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Legacy of Suffering


Sadly, the page was growing too long with tragic tales so I have archived many of the stories here. These animals will not be forgotten.

This archive includes archives from all the legacy pages -- abuse, neglect, hoarding and ignorance.

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Legacy of Suffering Archive
Types of Abuse:
Horses Recovering; Horses have had blood taken, their tails and manes cut, and some have been sexually assaulted. Two horses' tails were hacked off, inflicting an injury to the spine of one horse.

Witchcraft linked to series of attacks on horses
The Herald
Accused: Unknown
Pig Deceased; beaten with a flashlight, then sawed in half with a hacksaw. Half of the pig was thrown in a pool and half was thrown onto the roof of a gas station.
Trappe teen accused of punching witness: Kemp Jelich previously charged with animal cruelty (10.25.02)
The Star Democrat
Easton, MD
Accused: Kemp B. Jelich, 19
Family dog, small brownish-black dog

Deceased; a bag was tied around the dog's neck, then the live animal was put in the microwave and it was turned on. A police report indicates officers examined the microwave, and found evidence that seemed to indicate the dog had been put inside the oven.
Man accused of microwaving girlfriend's dog (10.28.02)
Springfield, IL
Accused: Everette S Howze, 41
Possible charge: Animal abuse-aggravated cruelty

Kitten is available for adoption
at the Puyallup Animal Shelter
at 253-841-5595
Rescued; in an attempt to drown the kitten who was inside a trap, which was lowered into the water. The lid was placed on the can. A brick was placed on top of the lid and the can was covered with a tarp and other material.
Puyallup man charged with kitten cruelty (10.25.02)
The News Tribune
Puyallup, WA
Accused: Donald Broeker
Charge: 2nd degree animal cruelty
Chicken Deceased; chicken stolen from an area farm was killed as a result of being raped by Bessigano.
Valparaiso man guilty of cruelty (10.25.02)
Valparaiso, IN
Convicted: Michael Bessigano, 32
Priors: Previous conviction for animal cruelty and theft.
Tiger, a kitten Deceased; the kitten's head was blow off by fireworks.

Defendent spent 3 wks in a detention facility awaiting psychological evaluation and spent the last 4 months on house arrest.

Boy sentenced in killing of kitten (10.24.02)
The Plain Dealer
Akron, OH
Plead Guilty: 15-yr-old
Charges: Plead to lesser charges of attempted animal cruelty and discharging fireworks.
Sentence: 6 months probation, counseling and 20 hrs work for the Community Responsibility Project, using the money to pay the $100 in restitution.

Guinea pig

Deceased; starved and dissected (postmortem).

Oxnard man guilty of starving pet: Defendant wins acquittal on torture charge (10.24.02)
Ventura County Star
Oxnard, CA
Convicted: Benny Zavala, 34
Charges: One count animal cruelty and being under the influence of methamphetamine.
Sentence: Faces up to 3 yrs

Lucky, a Rottweiler
Euthanized; Lucky was punched, then chained to a recycling bin and hit repeatedly around the head with a piece of metal pipe. He was then thrown down an embankment and left it to die. He suffered severe head and facial injuries, 2 deep gashes to the head, skull fractures, blindness and swelling. Some injuries had bled for 8 days. Despite extensive medical intervention, he had to be euthanized 12 days later. ACT first: man jailed for bashing his dog (10.24.02)
The Canberra Times
Symonston, AU
Convicted: Mark Drover, 29
Charge: 1 count animal cruelty
Sentence: 3 months in jail (max sentence could have been of one year in jail, a $10,000 fine or both)
12 Cats

Photo Courtesy of WRTC-TV
Deceased; 12 cats have reportedly died after drinking a mixture of water and antifreeze placed in a man's front yard.
Neighbors Claim Man Poisoning Area Cats (10.24.02)
Indianapolis, IN
Accused: Undisclosed
Deceased; cat was killed by being thrown it into a ceiling fan, hanged with an electric cord and hit with a metal bar.

Teens Plead Guilty to Cat Cruelty (10.24.02)
LaGrange, GA
Convicted: Jason L. Moore, 18 and Aaron N. Buchanan, 18
Sentence: Moore (on probation for auto theft) received 2 yrs in prison and 3 ys probation for aggravated cruelty; Buchanan, 2 yrs in a work camp

X, a family pit bull

Photo Courtesy of The News Journal
Caregiver: Angel Garcia
Deceased; the dog was allegedly shot by the handler of a county K-9 after the dog got loose from his collar and approached the K-9. A spokesperson for the county police indicated that the handler feared the dog would attach the K-9, while civilian witnesses indicate they saw no aggressive actions by either dog.
Owner disputes police shooting of his dog (10.24.02)
The News Journal
Accused: K-9 Officer/Handler
11 cats
Deceased; 3 cats were shot and 8 others were poisoned with antifreeze.

Reward may spur action in killing of cats in Plainfield
Reward of $1,500 set for cat killer (10.23.02)
Norwich Bulletin

Plainfield, CT
Accused: Unknown


A red-tailed hawk

Rescuers: Marste Woods, 18 and her mother Marva McClendon

"They said 'We're just playing, we're just playing,'" Woods recalled. The brothers told Woods they had used firecrackers to set the hawk on fire. They rode off and, laughing, assured her they'd do it again if given the chance.

Euthanized; the bird was set on fire, urinated on, tied to a bicycle and dragged down the street. The hawk suffered a broken leg, a damaged wing, and much of the body was burned; he was euthanized due to the severity of the injuries.
Teens Arrested In Bird Torture
Medford, NY
Accused: 2 boys, age 14 & 15
Charge: Misdemeanor torturing an animal


Sweetie Poo, a 2-yr-old, 10-lb white toy poodle (right)

Photo Courtesy of WBAL-TV
Caregivers: Sheri Divver
and George France
Deceased; pick-ax was swung at the dog, hitting her in the side and throwing her up in the air killing her. When officers arrived, the accused had blood on his pants and was still holding the pickax.

Jury: Adger 'Not Guilty' Of Dog Killing (06.27.03)
Opening Statements Made In Dog-Murder Trial (06.26.03)

City man, 45, is accused of killing couple's dog with pickax (10.23.02)
Baltimore Sun

Man Accused Of Killing Dog With Pickax (10.23.02)

Man accused of killing couple's dog (10.23.02)
The Herald-Mail Online
Baltimore, MD
Accused: Wayne Adger, 45
Charges: 1st-degree assault, 2nd-degree assault and animal cruelty
Verdict: Acquitted

Thumper, 7-year-old Manx cat

Other Parties Involved
Cat's Caregiver: Kathy Matlock, 44
Local Org: Spokanimal CARE
Deceased; cat's eyes had been poked out and his body was cut in half. A drill bit and circular saw containing blood and fur were found on and near the residence where Thumper's body was found.

Suspect not boyfriend, cat owner says (10.23.02)
Cat mutilated; man jailed (10.22.02)
The Spokane-Review
Accused: Robert Peterson, 19
Priors: Peterson has 4 felony convictions: 2 for theft, 1 for burglary, 1 for possession of stolen property as well as a conviction for fourth-degree assault (on his mother)


Deceased; Matsubara, severed an ear and the tail of a cat with scissors and strangled the animal with a wire at an apartment. He then posted images from the act on an Internet site.

Internet cat torturer gets slap on the wrist (10.21.02)
Cat abuser faces jail (10.01.02)
Prosecutors sharpen claws on notorious cat abuser (08.08.02)
Cat abuser pinched after posting images on Net (05.21.02)
Mutilated cat pics posted on top site (05.09.02)
Mainichi Daily News
Fukuoka, JAP
Convicted: 06.Matsubara, 27

Sentence: 6 month suspended for 3 yrs


Deceased; the cat was wired to a fence. The cat's paw was ripped off, and he was pelted with concrete blocks. A Houston veterinarian who specializes in injuries to animals conducted a necropsy. The veterinarian found that cat did not have any puncture wounds and didn’t die from an animal attack--the cat died from blood loss. Parents of the boys claim the cat was already dead and continue to speculate that a dog killed the cat.

Quanell: Media unfairly portraying children (10.25.02)
Witness recalls sound of cat's death (10.23.02)
Six boys arrested after cat stoned to death (10.22.02)
Galveston County Daily News

Boys charged in torture and stoning of cat (10.22.02)
Houston Chronicle

Six boys face animal cruelty charges after attacking cat in Galveston (10.21.02)

Father: Sons Not To Blame For Cat's Death (10.24.02)
6 Boys Dismember, Stone Cat To Death (10.21.02)
Galveston, TX
Accused: 6 boys between the ages 6 and 11


Neighbor's Dog, labrador retriever

Other Parties Involved
Dog's Caregiver: Jim Patterson
Brown's sister-in-law: Teresa Lewallen

Deceased; dog was allegedly beaten to death with a baseball bat. Then allegedly his throat was slit and the animal was tossed over an embankment.
Knox Man Denies Cruelty Charges (10.21.02)
Knox, KY
Accused: Thomas Brown III
Lucky, a black, 41-pound mutt
Rescued; a man tried to drown the Labrador mix puppy in the fountain as a horrified lunch crowd looked on.
Man charged with trying to kill dog on Green (10.11.02)
Morristown, CT
Accused: Richard Lukeski, 50
Bear, a 4-month-old Pomeranian Deceased; dog drowned in a plastic cooler filled with water under what are being treated as suspicious circum-stances. In a bizarre case, Lansdale man's arrested for killing puppy (09.28.02)
Philadelphia Daily News
Lansdale, PA
Accused: Luke D. Myers, 21
Deceased; cat was allegedly grabbed by the accused, thrown in an oven and cooked alive until the building filled with smoke and the smell of burned flesh causing residents to flee the building.

Cat Abuse Court Appearance (08.27.02)
Woman Arrested After Killing Cat In Oven (07.09.02)
Merriman Ave, NY
Accused: Laura Manning
Charges: Aggravated animal cruelty (felony)

Cat Deceased; the cat died after being tied to a tire and tossed it in the waters of the Inner Harbor area.

Teen sentenced for cat killing (09.17.02)
Arrest Made In Drowned Cat Case

Teen gets jail time in death of cat (09.17.02)
The Post Standard
Syracuse, NY
Convicted: Matthew Morris, 17
Charge: Felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty
Sentence: 54 days in jail (33 days served); 5 years probation and prohibited from owning or residing in a home with an animal.

A gray fox and 4 squirrels Deceased; A large gray fox was hung by rope and 4 dead squirrels were also found. One was nailed to a stop sign, another was smashed and 2 were found hanging from trees. Investigators believe the fox was probably "road kill" but the squirrels appeared to have been shot.
Dead animals, flag defile school (09.27.02)
The Times Plus
Monroe, WI
Accused: No leads
Unknown; found bleating loudly while the accused was allegedly caught by villagers in the act sexually abusing the animal.
Goat sex: Cruelty rap possible (09.30.02)
Polokwane, S Africa
Accused: Dingaan Rammala, 40
$1,000 Reward - Posted by PETA

Trooper, mix-hound puppy


Recovering; burned with a blow torch.
Burned-dog case provokes outrage (09.30.02)
Dayton Daily News
Eaton, OH
Accused: Unknown
Puppy Deceased; A summons filed against Markham said she stabbed a puppy in the heart with a needle--called intra-cardiac euthanasia -- without administering a sedative or painkiller as required by law.

