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 Cruelty-Free Christmas Recipes  

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Mushroom-Walnut Pâté
Holiday Entrees
Cashew and Chestnut Roast
Vegetarian Gravy 
Baked Pumpkin with Mixed Rice Pilaf
Broccoli Rice Casserole Favorite!
Holiday Meat Alternatives

Tofurkey Feast


For more feast ideas...
Linda McCartney's Home Cooking by Linda McCartney


'Tis The Season: A Vegetarian Christmas Cookbook by Nanette Blanchard
Buy it!
Vegan Tofurkey Feast Our favorite faux! Favorite!
Dairy Veat Chicken Breasts Favorite!
Side Dishes
Pumpkin Salad w/Polenta & Candied Pumpkin Seeds
Sweet Potato Hash

Butternut and Chestnut Sauté

Orange-Apple Cranberry Sauce NEW! Favorite!
If the only cranberry sauce you've ever had looks like the
can it sloshed're missing out on a tasty treat.
Holiday Sweets
Grandma Irene's Thumbprint Cookies Favorite! 
Peanut Butter Blossoms (w/Kisses) Favorite!
Impossibly Easy Cheesecake  
Impossibly Easy Pumpkin Pie  
Vegan Pumpkin Pie w/Tofu Whipped Cream
Holiday Spirits
Reindeer Tini
Seasonal Snacks

Candied walnuts NEW! Favorite!
Just tried these for the first time as an ingredient in a holiday salad and are now addicted - they are so yummy. The salad, by the way, is mixed greens, craisins, tangerine slices and blue cheese crumbles. We topped it with Paul Newman's organic Light Walnut & Cranberry dressing. A great combination of holiday favorites!

 Veg*an-Friendly Christmas Webpages  
Christmas Recipes for Vegetarians    
A Colorful Vegetarian Christmas  
Vegetarian Holiday Cooking Website and Merry Xmas  
Vegetarian Holiday  

Veggie Unite! Happy Holidays Recipes


VRG: A Holiday Celebration


Bunny's Christmas Page


Merry Pets Page


The Veggie Table: Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

VegSource: Holiday Recipes  
Vegetarian Holiday Feasts from the BBC  
bullet PETA: Ask your family for a vegan Christmas  

Holiday Flowers from $29.99 (NL)

In Association with

Our Adopted Turkeys
from Farm Sanctuary
2004 - Cinnamon

2005 - Victoria
2005 - Victoria

2005 - Whisper
2005 - Whisper

2006 - Blossom
2006 - Blossom

2006 - Tinkerbell
2006 - Tinkerbell

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Visit My Online Boutique - Browse Holiday Favorites to get in the holiday spirit.
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ASPCA: Online Store | Holiday Store | Pet First Aid

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HSUS: Everything Christmas | Deck the Halls

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PETA: PETAMall | PETA Catalog


 For the animal lover in your an animal in his/her name
Audubon Adopt-a-Bird
Friends of Washoe
Sponsor an Animal
Sponsor-a-Wild Horse
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Holiday Cards & Calendars  
paw bullet ASPCA: Card and Holiday  
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HSUS: Christmas/Holiday Card Collections

PETA: 2008 Rescued! Calendar    
Tips and Hints that Keep the Season Bright  
Martha Stewart's Holiday Planner - PDF  
Decorating Holiday Cookies - Martha  
Season's Eatings - The Food Network  
Having a Green Christmas  
bullet Having a "Green" Christmas - Sierra Club  
bullet Have a jolly, green Christmas; Ten tips for an Earth-friendly holiday - MSNBC
 Holiday Decorating & Christmas Crafts  
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HGTV's Countdown to Christmas

BHG's Christmas Crafts & Decorating  
Dave's Snowflakes
Someone else who creates old-fashioned paper snowflakes
HGTV Holiday Ideas  
Michaels Crafting for Christmas - Instructional  
Gingerbread Houses

Leigh-Anne's First Ever Gingerbread Cottage - Dec 2003
Leigh-Anne's First Ever Gingerbread Cottage
December 2003

National Gingerbread House Competition hosted at the Grove Park Inn - Asheville, NC
- 2004 Winners
- 2006 Competitors
- 2007 Top Entries
and more at
Cleveland Botancial Gardens' Gingerbread Competition - Theme: Winter Wonderland

Sugarplum Park Gingerbread Fantasy
Great Valley High School Gingerbread Houses
Home Sweet Home - Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Gingerbread for the Holidays by Martha

Recipes and Patterns for
Dolores' Gingerbread House

HGTV Winter Gingerbread Houses


Gingerbread Lane


The Littlest Christmas Tree: A Tale of Growing & Becoming
Buy It!

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
Buy It!

Personal Writing: Mine & Others   
"Give the Gift of Life this Year..."*  
Make yours a Wonderful Life*
The only business a dog has doing under your tree [PETA]
Seasonal Tails [PetSmart]
A Rescued Animals Christmas [Poem]
Christmas Returns [Poem]

Jingle James & The Listmas Chorus
Holiday Song Parodies [me & JLS Listers]

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Christmas 2006
Veg*an Hannukah Recipes    
Honey Cake   
Fat-Free Kugel (It serves dozens!)  
Potato Latkes - coming soon!  
Veg*an-Friendly Hannukah Webpages  
A Mix of Traditions - Vegetarian Hanukkah's Vegetarian Hanukkah  
Homestyle Hanukkah (including vegan-versions)  
In a Vegetarian Kitchen - Hanukkah  

PCRM: Toward a Healthy Chanukah

bullet Hanukkah with a Vegan Touch  

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Winter Wonderland    
Snow Crystals: The Science of Snow & Ice Crystals  
Dave's Snowflakes: Paper-snowflake maker Paper snowflake instructions  

Happy Snowdays! (2006)

Winter Solstice    
A Brief History | Celebration | Recipes
Boulder [Colorado] Public Library

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Happy New Year!    
Bringing in the New Year  

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