
Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 1564559599

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
by Stephen King
ISBN: 0671024256
The Right to Write: An Invitation
and Initiation into the Writing Life

by Julia Cameron
ISBN: 1585420093
Thunder and Lightning:
Cracking Open the Writer's Craft

by Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 0553095285

The Well of Creativity
by Michael Toms, Natalie Goldberg,
Deena Metzger, Keit Jarrett, Keith Jarrett,
Julia Cameron

ISBN: 1561703753

What If?
Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers

by Anne Bernays, Pamela Painter
ISBN: 0062720066
Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life
by Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 0553347756
Writing Down the Bones:
Freeing the Writer Within

by Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 1570624240
The Writing Life
by Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg
ISBN: 1564557251