Animal Shelter Officials Charged With Animal Cruelty (09.25.02)

Animal shelter officials charged with animal cruelty (09.25.02)
Herald Sun
Newport, NC
Accused: Diana Markham, 32 and Mickie Tuck, 80

Sadie, 6- to 8-month-old pit bull
Deceased; a young female pit bull "owned" by the 17-year-old was allegedly beaten to death with a pickax in what the police describe as a gruesome act of animal abuse.
Pair face charges in killing of pit bull (08.28.02)
The Providence Journal
Providence, RI
Accused: 17-year-old male and Katonah Perry, 43
Prince, a 7-year-old toy poodle

Photo Courtesy of the Tucson Citizen
Euthanized; Prince sustained damage to his anus and internal organs when he was sodomized with a tree branch. Prince was found bleeding on the floor of his owner's home and had to be put to sleep.

Teen arrested on felony animal cruelty charges (09.26.02)

Boy, 14, arrested in poodle mutilation (09.26.02)
Tucson Citizen
Pima County, AZ
Accused: Chris Faw, 14
Two other youths also are being sought in the incident.

Rakim, 1-year-old pit bull

Photo Courtesy of NBC10
Euthanized; Rakim had been reported missing from his guardian's backyard. Rakim had been beaten by a baseball bat and hit more than 15 times by an unknown assailent. Comatose when he arrived at the vet, his jaw was broken and his leg was shattered. The treating vet indicated that all the muscles and tendons in the right paw were "just gone." SPCA had to euthanize him.

Teen In Dog-Beating Case Sentenced To Juvenile Facility (09.16.02)
Protesters Flock To Dog Abuse Hearing (09.05.02)
Hundreds Outraged Over Reports Of Dog-Beating (08.25.02)
Update: DA's Office Swamped By Calls In Animal-Abuse Case (08.24.02)
Update: Dog Beaten With Bat Euthanized (08.22.02)
Man Brutally Beats Dog In Philadelphia Laundromat
Philadelphia, PA
Accused: Russell Watson

Nevada, 7-month-old chow-German shepherd mix

Deceased; a police officer responding to a residential burglar alarm shot the family dog 3 times killing the dog. The alarm turned out to be false.
Police officer shoots, kills family's dog (08.22.02)
Yahoo! News and The Charlotte Observer
Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC
Accused: Officer A.J. Davis
Sebastian, a schnauzer Deceased; the dog was stabbed and shot after one of the suspects, allegedly drunk, apparently got mad because the dog wouldn't let him pick it up. Neighbors who witnessed the killing say the men started kicking the dog, beating him with the end of the rifle before gutting the dog, and shooting him two more times.
Two Stories Emerge In Animal Abuse Case (08.22.02)
Yahoo! News / KMBC-TV
Independence, MO
Accused: Johnnie Parks, 31, and Ray Carabajal, 25
Queen, Sister's Pomeranian-poodle mix
Deceased; shot and killed by a .380 semiautomatic gun. The dog had a deep cut across her throat, several of her ribs had been removed, exposing her lungs, and appeared to have been skinned.
Threats linked to animal cruelty (07.30.02)
Herald Sun
Pittsboro, NC
Accused: Michael Cary Alston, 27
Charges: felony cruelty to animals, misdemeanor assualt and misdemeanor communicating threats
Smokey, the 15-week-old pitbull terrier Rescued; had the tops of his ears hacked off with a razor blade to make him look more "Macho."
Nation takes maimed puppy to its heart (08.03.02)
New Zealand News
Rotorua, New Zealand
Accused: Unnamed "owner"
Two "pet" birds dead Deceased; their necks had been snapped.
Police: Ex-boyfriend killed pair of pet birds (08.06.02)
The Pawtucket Times
Pawtucket, RI
Accused: Jason Procell,
Sr, 32
Charges: animal cruelty
Noodle, dachshund
Deceased; repeatedly dunked underwater for 45 minutes, supposedly in play, and eventually drowned. "Owner" was covered with scratches apparently from the dog trying to get away from him. He calls it an accident, police call it stupidity.
Owner Drowns Dog at Jones Beach (08.05.02)
Accused: Yoichi Nakayama, 38, dog's "owner"
Stray dog
Deceased; a stray dog was intentionally run over with a truck.
Dog killing evokes strong emotions (07.17.02)
Garden District, LA
Accused: Chip Coulter
Contacts thru Multiple Sources

Lucky, 7-week-old tabby kitten

Photo Courtesy of KCTV-TV and

Rescuer: Sherry Scott,
who has two small dogs, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that she had received threatening phone calls since she rescued the kitten. One caller told her she would "end up in the river."

Police Report
Page One | Page Two
Courtesy of The Smoking Gun.

Euthanized; 10 or 12 people were gathered around a barbecue grill at an apartment complex where the kitten was being burned alive on hot coals. According to the rescuer, the crowd cheered and shouted while the kitten was being tortured. They then jeered her attempts to stop them until she threaten to call the police which dispersed the crowd. She then did manage to pull the kitten from the grill, burning her own hand, and tried to treat and feed Lucky until she could go to a vet. Due to the severity of the injuries, the kitten was euthanized the following morning.

Charge dismissed in cat-burning case (09.22.02)
Lawrence Journal-World

KCTV-TV: Kitten Burned In Barbecue Grill (07.16.02)

KMBC-TV: Man Accused Of Burning Kitten On Grill

CNN: Man arrested for burning kitten on grill (07.17.02)

Fox News: Missouri Man Charged With Burning Kitten on Barbecue Grill (07.16.02)

Animal abuse charge filed in kitten barbecue grill incident
Man charged with cruelty in case of burned kitten (07.16.02)
Two accused of placing kitten in hot barbecue coals (07.16.02)
Kansas City Star

Kitten killed by grill burns
Lawrence Journal-World

Man charged with grilling kitten (07.16.02)
MO Man Charged with Burning Kitten (07.16.02)
Yahoo! News

One man charged in kitten's death (07.16.02)
St. Louis Dispatch

Liberty, MO
Accused: Charles C. Benoit, 24
Charge: Felony animal abuse has been dismissed.

Raccoon, 4 to 6 months old

Deceased; a raccoon was found dead and dismembered near where a squirrel was recently found impaled. The raccoon died from 4 stab wounds to the chest and neck; the dismemberment happened after the animal's death.

Raccoon stabbed, dismembered (07.11.02)
The Daily Camera
Boulder, CO
Accused: Unknown
German shepherd

Deceased; the accused allegedly admitting using a collection of swords, shears and knives to decapitate his dog to impress his girlfriend. Cruelty charges against Abernathy could mean a third-strike and carry a 25-year jail term.

Man faces life for beheading dog (07.12.02)

Man Facing Life Term in Dog's Decapitation (07.10.02)
LA Times*
La Habra, CA
Accused: James A. Abernathy, 40
LA Times requires free registration to view articles.

2 newborn deer fawns Recovering; 2 newborn fawns were kicked and hit as others watched. One of the fawns had some teeth knocked out, and the other had cuts and scrapes on his face and was bleeding from the mouth, according to the Humane Society. Boys, 8 and 10, suspected of beating fawns (07.10.02)
Rocky Mountain News
Boulder, CO
Accused: Two boys, 8 and 10

Misty, terrier dog

Deceased; reportedly shot and killed his neighbor's terrier.

Ex-magistrate charged with fatally shooting a neighbor's dog (07.11.02)
Yahoo! News
London, UK
Accused: Michael Cuttell, 63

Neighbor misusing traps available from the APL (for a TNR program) is inhumanely keeping trapped animals in cages on his property. The man's neighbors say, he leaves the cats in cages for days with no food or water before contacting the APL.

Neighbors Say Man Traps, Abuses Animals (07.09..02)
Yahoo! News
Cleveland, OH
Accused: Unknown
Canadian Geese Deceased; four geese were killed--apparently intentionally--by someone who slammed into them with a car at Cotton Farms Village. Some residents have also threatened to kill a feral colony of cats in the area.
Officer tries to protect geese
Danville, NH
Accused: Unknown

20 Chickens, 15 roosters and 5 hens
NOTE: Cockfighting is a state felony punishable by up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine, but owning roosters or the equipment used in cockfighting is not illegal in Texas. The sport is legal in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana.

To be euthanized; animal services confiscated 15 roosters and 5 hens, including two roosters found in a fighting ring with 3" razors attached to their feet. They will have to be destroyed because of their aggressive nature.
Suspects sought in cockfight raid (07.02.02)
Arlington, TX
Accused: Undisclosed
"Police and animal services are investigating whether any animal cruelty charges are warranted against the birds' owners."
Five cats

Deceased; five cats were killed when they were thrown out the window of a 7th-floor apartment. According to police, the man did it because the pets smelled bad.
Japanese man arrested for allegedly throwing cats from seventh-floor balcony (07.03.02)
Yahoo! News
Tokyo, JA
Accused: Hiroto Moriyama, 37
Charges: Violating animal protection laws
Tiger, a family cat
Guardian: Pseudora Ruffin
Deceased; cat was found decapitated by the force of an M-80 firecracker that had been tied to her neck.

PETA weighs in on Akron cat cruelty case (07.10.02)
Akron-Beacon Journal

14-Year-Old Arrested For Blowing Up Cat (06.27.02)
Yahoo! News / WEWS-TV

Cat Blown Up, Killed (06.25.02)
Yahoo! News / WEWS-TV
Akron, OH
Accused: Miles Davis, 14

Family Dog, a terrier mix

Deceased; the dog had been stabbed with a knife and beaten with the blunt end of an axe. The animal had been wrapped in a trash bag and dumped in a nearby pond. Teen Charged With Dog's Death (06.28.02)
Yahoo! News / WXII-TV
Pfafftown, SC
Accused: Kasey Jones, 16

Pegasus, 8-week-old rottweiler puppy
Guardian: Stacey Kelley

Deceased; puppy was microwaved for 10 to 12 seconds, then stabbed with a kitchen knife and dropped to the floor. The puppy stayed in the working microwave for 10 to 12 seconds each time and was only removed after it started to cry. The puppy was being treated by a local but passed away.

Cruelty case sent to trial court (07.03.02)
Snellville man accused of microwaving puppy (06.29.02)
Cruelty to puppy alleged
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Snellville, GA
Accused: William Terrezz Stephens, 41, charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, burglary and simple assault
Bond set: $88,200

Contacts thru Multiple Sources
3-week old calf Euthanized; beaten and nearly drowned, the calf had to be euthanized by his "owner" because his spine was broken. The accused claimed they were drunk and despite apologizing and paying $1085 restitution to the "owner," the three are pleading not guilty.

