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NEWS for Spring

Cards skipper makes room for animals - 04.03.04

Quick Tip:
Like tinsel, plastic Easter basket grass is tempting for pets, particularly cats. But, it can be harmful if ingested. Be pet friendly by choosing natural and safe alternatives to plastic grass, such as straw or raffia. Or, recycle colored tissue paper or thinly shred the comic section of the newspaper.
Local shelter dealing with too many animals - 04.01.04
Virginia Family "Gets Ready” with the
Red Cross
- 04.01.04
Easter is No Time to Give Pets as Gifts
Says the HSUS
- 04.03.04
Spring Brings Baby Raccoons: Check Chimneys Now
to Avoid Conflicts
- 03.10.04

SPRING Tip Sheets

PETSMART Spring Tips


Deadly Beauties: Keeping the
Garden Safe for Your Pets

Hydrangea -- A hardy, showy shade-loving flower, the plant contains cyanide.  Photo © Getty Images.

Common Pet Hazards and How
to Prevent Them During the Holidays

OTHER Spring Links
Red Cross Encourages Americans To Spring Break For Family Preparedness
Make a plan; build an emergency kit; get trained; volunteer time, money and blood;
and pledge to prepare.
Prevent Raccoons from Turning Your Chimney into a Day Care Center - HSUS  
EASTER Bunnies, Chicks and Ducks
Bunnies & Chicks: What's the Easter
- PETSmart
©  Getty Images
Easter Isn't Fun for Every 'Bun' - Fund for Animals
No Gift for the Animals - PETA
Easter Bunnies in Exile - VetCentric
Humane Society of the United States
Easter: A Time for Reflection, not Adoption

The Pet Minute: Not Rabbit Season [Requires Real Audio]

House Rabbit Network
Rethinking Easter Bunnies
Bunnies at Easter: A Sad Story
Help Us Spread the Word!
He's not a child's toy [PDF Flyer]
Setting Your Pet Rabbit Loose [PDF Flyer]
Easter Bunny - House Rabbit Society
A poem dedicated to the bunnies they couldn't save
Poultry and Eggs: Gone Rotten - PETA
Buy free-range or go vegan.
Celebrate Easter Without Eggs - UPC  
Laying Hens (& Eggs) - Farm Sanctuary  
COMPASSIONATE Easter Celebrations
Celebrate a Cruelty Free Easter  
Happy (Vegan) Easter - Veg Family  
A Vegan Easter - Vegan Family [UK]  

Recipe Guide
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= Eggs/Dairy
= Honey
= Alcoholic
SPRING Recipes
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