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Apr 15, 2001

...I want you to know that I like your memorial page and your article on pet loss. I had to put my beloved cat to sleep due to cancer-related complications on April 4th and I've been beside myself ever since. I made a page for her with poems that comfort me at

June 12, 2001

"It is very nicely done!! Great info and the letters you write are great! I too, write whenever I can...I am sorry to read about your precious Sunshine...Please keep up the wonderful work you do on behalf of our beautiful creatures, the animals. God will bless you I am sure!"

Shell >^,,^<
Aug 22, 2001

Visited your it! You did a good job...

Daharja XXX
Jan 7, 2002

I just read your memorial to Sunshine, and I'm still crying. Still, it'swonderful to know that there are people in the world who love animals as much as you clearly loved Sunshine.

Jan 23, 2002

I just want to let you know that your website is wonderful. I feel the same way you do about all animals. I became a vegetarian a year and a half ago after reading a PETA brochure. I thought giving up meat would be hard, but it wasn't at all. I have never felt better physically or emotionally. I know that I did the right thing. Recently, I persuaded my husband to give up meat and he did. This is a big accomplishment as he was the biggest meat eater I had ever met! We currently have ten indoor cats that we have rescued....Thanks for putting your site out there, we need more animal lovers like you..."

Animal Lover
Feb18, 2002
Boy, these kinds of
emails never get old.

I can only imagine what a person like you, with so much time on her hands, could accomplish if she actually got a life!!!! Excuse me while I go finish skinning the deer in the back yard, and turn the burgers on the grill...

Apr 12, 2002

I'm not sure if we've actually emailed before, but I came across website online and it's great! We have a band Brilliant Sins that I think you'd be very interested in our music and our ideals. We're from Wales, animal rights activist, dog rescuers (ten rescued dogs between us) and vegan...I will add your link to the website once the changes are made.
May 24, 2002
Do you update the stories concerning hoarders to include the judgements filed against them? I was curious and an active participant in one of your stories...I can supply the final judgement so that people can see there is a good ending in some of these cases. Thank you for your time and effort in educating people to this crime.

June 4, 2002

I really liked your website a lot, and I really respect people with such strong beliefs as you do. I too would like to take action somehow. I know that when it is time to choice a career, I want to work with animals in some way, whether directly, or indirectly through protests and such...I am fairly new to animal rights programs, however, I have a very strong desire to commit myself to work for the welfare of others, especially animals who cannot speak out for themselves...
March 2, 2003

Visited your website and...loved it! After stumbling through so many right wing blogs by accident lately it was great to come across somebody whose views reflected my own. I have been a vegetarian and animal rights advocate for almost thirteen years now and am always deeply affected by cruelty against animals. I liked your site for its balance of showing people cruelty inflicted upon animals, but also stories of hope as well. That is sometimes the trouble with other sites. I have bookmarked your blog and will be coming back on a regular basis. Thanks for being one of the voices of reason on the world wide web! Take care, and thank you.

May 4, 2003

Awesome website!!!!!! Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for making a massive effort in trying to educate this dispicable human race about the helpless creatures who are unable to speak for themselves! Loved your 'What I Believe" section........I personally would like to more info on becoming an animal rights activist or animal rights programs of some description????? Help?? I wish to take action as well somehow!!!!....Once again thankyou....our world needs more beautiful people like you!!
May 6, 2003
I love your website so much. Today I was a little down in the dumps having been part of a rescue of 12 abused ferrets last night. I love your page with the quotes. I have to believe that any suffering animal, that can only talk to you through their eyes, if you help them, you will be rewarded somewhere else in your life. I hope that is true. I work with Jan who has one of the biggest hearts I have ever come across. She runs the Gimmee Shelter Ferret Rescue. If just one life is saved or helped by someone seeing the number of the shelter, than it is all worth it. If you can add us to the list, that would be wonderful. If you need any other information, please let me know. Thank you. Keep safe.
June 6, 2003
Although your website left me shaken and upset I still spent the last hour or so reading and viewing the images,as upsetting as they are. All I really can say is THANK YOU. I don't know if you have recieved any negative emails, but this is a positive one. As someone who has taken in birds, bats and stray cats (and a few lost dogs) because it is the right thing to do, and because they seem to be "invisible" to so many, I want you to know how valuable you are to those who cannot speak.We need so many more of you, as you seem to be out numbered by so many truly evil people. Oh well,that is all I wanted to say.
June 21, 2003
I would like to thank you for caring so much about animals. I love them too. I can't visit this page any more without crying. I have two pugs--one is Lucy and the other is Amy. I love dogs and other animals, so much that I get frustrated when someone steps on a fly. Well, thank you for letting people know how much danger some pets are actually in. Take care.
Dec 12, 2003
What a very moving site this is. I've just read through hundreds of stories of animal cruelty, the sheer number and level of atrocity is astounding. The only things more astounding are the apparent penalties applied; you shoot someones pet and receive a fine for discharging a firearm in a residential area? Very sick.

Also one of the stories involved a Jacksonville police officer who shot an 8-month pit bull for no apparent reason, Tom Tarver, he was recently arrested by fellow officers for drunken driving and resisting arrest. A true tribute to the law enforcement community.
Dec 8, 2004
Hello! I found your site thorough my serach for pitbull pictures - a kind of dog that i try to do my best to change peoples minds about! I fight that rasism! I came here and found the pictures of the animals that people had forgot about... and yes my blood turned to ice. I cant believe that people are doing that to innocent and wonderful animals which they all are! And this site and those pictures made me grow stronger in my believe that it is not my right to judge over life and death. I havent been eating meet for 10 years and i will never do it again. Thanks for fighting - i admire it a lot!
Keep on going!
regards from Sweden,
Dec 31, 2004
god bless you i am a fellow animal lover and would also like to see authorities make the more punishment for abusing god's beautiful creatures keep up the good work and continue to make people aware about the sick sons of bitches who would do such things to animals

Mar 2, 2005

Hi, your site is an excellent resource to the animal rights community. I enjoyed browsing around and I have llinked to your site. You can find your link on the main page of my site.

I like the 'table of cruelty' shown on your A Legacy of Suffering: Violent Abuse. The pictures and information brought tears to my eyes but I do like how you have it set up. I also enjoyed reading about your website dedications and pet memorials. You have done excellent work and I'm happy to be linked to you. Thank you also for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle, I too am a vegetarian.

Please visit my site, MADFA @

MADFA is my online effort to help spread awarness about animal cruelty. If you have any feedback, please let me know.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Take care,
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