Three Plead Guilty In Calf Beating (07.26.02)

Angry faxes pour in over calf beating (06.28.02)
Springfield News-Leader Online

Misery in MO (06.20.02)
Pineville/Noel, MO
Accused: Brent Colville, 27,
Rick Roark, 27, Jeff East, 27
Sentences: suspended sentences, 3 yrs probation, $1,000 fine and 300 hrs of community service with the MO Dept of Conservation

Lucky, a family dog

Photo of Jill McCorkle with other
family dog Courtesy of KOCO-TV
Deceased; shot in his "owner's" back yard.
Dog Killed By Shotgun Blast In Owner's Yard (06.21.02)
KOCO-TV / Yahoo! News
Oklahoma City, OK
Accused: Unknown
Pet dog and cat Deceased; beaten to death with a bat.
Tucson man accused of beating cat, dog to death
The Arizona/Central Republic
Tucson, AZ
Accused: Alejandro Gutierrez
Boda, 2-year-old blue heeler (dog)

NOTE: Wittchow is currently serving an 8-month sentence for a 5th drunken driving conviction.
Deceased; kicked to death by "owner." Prior police reports allege Wittchow frequently abused Boda--kicking, punching, and choking the dog.
Man gets prison for kicking dog to death (06.03.02)
The Arizona/Central Republic
Fond du Lac, WI
Convicted: Robbie Wittchow
Sentence: 13 months in prison
Sadie, a 2-year-old mixed breed dog Rescued; beaten with a skillet, hanged with an electrical cord and set on fire.
Group sues on behalf of abused dog (05.16.02)
The Arizona/Central Republic
Springfield, OH
Convicted: Bryon Maggard, 19
Sentence: 30 days in jail, ordered to get anger/alcohol counseling, and $2,000 in fines/restitution
Rocky, a Dutch shepherd K9-cop Deceased; disappeared from his cage on March 6 and was found shot to death a week later. Investigators believe the dog 05.have been shot in revenge for recent drug arrests.
Police dog stolen, shot, honored with funeral (03.19.02)
The Arizona/Central Republic
Terre Haute, IN
Accused: Unknown
Puppy, 6-month-old Elkhound Deceased; shot by "owner" after the dog urinated in the home and chewed up paperwork.
Man charged with killing puppy (06.19.02)
Davenport, IA
Accused: Scott A. Allen, 41
Fined: $50 for discharging a firearm and $50 for mistreatment of an animal
Various; man was tossing kittens out a truck window and into the St. Johns River. One kitten hit a guardrail and was rescued by a passing driver. The kitten suffered from a fractured leg and femur, as well as internal bleeding.
Kitten Rescued After Toss From Truck On Bridge (05.28.02)
Jacksonville, FL
Accused: Unknown - Police looking for a tan glass-company vehicle with green lettering; driver was male, mid-20s with a tattoo or birthmark on his right forearm.

Kitten, 4-week-old

The 9-year-old was honored with an Animal Kindness award and $100.


Rescued; kitten was being beaten and kicked by 2 teenagers when a 9-yr-old rescued her. According to the vet, the kitten is suffering from brain swelling and seizures. The animal is being fed through a tube.
Boy Saves Kitten From Beating (05.3.02)
Jupiter, FL
Accused: 2 teen boys
Winnie the Pooh, 6-week-old puppy

Deceased; puppy strangled with a hanger. According to a witness, when the man got down to the next house, a vacant house, he just flipped the puppy and hanger.

Puppy Killing Allegations
San Antonio, TX
Under investigation: Mr. Castillo, the puppy's "owner"
Deceased; the kitten was thrown like a baseball against a wall, mortally injuring the animal.
Man To Be Imprisoned For Kitten Death (05.6.02)
Lancaster, PA
Convicted: Ray Kreeger Jr.
Sentence: 1 to 23 months/prison and 100 hrs community service
Beluche, a chow-mix Recovering; someone shot Maria Rivera's dog with a shotgun while she was walking the dog.
Chow-Mix Dog Shot On Walk
Lake Worth, FL
Accused: Unknown
Dog and Christopher Bryant

Recovering; Bryant was stabbed in the neck and chest, then Bryants’ dog was stabbed the in the chest.
Man, Dog Stabbed in Domestic Dispute (05.28.02)
DeWitt, NY
Accused: Johnny Davis, 45

Charlotte, 14-year-old family cat

Photo Courtesy of S. Frampton
and L. Whitney and Village Soup

Deceased; someone shot Charlotte with a BB gun, she then suffered an apparent blow to the head while the family was out for the night. They returned and found blood on the walls and floors leading to the cat. While the loss of nearly all of her blood contributed to her suffering and shock, the necropsy shows the head wound killed her.
Warren couple in shock over killing of family pet (06.11.02)
Village Soup (Rockland)
Warren, ME
Accused: Unknown

Adonis, an orange tabby cat

Photos Courtesy of NBC30
Deceased; Adonis was allegedly shaved and written on with a marker. The cat was beaten with a log and thrown in a lake several times. When the cat attempted to swim to shore, police say the accused threw beer bottles at him. The cat's remains were never found.

Newington woman denied special probation (10.25.02)
The Advocate

Activists Unleash Anger At Accused Cat Killer (06.14.02)
Accused Cat Killer Draws Protesters At Court Appearance (05.16.02)
PETA Calls For Tough Prosecution In Cat Abuse Case (05.9.02)
Woman, 2 Men Charged With Cat's Torture (05.5.02)

Animal rights activist arrested outside courthouse (06.14.02)
New Haven Register
New Britain, CT
Accused: Michael Pajak,19, Michael Oziomek, 19, and
Jill Mazurek, 19

Dog, a 30-pound pit bull Deceased; beaten to death.

Two Men Arrested In Pit Bull-Beating Death (06.08.02)
South Windsor, CT
Accused: Edward Rowe, 27, and
Peter Zaterka, 30


Photo Courtesy of NBC30
Rescued; an abandoned puppy was placed the dog in a bag and thrown in a stream.
Puppy Placed In Bag, Thrown In Stream (05.2.02)
Windsor, CT
Accused: John Bouchard, 52
"Pet" chinchilla
Deceased; the chinchilla was thrown from the porch of an apartment. The accused told police he inadvertently dropped the rodent's cage on top of the chinchilla. Police said that he slammed the animal to the ground. Another chinchilla inside the cage survived.
Torrington Man Accused Of Killing Pet Chinchilla (06.05.02)
Torrington, CT
Accused: Raymond Tellier
5 kittens, 2-week-old strays Deceased; the kittens were hurled from the window of a 3rd-floor flat. The woman was not charged with cruelty due to her age.
Woman Throws Five Kittens to Their Death (06.14.02)
Yahoo! News
Hong Kong, JA
Accused: 87-year-old woman
16 Guinea pigs
Deceased; the guinea pigs have been kicked and beaten to death by a zoo intruder.
Zoo guinea pigs killed (06.15.02)
Adelaide, AU
Accused: Unknown
Family dog
Unknown/presumed dead; dog was thrown off the balcony of a 23rd-story apartment following an argument between the accused and his girlfriend.
Man Charged After Dog Is Hurled Off Balcony (05.27.02)
New York Times
Tribeca, NY
Accused: John Jefferson, 43
NOTE: NYTimes charges for articles after 7 days.
Cat Deceased; cat was shot and skinned.
Cat found shot and skinned behind school (05.17.02)
Auburn, NY
Accused: Unknown
Dog, a five-month old Boston Terrier Recovering; puppy was kicked and punched then thrown against a wall.

Man guilty in animal cruelty case (08.07.02)

Man indicted for dog beating
Longview, TX
Indicted: Lee Michael Rhea


Unknown; cutting the ears of dogs also known as cropping without a vet's license. Article does not state whether or not she used anaesthetic or pain medications.
Pet store owner arrested
Rochester, NY
Accused: Bernita Hawkins
of Bam's Pet Shop
68 Birds including 36 roosters
Euthanized; According to authorities many of the birds sustained injuries consistent with cockfighting, and had to be euthanized.

Wayne man gets jail time; kept birds for fights (07.04.02)
Democrat & Chronicle

Court appearance for Wayne County man accused of raising fighting roosters (02.19.02)
Wayne County couple indicted, accused of raising fighting birds
Walworth, NY
Convicted: Miguel DeJesus
and Lori DeJesus
Charges: animal fighting and animal cruelty
Sentence: 60 days in jail, 4 months of electronic home monitoring, 5 yrs probation and $1,000 in restitution

4 puppies, two females and two male mix-Labrador puppies

Photo Courtesy of WEWS-TV
Rescued; Bob Biswick and his dog, Honey, were on their daily walk when Honey led him to a cardboard box near a clothing drop bin. When he opened it, he found 4 starving puppies covered in fleas appar-ently been left for dead.
Dog Finds Abandoned Puppies In Sealed Box (04.17.02)
Leesburg, FL
Accused: Unknown
Aladdin, 6-year-old family labrador

Deceased; fatally shot while tethered in his own backyard. The dog was found by the family's 8-yr-old daughter. He was bleeding from the hip from a bullet, probably dis-charged from a .22-caliber gun, according to police.
Labrador fatally shot in back yard (06.08.02)
The Morning Call Online
Moore Township, PA
Accused: Unknown
Two pitbulls

Photo Courtesy of Lawrence
Journal-World Online
One deceased/one resuced; two pitbulls used for fighting were found dumped. The surviving female pitbull covered in blood, with wounds all over its head, neck and legs. The dog's mouth was torn open, it was emaciated and had ringworms; Besides fresh bite marks, the dog had a number of old injuries and scars. While she is being made comfortable, but she will likely be euthanized.

Unspeakably cruel (06.06.02)
Dog fighting continues to rise in Douglas County (06.05.02)
Injured pit bulls renew concerns about dogfights
Lawrence Journal-World
Douglas County, KS
Accused: Unknown


Deceased; a beagle shot in the head and left at the Castille Highway bridge, called the "Painted Bridge" because of the graffiti, which is also a dumping ground for unwanted and dead animals. In the past, people have found a hogtied fawn in an old refrigerator, dead and pregnant dogs and puppies under the bridge.
Beagle shot in head; animal group investigates (06.08.02)
The Advocate News
Lafayette, LA
Accused: Unknown
Ralph, companion cat

Photo of "owner" Steve Berndt
courtesy of
Deceased; apparently stomped to death in his own backyard. A downstairs neighbor heard two or more men walk through the back gate just before midnight, she also heard Ralph "scream -- a really loud meow" but didn't think anything of it until the cat turned up dead.
Cat owner searches for killers who stomped pet to death
Ottawa, CAN
Accused: Unknown
4 family ducks

Christine Walker said her daughter, Nikki, 8, is contributing $20 of her allowance to a $200 reward for any information leading to an arrest.
Deceased; Two pet ducks were stolen and two others fatally shot
Pet ducks shot, stolen (06.02.02)
Verona Beach Press Journal
Vero Shores, FL
Accused: Unknown
Deceased; donkey was so badly injured its gender was undeterminable. A motorist spotted the animal covered in a yellow tarpaulin. Experts do not believe the injuries were caused by foxes.
Donkey's mutilated body found (04.12.02)
Henfield, UK
Accused: Unknown

Mice, a guinea pig and a kitten

Additional Information
Crush Video Factsheet Article
Theater of Pain Animal's Agenda
Congress 05.... AMVA
H.R. 1887 (

Deceased; crush fetish video victims. Video showed small animals being injured with high heels and what prosecutor Peter Cooper said was one scene "of an overtly sexual nature" involving a mouse taped to a wooden board. The worst footage showed the killing of a kitten with its hind leg glued to a wooden board.

Four jailed over animal torture videos (05.28.02)

Four jailed for animal torture film (05.28.02)
BBC News
Convicted (plead guilty):
Craig Chapman, 27
Sentenced: 2 yrs prison for conspiracy to publish the video and 4 months/each of 2 cruelty charges, run concurrently

Christine Besford, 26
Sarah Cooke, 22 and
Tharaza Smallwood, 22
Sentenced: 4 months for conspiracy to publish obscene material and for cruelly terrifying animals, run concurrently; all 4 are banned from keeping animals for life.

Donations Accepted
Precious, an 11-month old, female
pitbull puppy

Photo Courtesy of
Recovering; thrown down a flight of stairs by "owner" to "discipline" her for soiling a carpet. Authorities say Precious is the victim of repeated abuse. She will undergo surgery for her broken leg which resulted.
Puppy Tossed Down Stairs
Galveston, TX
Accused: Bernard Williams, 24
Contacts by Mail

2,000 to 3,000 Greyhounds

*As long as dog racing exists, greyhounds will suffer. There are many organizations that rescue and place retired greyhound racers that might otherwise be put out or put down. Until there are none, adopt one.

Greyhound Racing
The Greyhound Project
Greyhound Protection League
Greyhound Network News
Save the Greyhounds Dogs, Inc.

USA Defenders of Greyhounds

Greyhounds Make Greyt Pets
Greyhound Pets of America
Worldwide Adoption Directory
Nat'l Greyhound Adoption
Adopt-a-Greyhound Atlanta, Inc.
Greyhound Racing - IDA

Deceased; Rhodes indicated that for the last 40 yrs he had received $10/dog for killing injured and aging race dogs with a gunshot to the head at the request of their "owners."

Necropsies of 4 dogs found that only one had been shot cleanly through the brain. The others received bullet wounds through the neck and elsewhere, indicating they suffered before dying.

Officials obtained a warrant to search his 18-acre coastal property after a tip and satellite images revealed animal bones strewn about the property.

3,000 Dogs Found Dead On Man's Property (05.23.02)

Man charged with animal cruelty fed farm animal carcasses to pigs, investigator says (05.23.02)
Man Charged With Animal Cruelty (05.22.02)
Ex-Racetrack Guard Accused of Cruelty (05.22.02)
Thousands of Racing Dogs Found Dead (05.22.02)
Hundreds of Racing Dogs Killed (05.22.02)
Yahoo! News

Man Kills Thousands Of Dogs For $10 Each (05.22.02)

Ex-guard charged in greyhound deaths (05.23.02)
St. Petersburg Times/AP

HSUS Calls for Complete Investigation Into Discovery of 2,000 Dead Greyhounds in Alabama (05.22.02)
Lillian, AL/Pensacola, FL
Accused: Robert Rhodes, 68

Wild rabbits Deceased; accused was terminated for hunting and killing rabbits that roamed inside the zoo grounds after officials caught him attacking animals with a BB gun and slingshot.
Zoo Worker Fired For Killing Animals (04.13.02)
Houston, TX
Accused: Octabiano Escemilla
"Pet" Dog, 2-year-old beagle-Lab Deceased; dog was shot and killed with a 12-gauge shotgun.
Woman Accused Of Killing Her Own Dog (04.09..02)
Westlake, OH
Accused: Tara Underwood, 34
Family Cat Deceased; kicked to death by drunken son (Dunkle) when his mother refused to give him money for beer.
Man Allegedly Kills Cat Over Beer Money (04.18.02)
Newark, OH
Convicted: James Dunkle, 21

Puppy, a 10-week old Heeler-mix

Photo of dog's littermates courtesy
Humane Society of S Arizona
Euthanized; Two women found the puppy struggling and shaken. Investigators said the dog had been cut to the bone along its back, sides and stomach. The puppy had to be euthanized.

Reward Climbs For Info On Puppy Skinned Alive (04.11.02)
Puppy Skinned Alive; Left To Die (04.10.02)

Green Valley/Tucson, AZ
Accused: Unknown

Two mixed-breed puppies
Deceased; beat two mixed-breed puppies to death with a pipe and dumped the pups in a neighbor's back yard. One of the puppies suffered extreme skull fractures, and both dogs had broken limbs after being hit repeatedly with a piece of pipe.

Boy Who Beat Puppies Didn't Show Up In Court (05.30.02)
Yahoo! News

Boy Says He Beat Puppies To Death With Pipe (05.6.02)

Boy Says He Beat Puppies To Death With Pipe (05.9.02)
Lorain, OH
Accused: 12-yr-old Ohio boy

Lamb Deceased; the animal was kicked and beaten with a stick. The lamb had to be destroyed after suffering two broken legs from the attack. Police question boys about attack on lamb (05.14.02)
Worcestershire, UK
Accused: 4 Youths, two aged 11 and the others 9 and 13
Puppy, girlfriend's four-month old dog Deceased; dog was found hanged by a chain in a closet. Police also found a toothpaste outline of a dog on a bed in a nearby room, with R.I.P. written on it.

Man Jailed For Hanging Puppy In Closet (05.14.02)

Man Jailed For Hanging Puppy In Closet (05.13.02)
Kerrville, TX
Accused: Anthony Brown, 19

Puppy, a 7-month-old female Rottweiler puppy Recovering; puppy suffered a fractured front right leg and a torn ligament in its front left leg after a man shoved the dog into traffic where she was hit by two cars.
7-month-old pup recovering after being shoved into city traffic (05.12.02)
Denver Post News
18 Pit bull dogs
Photo Courtesy of WXII-TV
Various; Investigators found about 18 dogs who said 3 so badly injured authorities had to put them to sleep. Two others died. Investigators said 12 dogs are still alive. Their fate will be decided by authorities this week.
Authorities Discover Dog-Fighting Ring (04.08.02)
Davidson County, NC
Accused: Barry White
Pit bull puppy
Deceased; Officials said the dog was severely burned and was covered with sores. Authorities said the dog had to be euthanized.
Greensboro Police Search For Person Who Burned Dog
WXII-TV / Yahoo! News
Greensboro, NC
Accused: Unknown
41 Pit bulls

Various; dogs seized from the home had “battle scars,” one had a broken leg that apparently healed on its own, and another was missing his tongue. Two puppies from a litter of 10 were found dead. Police found a blood-stained performance area, steroids, vitamins, proteins and exercise equipment allegedly used to train pit bull terriers. Deemed by police as too dangerous and not adoptable, the dogs have been euthanized.

Pit bulls seized in raid euthanized (05.30.02) / AP

Judge: SPCA to decide
fate of seized dogs
Feds seize property in dog-fighting case (02.14.02)
Man pleads innocent to illegal dog fights (02.12.02)
Man indicted on charges of dog-fighting (02.09..02)
Pleas come in to save pit bulls (01.18.02)
Newton man arraigned on dog-fight charges (01.17.02)
The Union-Leader
Newton, NH
Accused: Christopher DeVito, 33

6 Pit bulls

Various; a report of a dog fight brought police to a SF home where they found 6 dogs, 1 of them dead. Four out of the six (5 remaining) dogs were so badly injured they were had to be euthanized by animal control officials.

Teen Arrested Following Pit Bull Incident (04.26.02)

Quick Response To Violent Dog Fight In San Francisco

Dog Fight at SF Home Used As Day Care (04.26.02)
Yahoo! News / KPIX-TV
San Francisco, CA
Accused: 16-year-old boy

2 Pit bull dogs Recovering; 2 teen-agers were arrested after they complaints instigated a dogfight. Police found a pair of wounded pit bulls and a crowd at the scene.

Two arrested in dogfight case
Oklahoma City, OK
Accused: Juan Herrera Jr., 15,
and Jesus Rivas, 15

Donations Accepted
Buster, a boxer and his caregiver
Jacki Clever

Photo courtesy of FL Boxer Rescue
Recovering; Buster and Jacki were severely beaten. Buster was beaten with a hammer and left for dead for 2 days in the hot sun before the accused alerted the police to the dog's whereabouts.

Comedian Funds Abused Dog's Care (05.24.02)
Find Law/AP

Abused dog flies West to begin a better life (05.23.02)
Animal Cruelty // Rage, Then Outrage (04.14.02)
St. Petersburg Times

Puppy's savage beating gets comedian's notice (04.13.02)
Saga's New Twist: Attack On Dog (03.19.02)

Attack On Dog Added To Charges (03.23.02)
Tampo Tribune Online
[Archived articles $1.09.5/each]

Buster, the Boxer (03.2002)
Florida Boxer Rescue
New Port Richey, FL
Accused: Barry Colbert, 39

Cat, gray stray/feral Deceased; an animal control officer shot the stray to remove him/her from a tree in which the cat was stranded. He failed to mention the shooting in his report of the incident.

Cat shooting 05.lead to firing
Official faces discipline in death of cat (04.18.02)
St. Petersburg Times
St. Petersburg, FL
Accused: Hank Baggett

Donations Accepted
Hope, a 10-wk old Terrier-mix

Photo courtesy of WPLG-TV
Recovering; thrown against a tree by his "owner" resulting in a broken leg. Medical expenses are estimated at $1,500.

Dog hurt after being thrown into tree (04.22.02)
The Miami Herald
Puppy Injured, Owner Arrested (04.22.02)
WPLG-TV / Yahoo! News
Hollywood, FL
Accused: Elvis Demitro, 26

2 Deers Deceased; Naval staff destroyed two badly injured deer by beating them with a shovel and cutting their throats.

Navy draws criticism over beating deaths of deer on base
The Virginian-Pilot
Oceana Naval Air S
Virginia Beach, VA
Accused: 2 unnamed base workers

Thora, a Siamese housecat Deceased; "owners" killed and mutilated the family cat, then the wife posed for pictures with its carcass. Herrin claimed he killed Thora because she had fleas and kept him awake.

Wife who helped husband mutilate cat to spend year in jail (04.18.02)
Rocky Mountain News
Fort Myers, FL
Convicted: Leeah Shepardson, 19 and Scott Herrin, 26

15 Pit Bulls Released to "owner"; neighbors heard barking, scratching and whimper-ing coming from a small garage. Several of the residents forced the door open and discovered 15 pit bulls, 2 of which were dead being eaten by their mother. Officials later released the dogs to the accused saying they were "well-cared for."

Pit bulls' owner is charged with animal cruelty (04.19.02)
Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO
Accused: Simon Davis, 21

[NOTE: Accused was convicted
of animal cruelty in 1998 for killing
a swan.]
Deceased; shot with an arrow and beheaded. Accused was charged with one felony count of unlawfully killing an animal and 8 state Fish & Game code violations for the shooting.

Man charged with killing deer at Boy Scout camp (04.04.02)
Rocky Mountain News
Yorba Linda, CO
Accused: Darin J. Hofmann, 26

25 Elephants

Photo courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Service
Deceased; killed with AK47s and G-3 assault rifles for their tusks.

15 More Elephants Killed in Kenya; Toll Hits 25 in April
Environmental News Service
Nairobi, Kenya
Accused: Gang of Ivory Poachers


Cat, black and white male tabby with white paws

*Suspects were in a 1990s model Toyota Celica with a license plate in the front passenger window. If you have any information on the case, you are asked to call (916) 383-7387, extension 9127.

Deceased; Two men are intentionally unleashed a pit bull on an unsuspecting cat, who was horribly mauled by the dog. One man then put the cat in front of their car'stire. The other man rolls the car over the animal before they toss the cat into a field.

Men Sought In Videotaped Animal Attack (04.18.02)
Sacramento, CA
Accused: 2 unidentified* males

A pit bull puppy

Photo of puppy's sister
courtesy of
Deceased; "owner" is accused of choking the eight-week-old puppy and the slamming it against a wall after the pup apparently soiled the tile in his living room.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing Puppy (04.26.02)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Accused: Craig Parrish, 21

Thousands of Greyhounds

Photo courtesy of Ananova
Deceased; tens of thousands of grey-hounds are being bred and killed annually in rural areas. The charity discovered dead dogs with nooses around their necks dumped in shallow graves or lying under trees where they had been hanged. Greyhounds unwanted after the hare coursing season 05.also be stoned, tied up and left to starve, staked in a pond to drown or thrown into wells and set on fire.

Spain under fire for hanging dogs (04.29.02)
BBC News

Animal charity uncovers hanging of unwanted greyhounds (04.29.02)
Accused: Under investigation


19 California sea lions, 9 harbour seals and a river otter

Photo courtesy of

Deceased; 30 California sea lions and harbour seals have washed up on Vancouver Island beaches. The animals were apparently shot with a rifle.
Sea lion slaughter probed

Sea lions, seals found shot dead on Island (04.26.02) Sun
Vancouver Island, CAN
Accused: Unknown
38 Puppies

Photo courtesy of WESH-TV
Rescued; puppies were found in cages inside a van in a Motel 8 parking lot. Two men have been charged with confinement of animals without proper food and water.

Puppies Rescued From Motel Parking Lot (04.25.02)

Daytona Beach, FL
Accused: 2 men



Deceased; beaten to death with a shovel. A group of men who allegedly threw a fire-cracker at the animal. A witness later saw the accused repeatedly strike the skunk with the shovel.

Trucker facing charges in skunk killing (03.26.02)
Somerville, NJ
Accused: Reid Kicia, 25

Speckle, a 10-month-old tabby cat

NOTE: RSPCA say they have investigated 780 airgun attacks on animals in England and Wales in the 12 months from 09.2000.
Recovering; blasted more than 20 times in the head and chest with an airgun. Speckle suffered appalling injuries when he was found by a member of the public.

Cat recovering from 'horrific' airgun attack (03.27.02)
Wirral, Merseyside, UK
Accused: Unknown

Ratty, a "pet" rat Deceased; microwaved by intruder/burglar at a children's youth/ recreation facility.

Intruders microwave children's pet rat (03.27.02)

Disgust as sick thugs microwave cafe's pet (03.27.02)
Colwyn Bay, NWales
Accused: Unknown

Pit Bull Deceased; shot by police officer. Pit Bull Shot by CHP in South Bay (03.22.02)
KPIX-TV / Yahoo! News
San Francisco, CA
Accused: Undisclosed
Zeke, Squirtle, and 2 other cats Deceased; slipped catfood with antifreeze in it.

Neighbor guilty of cat poisonings (03.29.02)
Yahoo! News
Man goes on trial in cat poisonings (03.23.02)
Akron-Beacon Journal
Goodyear Heights, OH
Accused: Robert L. Plappert

Cat Deceased; The cat's head was found Friday stuffed into the top of a military-style boot with satanic wording. The cat's eyes had been gouged out and its eyelids and mouth had been sewn shut. Police Call Abuse Case A Hate Crime (03.04.02)
Charlestown, RI
Accused: Unknown
25 to 38 pit bulls, an alligator
and a sea turtle

Photo courtesy of
Rescued; suspected dog fighter. Officers removed dog-training equipment, including cages and heavy chains from the property with the animals.

38 Dogs, Alligator Found In Chicago Home (03.18.02)

Police arrest man with 25 pit bulls, alligator and sea turtle
Rocky Mountain News
Chicago, IL
Accused: Jose Garcia, 32

Miss Peanut, a family feline Recovering; stabbed with a pitchfork and left for dead, allegedly by an irate car buff. Police said the accused told them he stabbed Miss Peanut because she left paw prints on a car he was restoring in a garage. Pitchfork 1, Miss Peanut 8
Rocky Mountain News
Norwalk, OH
Accused: Neighbor/Car Buff
4 Pigs Recovering; someone doused four white "show" pigs with a caustic chemical that burned their skin and turned it grayish-black. PETA Offers Reward In Pig Burning Case (03.14.02)
Yahoo! News / KOCO-TV
Anadarko, OK
Accused: Unknown

2 dogs

Photo Courtesy of The Indy Channel

Recovering; shot in the woods. One dog was shot six times; the other once. Police Investigate Shootings Of Dogs In Shelby County
Shelby County, IN
Accused: Unknown
3 Adult Dogs and 4 Puppies Unknown (presumed dead); someone used antifreeze to poison three adult dogs and four puppies Dogs Poisoned In Rural Morgan County (02.18.02)
Yahoo! News
Morgan County, IN
Accused: Unknown
Thai, a female kitten Deceased; kitten was thrown against a chest of drawers. The young did press-ups on her using a length of broom handle laid against her throat. The force of the press-ups ruptured her abdomen. She was stab-bed 10 times then put in a dustbin liner and thrown into the bushes.

Teenager crushed kitten with press-ups on broom handle
Southampton, UK
Accused: Unnamed 16-yr-old boy

Stray dog Deceased; killed and dismemberment in a local woods alleged by a 16-yr-old. The head was found in a high school toilet. (16-yr-old being charged as adult)

Teen could get prison for torture, killing of dog (04.23.02)
Teenage boy charged in gruesome death of dog
Detroit Free Press

Teen charged in gruesome death of dog (03.12.02)
The Arizona/Central Republic

Teen Charged with Dismem-bering Dog (03.14.02)
Romulus, MI
Accused: 16-yr-old male

Sable, a 4-yr-old dog Deceased; Sable was found hanging from a tree by her leash. Animal Rescue League of Boston is offering a reward for an arrest and conviction in the case.

Taunton cops seek heartless dog killer (03.16, 200)

Police Investigate Animal Abuse Case In Taunton
Tauton, MA
Accused: Unknown

Sweetie, 6-mo-old puppy

Photo Courtesy of the WTNH-TV
Recovering/rescued; found abused (2 broken legs) and in need of surgery. A steel rod was inplanted in his left hip and is now ready to love a new family.

Sweetie's tale has happy ending and more to come (03.13.02)
New Haven Register

Pet of the Week - Sweetie
Puppy recovering (02.01.02)
Money needed to treat abused dog (01.25.02)
Man arrested for beating pup
New Haven, CT
Accused: Oliver Rozarie, 37

Goro, 5-year-old male dog Deceased; victim of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Iditarod Suffers First Dog Death
Yahoo! News
Ruby, AK
Accused: Jim Oehlschlaeger

2 Horses

Photo Courtesy of the WPBF-TV
Rescued; beaten. One of them lost its eye and suffered a skull fracture. The second horse needed 15 stitches to close two puncture wounds.
Two Horses Beaten; One Loses Eye (03.11.02)
WPBF-TV / Yahoo! News
West Palm Beach, FL
Accused: Unknown


3 puppies, 8-mo-old Labadors

Photo Courtesy of the WGAL-TV
Rescued; "owner" cut the tails off three puppies because they were knocking things off tables. He planned to shoot the puppies if he could not find someone to take them.

Man who cut off dogs' tails given jail (06.13.02)
The Cinncinati Enquirer

Neighbor: Puppies' Owner Lived In Filth; Man Defends Alleged Mutilation
Man Allegedly Planned To Shoot Puppies (03.05.02)

Man Allegedly Planned To Shoot Puppies (03.05.02)
Home Sought For Puppies
Owner Allegedly Cut Off Puppies' Tails (03.04.02)
Stonelick Township, OH
Convicted: George Goodin, 54
Sentence: 30 days in jail, $300 fine, 30 hrs community service and cannot own dogs for 4 yrs

Kitten Deceased; placed in a plastic bag, then into the freezer; when removed from the freezer, the kitten was hit against a dumpster and killed.

Kitten Killer Sentenced To Prison
(02.26.02) / WGAL-TV
Port Dare, PA
Convicted: Port Dare

Family dogs, a 9-month-old golden Labrador retriever and 1-year-old Scottish terrier Deceased; shot by a neighbor County Cop Shoots Neighbors' Dogs (01.04.02)
Anchorage, KY
Accused: Sgt. Lawrence Glaser
Lucky, a dog so-named by his new caregiver because he was lucky to survive his former "owner" Rescued; his then "owner" tried to slice the dog's throat halfway around the neck, there are also uncture wounds, and then he shot the dog.

Man Tries To Kill Dog
Powell, OH
Accused: Chris Morris


7 Pit bulls

Photo Courtesy of the KPIX-TV

"They use very sweet-natured dogs to train other dogs to fight, because those dogs will not fight back--they're called bait dogs," said Dr. Patricia Latas of the SCV Humane Society.

Rescued; 3 rescued puppies had been too young to fight; 4 adults were rescued from a barn with an arena for dog fights. One adult female suffered bites going into her bones; suffering from intense pain and unable to walk -- she wagged her tail and greeted rescuers with licks. Some were bolted to the floor with heavy tow chains, said officers. One was chained so long the dog had sores from being forced to sit.

Seven Pit Bulls Rescued After Dog-Fight Arrest (02.21.02)
KIXP-TV / Yahoo! News
San Jose, CA
Accused: Craig Loren Cox, 28

Jess, a 3-week-old, female kitten Rescued; kitten was found stuffed into a mailbox (pushed thru 2" slot).

Kitten found stuffed into postbox (02.27.02)
Sighthill, Edinburgh, UK
Accused: Unknown

Puppy, a blue heeler puppy Deceased; beheaded with an axe at a party. Police consider cruelty charges after puppy beheaded at party (02.26.02)
Tuatapere, New Zealand
Accused: 2 males, 17 & 18-yrs-old

Photo Courtesy of the WMAQ-TV
Deceased; head was bitten off by coach on a dare; the coach says "It was innocent fun." Accused is the head wrestling coach, a history and geography teacher and a reserve police officer.

Avon coach pleads innocent to animal cruelty (04.05.02)
Rocky Mountain News

Avon coach charged in bird biting (03.14.02)
Friends say wrestling coach was 'born to teach' (03.12.02)
Sparrows are pests, wrestling coach says (02.27.02)
Board suspends coach for biting sparrow's head off (02.26.02)
The Indianapolis Star

Bird-Biting Teacher Returns To Class (03.13.02)

Wrestling Coach Has a Featherweight Problem

Coach Bites Head Off Live Bird

Teacher bites bird's head off
Avon, IN
Accused: Aron D. Bright, 31

Five Bears Recovering; student poured sulphuric acid and caustic soda on bears while pretending to feed them. Zoo sources say they were attacked 01.19 also. The student carried out a 2nd experiment and was caught on 02.23. Bears are having difficulty seeing, eating and walking since the attack.

Student Detained for Pouring Acid on Bears (02.25.02)
Yahoo! News
Beijin, China
Accused: Liu Haiyang, 21


Inky, black Labrador retriever
(a seeing eye dog)
Deceased; allegedly kicked to death by his "owner."

Blind man guilty of cruelty in dog death (02.05.03)
Philadelphia Inquirer

Miller convicted of killing guide dog (02.05.03)
The Reporter Online

Blind Man Accused Of Killing Guide Dog: Man Admits To Kicking Dog (02.28.02)

Blind man in court for dog's death (02.28.02)
Man accused of beating dog to death (02.25.02)
Lansdale, PA
Convicted: Craig Miller

Dogs (including Knothead, a family companion animal), hawks, raccoons and possums Deceased; trapped, killed and thrown in a nearby stream.

Animal cruelty strikes local neighborhood (02.25.02)
Charleston, WV
Accused: Earl Wilcox

Mallard ducks, a dog and a cat Deceased; Mallard ducks found with darts in their eyes and necks, a dog found with a knife in its back, and a mutilated cat Attacks on animals raise concerns (02.21.02)
Nampa, ID
Accused: Juvenile suspected
68 birds Various; many of the birds sustained injuries consistent with cockfighting, and had to be euthanized. Wayne County couple indicted, accused of raising fighting birds (02.18.02)
Rochester, NY
Accused: Miguel & Lori De Jesus
35-45 dogs Seized; dogs were all housed in one location. Seized due to suspicion of dogfighting by "owner." Dogs Seized In Hinds County
Jackson, MS
Accused: Unknown
Puppy, an 8-mo old pit bull mix puppy Deceased; shot to death by police officer. The animal barked once, walked away and was shot 3 times by officer.

Police Investigate After Officer Kills Dog (01.17.02)
Jacksonville, FL
Accused: Officer Tom Tarver

Two Dogs, a 12-yr-old black lab and another dog One rescued/recovering, one never found; attacked with a machete. Lab was found with severe cuts to his head, mouth and shoulders. Dog Attacker Going to Jail
Monroe, LA
Accused: Mortemer Cardwell
Hedgehog Deceased; stomped to death. Man jailed for hedgehog killing
Sumperk, Czech Republic
Accused: Hubert Zlamal
Bengal Tiger Deceased; shot and killed by his "owner" after the animal became unstable (he said the tiger "freaked out" during the moving process).

Mitchell shoots, kills 'unstable' tiger (02.15.02)
Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump, NV
Not charged: Karl Mitchell

Cookie, 2-year-old beagle Deceased; a bullet hole near the dog's chest, the animal had been shot, apparently with a pellet gun. Vet's X-rays showed the dog had been shot at least 3 other times with lead pellets fired from air-powered rifles or pistols.

'Who Shot Cookie' result stuns family (02.16.02)

Neighbor Arrested in Death of Dog (02.15.02)
Thousand Oaks, CA
Accused: Gerald Thieman

Bear, a family's black labador dog

Photo Courtesy of the KFOR-TV
Recovering; shot with a nail gun. Man seeks person who 'nail-gunned' dog (02.19.02)
Oklahoma City, OK
Accused: Unknown
Possum Deceased; pregnant opossum beaten to death with a flashlight behind a drugstore. Pregnant Animal Beaten to Death; Guard Held (02.18.02)
Tustin, CA
Accused: Unknown
Two puppies Deceased; two dead dogs in the back yard of a residence. Police say that both dogs appeared to be very malnourished. Night time temperatures were reported to be in the upper teens and lower 20s. Officers were unable to find food, water, or shelter of any sort. Bartain charged with animal cruelty (02.14.02)
Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise
Bartlesville, OK
Accused: Bartain
Two dogs Unknown; deputies received complaints that defendant hog-tied and abused his two dogs. Aransas man is arrested in animal cruelty case
Corpus-Christi Caller Times
Aransas, TX
Accused: Paul Ralph Henke, 68
Six puppies and two dogs 4 Deceased/4 rescued; 4 puppies were found dead outside a home in Halls. Officials say two living puppies and two adult dogs were found inside a cage littered with feces, fur, and the other four dead puppies. The animals found alive were taken to the county animal shelter; they are underweight but are expected to live.

Animal Abuse Charges Filed Against Halls Woman (02.15.02)
Halls, TN
Accused: Constance Whitson

4 dogs Deceased; All four dogs were apparently dead from gunshots when they were dumped.

Reward offered in case of 4 slain dogs (02.12.02)
The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Knoxville, TN
Accused: Unknown

Family of 5 Hedgehogs Deceased; man halved one hedgehog and "simply slit open" the other four with a sword. Man fined for slaying hedgehogs with samurai sword (01.31.02)
Hedgehogs 'killed with samurai sword' (11.05.01)
Siegburg (Bonn), Germany
Accused: Stefan S, 23
Chickens Deceased; strangled during performances of Rossini's The Barber of Seville.

Live chickens slaughtered during opera (01.31.02)
Bonn, Germany
No one charged

Oreo, family dog

Photo Courtesy of the WEWS-TV

Deceased; shot to death Hunter (neighbor) said he shot Oreo because the dog was chasing away deer that he was hunting. The same neighbor shot a golden retriever for the same reason a year ago; the judge dropped the charges, saying he didn't have malicious intent.

Accused Dog Shooter Could Get Jail Time (01.29.02)
Neighbor Accused Of Killing Boy's Dog: Prosecutor To Take Action Against Shooter
WEWS-TV / Yahoo! News
Wellington, OH
Accused: Leroy Drake, 74
70 roosters and hens Rescued; authorities discovered a rooster fighting arena inside a barn, and over 70 fighting roosters and hens. Animal are at the Kent County animal shelter.

Cock fighting ring found
(01.28.02) / WOOD-TV
Tyrone Township, MI
Accused: Unknown

18 pit bulls and birds

Photo Courtesy of the KPRC-TV
Birds deceased/pit bulls rescued; victims of dog and cockfighting (dogs showed new and old wounds). Animal Abuse Discovered In Drug Bust (01.17.02) / KPRC-TV
SE Houston, TX
Accused: 3 Unnamed Suspects
Rottweiler Puppy, 1-year-old female Rescued; thrown from a moving car on I-95 in Brownard County, FL.

Dog deliberately thrown from car on I-95 (12.10.01)
Miami, FL
Accused: Unknown

Deer, 4 stags and 3 hinds

Deceased; mauled to death by dogs which appear to have been deliberately trained to do just that.

Police hunt thugs who set dogs on deer (01.24.02)
Tatton Park, Cheshire, UK
Accused: Unknown
Dog, a pit bull mix Deceased; found hanged from a fence (6 blocks from where another pit bull puppy was found dead after being set on fire).
Second dog found killed in Ontario neighborhood
Ontario, CA
Accused: Unknown
Puppy, 9 weeks old

Photo Courtesy of the WWBT/MSNBC
Rescued; puppy was pulled from the frozen Petersburg lake and given CPR by police officers. Petersburg puppy saved from drowning, freezing (01.08.02) (WWBT-NBC12)
Richmond, VA
Accused: Unknown
Pepper and Gizmo, Chihuahuas

Photo Courtesy of the WTAE-TV
Deceased; dogs, found on Christmas day, were shot and killed and thrown into a neighbor's yard.

Reward Offered For Dog Killer
Clairton, PA
Accused: Unknown

Xena, a pit bull puppy Rescued; found in a trash bag inside a plastic laundry basket. The bag was closed with a twist, but not secure, with a bag of dog food on top.
Puppy rescued from garbage bin (12.21.01)
Colorado Springs, CO
Accused: Unknown
81 pit bull terriers, several venomous snakes, a crocodile and other reptile Rescued; Deputies seized 81 pit bull terriers, several venomous snakes, a crocodile and other reptiles. "Owner" is charged with cruelty to animals and dog baiting. NC novelist will care for some of seized snakes (01.03.02)
Raleigh, NC
Accused: Samson G. Pruitt, 28
Kitten, 10 weeks old Rescued; thrown out the window of a pick-up truck on a busy roadway. Reward for Kitten Cruelty Now Stands at $4000 (01.14.02)
Poolesville, MD
Accused: Unknown
Cat Deceased; African-American woman found a dead cat in a show box in her car with a note attached signed by the KKK. Klan sends Heights resident dead cat (01.04.02)
University Hts, OH
Accused: Unknown

Gunner, a family's German shepherd

Photo Courtesy of the WKYC-TV

Recovering; shot by an off-duty police officer. The dog, who underwent life-saving surgery, had two gun wounds from a .38 caliber pistol in his stomach and five in his small intestine. Sheriff is investigating whether the deputy did anything illegal and whether he used his service weapon. Woman says police officer shot her dog (12.10.01)
Montville, OH
Two bulls Various; one bull was killed and another was maimed at an Odessa cattle ranch after being attacked with by bows-and-arrows. The convicted 19-yr-old is also accused of killing llamas, a goat and possibly a guinea pig.

`Emotionally Disturbed' Teen Gets Prison For Killing Bull
The Tampa Tribune
Tampa, FL
Accused: Brandon Eldred, 18, and Robert Pettyjohn, 19
Sentence: Eldred, 1-yr house arrest followed by probation
Pettyjohn, 3-yrs in prison

A German shepherd-mix puppy Deceased; the accused broke the puppy's neck by holding it by its hind legs, swinging it over his head and slamming it to the ground after the dog crewed through some stereo wires (occurred in 2000).

S.C. man gets 21/2 years in prison for killing puppy (01.11.02)
The Charlotte Observer
North Charleston, SC

Innocence, a cat named by her rescuers Deceased; the cat was skinned alive dumped at a busy intersection last month on Indianapolis’ Southside. She was spotted crawling through traffic on U.S. 31, rescued by motorists but was later euthanized by a vet to relieve pain and suffering.

Reward offered in skinned-cat case (01.11.02)
Reward offered for cat skinner
Indianapolis, IN


Contacts thru Multiple Sources
Theodore, pitbull puppy
(approximately 3 to 6 months old)

Photo Courtesy of Chronicle/Paul Chinn
Recovering; puppy was set on fire and chased into an apartment building crawl space after forcing him to fight another dog. The injured puppy suffered burns on one-fourth of its body, including on its face, back and legs, and was recuperating yesterday at the VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital in N. Oakland.

Boys admit setting puppy on fire (01.24.02)

Two youths admit setting puppy on fire (01.24.02)
Puppy set afire: Oakland boys accused of animal cruelty
Puppy set afire -- kids arrested
onth-old pit bull expected to recover (01.09..02)
Boys arrested for setting fire to puppy (01.09..02)
SFGate / Bay City News

Police arrest two teens suspected in puppy fire (01.10.02)
Contra Costa Times

3rd boy arrested for alleged role in dog burning: Two others to remain in custody (01.12.02)
Dog-lovers pitch in for pit bull puppy: 'Theo' in fair to good condition (01.11.02)
Pit bull puppy set on fire; two boys caught by police (01.10.02)

Oakland Tribune Online

Calls swamp animal hospital as pit bull pup heals from burns
Oakland boys set puppy on fire:
Pit bull survives blow-torch attack, beating (01.10.02)
Tri-Valley Herald Online

Boys Accused of Setting Fire to Dog (01.09..02)
Oakland, CA

Lucky, a 7-month-old herding dog Deceased; shot twice then run over by a car as he tried to escape. A police officer saw the dog in a pool of blood and assumed it was dead until the tail started wagging. Puppy survives being shot then run over by car (01.09..01)
Toronto, ONT
Contacts thru Multiple Sources
"Pet" Turkey Deceased; struck with a pool ball and a cue stick. Pet turkey attacked on Christmas morning (12.27.01)
The Daily Camera
Boulder, CO
"Pet" Rabbit Deceased; one youth was seen swinging the rabbit above his head and throwing it into a neighbouring garden. 'Callous' youngsters kill pet rabbit (01.07.02)

Essex, UK
Big Ears, a young shepherd mix Deceased; shot at close range. Big Ears walked up to the accused and sniffed him as he walked down the street. He then pulled out a .40-caliber handgun and shooting the dog in the forehead; the dog died immediately.

Man charged with animal cruelty in dog shooting (01.07.02)
The Arizona Republic/AZCentral

Man shoots dog for 'sniffing him' (01.07.02)
Tucson, AZ

4 Kittens Deceased; four live kittens were tossed out of a moving car. Only one kitten survived hitting the pavement; unfortunately, the kitten bit the rescuer and was destroyed for rabies testing.

Conviction for Vienna woman who threw kittens from moving vehicle (01.05.02)

Woman threw live kittens from moving car (01.06.02)
Vienna, IL

4 wolves Deceased; shot by hunters. Four wolves illegally shot and killed in deer season (12.22.01)
Journal Sentinel
Douglas, Price, Clark and Juneau Counties, WI
"Pet" Canary Deceased; a 43-year-old man taken into custody after a bar fight claims he repeatedly asked for someone to feed his pet while being held by police for 14 days. Prisoner sues police over the death of his canary (12.24.01)
Den Haag, Netherlands
Kitten Deceased; kitten was put in a freezer for 40 minutes, then a washing machine. The "owner" then tried to set the kitten on fire using an aerosol and threw steak knives at him/her before finally killing the kitten with a brick.
Man escapes jail sentence after torturing kitten to death
Oatlands, New South Wales, AU
9 dogs 4 Deceased; 9 became ill in December, 4 died after eating scraps of poisoned meat found while being taken on walks along popular footpaths on Hong Kong Island. Hunt Stepped Up for Serial Dog Poisoner (01.04.02)
Yahoo! News
Hong Kong
4 feral pigs Deceased; a golf course maintenance worker and a friend apparently used steel poles with knives attached to the ends to gore four trapped hogs to death.

Hogs Killed At Golf Course

Golfers complain after slaughter of feral pigs (12.15.01)
San Antonio Express-News
San Antonio, TX

4-month-old pit bull Deceased; a 4-mo-old pit bull was tied to a stake and his/her mouth was taped, the he/she was doused with furniture polish and set on fire.

Attack on dog prompts reward for prosecution (12.22.01)
LA Times
Ontario, CA

4 Wild Horses and a mule Deceased; a chestnut stallion, 2 bay mares and a black mare were shot to death. A resident's mule was also killed.

Horse Killings Anger Community (12.27.01)
Yahoo! News
, NC


Dog, stray German-shepherd mix

Deceased; put down after his lower jaw was completely brown off by a firecracker (M-80). Man charged with 11 counts of recklessly possessing explosives and one count animal cruelty. Plead "no contest" and got 4 yr sentence (concurrent terms of four years for possession and two years for cruelty)

Man Gets Prison Term for Animal Cruelty (01.29.02)

LA man given four-year prison term for maiming dog (01.28.02)
Man Charged in Blast That Wounded Dog (01.03.02)
Teen Charged in Firecracker Attack on Dog (01.03.02)
LA man charged with blowing dog's jaw off with firecracker
SF Gate News / AP
Los Angeles, CA

Myrtle, 32-yr-old companion turtle Deceased; beaten to death with a brick. Pet turtle allegedly beaten to death with brick in Albany
Online Athens / AP
Albany, NY

More than 20 pets have been killed Deceased; Most of the animals have been poisoned by antifreeze, and most of the occurrences have been in the North Valley and South Valley. Dogs and, to a lesser extent, cats have been the primary targets. One Great Dane was killed by being tied to a refrigerator and set on fire. Information On Pet Killers Sought (12.13.01)
KOATS-TV / Yahoo! News
North/South Valleys, NM
Ten pit bull terriers Rescued; at least three of the ten dogs removed were suffering from serious cuts and other injuries. When police arrived, they found several dogs tied to heavy chains and attacking another dog. The dog that was being attacked appeared lifeless, but survived.
Local Man Accused Of Staging Dog Fights (12.17.01)
Yahoo! News
Cincinnati, OH

Lucy, a 5-yr-old Westhighland terrier
Wesley, a 3-yr-old longhair retriever

[A neighbor 2 doors down also had her dog poisoned about a month ago]

Deceased; Someone is poisoning pets in the Houston area, investigators. Dogs Die From Ingesting Anti-Freeze (12.19.01)
Yahoo! News
Houston, TX
Molly, 10-week-old greyhound Deceased; dropped 30 ft to her death. The accused said the puppy was whining and yapping on the balcony. Speaking outside court, an RSPCA official said the accused teased her 4-yr-old daughter saying: "Shall we keep Molly? Shall we not?" before dropping the puppy 30 ft to her death in full view of youngsters playing outside the flat.
Life ban for woman who tortured puppy (12.18.01)
Portsmouth, UK



Suzy, a 115-lb chimpanzee Deceased; chimp escaped from Chimparty and shot in the back and face after she had nearly subdued by two tranquilizer darts. She was later euthanized.

Teen Jailed For Killing Chimpanzee: Judge Wanted Stiffer Sentence (03.05.02)

Teen convicted of killing chimp (12.17.01)
Yahoo! News

Teen Convicted of Shooting Pet Chimp (12.13.01)
Teen Charged With Killing Chimp (05.20.01)
Probe Into Chimpanzee Shooting Expands (04.22.01)

Jefferson County teen goes to trial in shooting of chimpanzee

Jefferson County, MO

Two pit bull dogs One deceased/one rescued; police arrived to find two pit bull dogs fighting. One of the dogs died; the other was taken to a vet.

Police Close Down Dog-Fighting Operation (12.05.01)
Greensboro, NC

Eve, a family pit bull and puppy Deceased; the dog was likely beaten, poisoned or both. The puppy was likely drowned by the he same person or persons who killed Eve

Pit bull and puppy found killed (08.28.01)
Ballston Spa, NY

Cattle One deceased/one injured; shots at the cattle with birdshot causing death to one and injury to another.

Cruelty charge filed in cattle shooting (11.14.01)
Ellensburg, WA


Stray cat Deceased; defendents threw a stray cat from a speeding car. Later returning to the field, they found the injured cat and decided to put "it out of its misery." One tied the cat to the cement block and threw it the lake, which wasn't deep enough to drown the cat. He then beat the cat with a club and a crow bar until another defendent threw the cement block into the deeper water where the animal drown.

Ringleader in cat's drowning pleads guilty (12.19.01)
Two more admit guilt in cat's torture, death (11.28.01)
Daily Messenger
Canandaigua, Ontario

Rocky, 2-year-old pit bull Recovering; his 16-yr-old "owner" cut off his ears with scissors. The animal was found with his ears crudely tied with dental floss and someone notified police.

Prosecutors 05.file cruelty charges against 16-year-old pit bull "owner" (11.21.01) (AP)
Greenfield, CA

Peppy, a family's 12-year old Pomeranian (dog) Deceased; Peppy had been confined in a room, repeatedly kicked and thrown against a wall. He was then burned on a gas barbecue, possibly while still alive. Investigators were not able to recover the dog's body.

Girl BBQed dog alive; Teen convicted on two counts of cruelty (11.28.01)
Toronto Sun

Teenager who barbecued family dog faces jail (11.28.01)
Etobicoke, Toronto, CAN

Puppy Deceased; decapitated puppy's body was found in a plastic bag in the front yard of a private residence.

Puppy Found Decapitated At Residence (11.28.01)
KOCO-TV / Yahoo! News
Oklahoma City, OK

15 Dogs
(Small to medium dogs were singled out; the animals selected were among the most sociable and loving)
Deceased; 15 dogs taken from an SPA shelter were were tied to trees, covered with blankets, and had their front paws amputated by machetes. While 9 of 15 survived til morning, due to the severity of their injuries, the dogs had to be euthanized.

Fifteen Dogs Tortured and Murdered in Tarragona, Spain (11.2001)
Fundación Altarriba, Amigos de los Animales (English Version)
Reus/Tarragona, Spain

For non-spanish speakers,
can help with Spanish text
on the website(s).

Chloe, family's 4-yr-old golden retriever

File Photo Courtesy of
Sentinel & Enterprise Online
Deceased; shot by a compound cross-bow and later died of her injuries while being treated.

Man who shot dog: 'I had no choice' (11.24.01)
Man charged after killing dog
Sentinel & Enterprise Online
Leominister, MA

Missy, a 12-year-old black, gray, white and brown tabby (family) cat Missing; suspected trapped and possibly euthanized inhumanely by a local trapper.

Animal cruelty issues surface in Sussex County (11.27.01)
Cape Gazzette
Sussex County, DE

Puppy, 7-month-old boxer Deceased; shot by neighbor.

Animal cruelty issues surface in Sussex County (11.27.01)
Cape Gazzette
Sussex County, DE

Morgan, a family cat Deceased; duct taped to a litterbox and drowned in a pool.

Man Accused Of Duct Taping, Drowning Cat (11.27.01)
Pontiac, MI



Bear and Bert, two family cats

Bear's Photo Courtesy of MSNBC;
Bert's Photo Courtesy of
Bert deceased/Bear survived; two cats were set on fire, one of which died. Suspect known and at large.

Suspect sought in cat burnings (11.07.01)
Reward offered in animal cruelty cases (10.23.01)

Police Issue Warrant For Cat Abuse Suspect (11.08.01)
Yahoo! News
Pacific Beach, CA

A rare Tiger, female
Deceased; beaten to death and found dumped in a southwest Detroit neighborhood. Dead Tiger Found In Southwest Detroit; Investigators Say Animal Was Badly Beaten (11.14.01)
ClickOnDetroit / Yahoo! News
Detroit, MI
Sunday, three-year-old pinto (family companion pony)
Deceased; pony was shot and decapitated. Police have charged a man they believe had been illegally hunting when he mistakenly shot the pony and then decapitated the animal to hide evidence. Man charged in death of pony (11.20.01)
Belleville man charged in death of pony (11.19.01)
The Toronto Star
Arden, Ontario

Recovering; a cat was set on fire on 09.. 17. The animal's feet were severely burned and whiskers were gone. Reward Offered In Cat-Burning Case: Animal Suffers Feet Burns (10.11.01)
WTAE-TV / Yahoo! News
Glassport, PA
Dog, a 1-yr-old female, shepard-mix Deceased; dead dog found in garbage dumpster was mutilated and possibly tortured. The dog had been skinned, castrated, decapitated and had the tendons in each of its legs cut. Dead Dog Discoveries Spark Investigation (10.30.01)
ClickonDetroit / Yahoo! News
Westland, MI
Hamster and several rabbits

File Photo Courtesy of WISC-TV
Deceased; owner allegedly ordered an employee to put an injured hamster in a freezer to die; another worker was told to suffocate excess rabbits by sealing them in a box. Pet Store Owners Accused Of Freezing A Hamster (11.02.01)
WISC-TV - Ch3000 / Yahoo! News
Monona, WI

Jay, a four-year-old tabby cat

Euthanized due to injuries; suffered severe burns and a deep, open wound in a suspected firework attack. His veterinarians " believe he 05.have had a firework attached to his tail."

Cat is first casualty of firework season (11.03.01)
Oldham, Lancashire, UK

3 cats and 2 dogs

Recovering; cat's eye was pulled out with a cork-screw before being thrown in a bin--left seriously injured but alive. Other Norway cases recently include a cat skinned alive, a puppy put in a plastic bag to be used as a football, a dog locked in a cellar for four years and a cat nailed to a tree.

Cat's eye pulled out with corkscrew (11.02.01)

Fizz, a three-year-old black and white family cat

Recovering; blasted at close range by a gunman, leaving 40 pellets in his body. "He had been shot at so close the person could have seen he was not a fox...there is no way they could have mistaken him for anything other than a family pet," said the treating veterinarian.

Fizz the cat survives 40 pellet shotgun blast (10.31.01)
Briston, Norfolk, UK

Tuppence, a 10-week-old family kitten

Deceased; died after its neck was allegedly severed by the man's teeth following an argument between the accused and the owner of the cat.

Man jailed after biting off kitten's head (11.23.01)
Kitten killer suspect 'arrested with fur still in his mouth' (10.29.01)

Man bites cat (10.30.01)
Alleged kitten killer gets bail
Dargaville, New Zealand

Tasha, a 17-year-old German Shepherd search-and-rescue dog and Lucy, a Labador service dog

Deceased; An illegal attempt to kill predators resulted in the poisoning deaths of a search-and-rescue dog and a service dog. Both dogs died within 20 minutes of biting/eating the poisoned deer meaning the poison dosage was high.

Poisoned Bait Kills Search-and-Rescue Dog, Service Dog
The Salt Lake Tribune
Summit County, UT


Mindy, 3-year-old dog

Deceased; shot and killed (three bullets from a 12-gauge shotgun). Indicted Tuesday on a weapons offense ONLY.

Indictment accuses man in shooting of dad's dog
The Record - NJ News
West Paterson, NJ

Siberian Husky

Deceased; bound, tied to a car wheel then tossed into a river to drown

Two arrested after husky skinned alive (10.24.01)
Znojmo, Czech Republic

Dog, mixed-breed

Deceased; skinned alive left in a garbage bag under a bridge by two men, who were intoxicated

RSPCA investigates dog drowning (10.22.01)
Alcester, Warwickshire, UK

Sara, family cat

Deceased; bludgeoned and set on fire. Defendent bashed the cat on the head with a 16", 4-lb metal flashlight because the animal tried to scratch him. He then tossed the cat in his delivery truck; after his next delivery, he doused the cat with charcoal lighter starter, lit the animal on fire and tossed it from the truck onto the street.

News coverage influences judges (08.23.01)
Judge gives cat killer maximum 3-plus years in prison (08.04.01)
Kitten killers deserve maximum
Cat killer ordered to get psych tests
Berg pleads no contest, will get psych evaluation (04.12.01)
Napa Valley Register
Napa, CA


Deceased; a stray dog was caught, tied to the back of a car and dragged until it was dead. The body was then thrown through the stain glass window of a local church.

One of the men must spend 10 years in prison; two others got four-year terms.

3 dog draggers get prison terms (12.23.01)

Man found guilty in dog's dragging death (10.18.01)
Beauregard Daily News
DeRidder, LA

Peter, a 50-pound goat stolen sometime around the first of the year,
3 Pet Llamas
killed in 02.2001 and possibly a guinea pig

Deceased; a necropsy performed showed the goat was stabbed and beaten to death with a blunt object, its head cracked into 29 pieces. The motive for the beating "Pure pleasure," admitted the accused.

Animal cruelty suspect Brandon Eldred pleaded guilty Monday to attacking three pet llamas in East Lake: an adult that died after being beaten and sodomized [with a blunt object], an infant that lost an eye and an adult hacked in the face with a titanium meat cleaver.

Cruelty Gets Teen 3 Years
Abuse of pets still unnerves owners (04.28.02)
Llamas' attacker pleads guilty
Instances of alleged cruelty
Lawyer: Plea deal is near in llama case (04.26.02)
Plea deal discussed for teen in llama case (04.20.02)
Jury told of other attacks (04.03.02)
Cruelty suspect's admission will be allowed (04.02.02)
Appeals court removes judge from llama case (03.13.02)
Llama case judge refuses to disqualify herself (03.02.02)
Defense wants new judge in llama case (02.26.02)
Judge: Deal too lenient for teen in llama beating (02.09..02)
Suspect pleads guilty in 3 llama beatings (11.20.01)
Suspect in abuse held in goat case (10.19.01)
Llama suspects implicated again (10.10.01)
Suspect confided llama hatred, friend says (09.19.01)
Trial date set for teens accused of beating llamas (06.26.01)
Tortured animal found near suspect's motel (06.19.01)
Teenager 05.have tortured guinea pig (06.17.01)
Cruelty suspect's bail reduced (04.04.01)
Llama suspect charged in stab-bing of student (03.21.01)
Llama case defendant eligible for aid (03.17.01)
St. Petersburg Times

Plea Bargain Rejected In Llama Abuse, Death (02.09..02)

New Port Richey, FL
Accused: Robert Pettyjohn II
and Brandon Eldred
Sentence: Eldred, 3 yrs prison



Glenn with his new kitten, Snowball
Photo Courtesy of The Mercury

Deceased; a kitten at petstore was stomped to death and thrown it into a trash can by an employee after it scratched the employee; the kitten was meant to be Glenn's new companion animal.

Pet store worker charged with stomping kitten (Oct 19, 2001) Valley News

D.A. vows justice for dead kitten (Oct 19, 2001)
The Mercury via

Gilbertsville, PA



Photo Courtesy of the

Various stages; pig farm worker allegedly maiming and mutilating some of the pigs with a hammer and various other objects. Many pigs also died from poor care at pig farm including pneumonia and ulcers.

Shocking case of animal cruelty (Sept 10, 2001)
KMAR-TV Amarillo4 / MSNBC

Ex-Pig Farm Manager Charged With Cruelty (Sept 9, 2001)
The Washington Post
Amarillo, TX



Deceased; cat thrown from Interstate overpass hitting SUV windshield

Man Arrested For Tossing Cat (August 24, 2001)
Little Rock, AK

Sydney, two-year-old Rottweiler-Beagle mix

Photo Courtesy of the WRAL-TV

Recovering; neighbors saw the dog's "owner" cover the dog's head with a plastic bag and jump up and down on her. Syndey suffered two fractures to her jawbone. These were not the only problem, she was covered with fleas and had a stomach full of parasites (a bottle cap also found in her stomach had to be removed)

Wake SPCA Sets Up Fund To Help Abused Dog: Garner Man Charged With Animal Cruelty (Oct 3, 2001)
Garner, NC

Poco, Bear, and other cats

Deceased; At least 5 cats have been killed in unspeakable ways (gutted, set on fire, alleged coyote attacks)

Cats Mutilated In Ocean Beach (Oct 5, 2001)
Yahoo! News
Ocean Beach, CA

Shadow, 7-month-old, female black Labrador

Deceased; throat slashed twice; uncsuccessful attempts were made by a veterinary hospital to save the puppy's life

Man who cut puppy's throat gets year in jail (Sept 11, 2001)
Rocky Mountain News / MSNBC
Aurora, CO

Prada, a 4-lb, 4-month old Chihuahua

Photo Courtesy of the NY Post
Contact info added 10.17.01

Deceased; drunken, enraged man bashed the helpless animal against the pavement on a street.
"...he slammed him into the street and then kept slamming him into the curb over and over," she said. Then allegedly tossed the dying animal back to her.

Puppy Savagely Killed
(Oct 4, 2001)
New York Post
Long Island, NY


Jeb, an 11-year-old Labrador mix Deceased; fatally shot Reward Offered in Slaying of Dog (Oct 3, 2001)
Los Angeles Times
Truckee, CA
Rubin, a rottweiler/lab/chow mix Recovering; a .22-caliber bullet had entered the front of the dog’s chest and exited through its left front leg--shattering the bone and rendering it useless--it was amputated

Dog shot along Tiger Road
(Oct 3, 2001)
Summit Daily News
Breckenridge, CO

Kitten, 2-months-old Unknown; charcoal starter fluid was used on the kitten to set him/her on fire Teen charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly setting kitten on fire (Sept 24, 2001)
Kingsport Times-News
Rogersville, TN
Tiggy, a 7-mo-old tabby cat Recovering; survived being anully impaled on a stick. Tiggy crawled home, and has since undergone an operation to repair some of the serious internal damage which resulted.

Hunt on for kitten impaler
(Sept 25, 2001)
Derby, UK

9 penguins, 2 gannets and 2 pelicans Deceased; penguins beaten to death Penguin killer forced to clean up after birds (Sept 25, 2001)
East London, UK
Attempted murder; thankfully,
no dogs
were harmed
A man who threw meat laced with rat poison into neighbouring gardens after becoming annoyed over barking dogs. Two residents noticed meat, containing white tablets, being thrown into their gardens; none of the dogs ate the meat. Man sentenced for thowing poisoned meat into gardens
(Sept 24, 2001)
Halesowen, West Midlands, UK
Kitten, 5-month-old kitten

Recovering; thrown a into a bonfire in Glassport. Officer Pici discovered the burned kitten on Sept. 17 suffering from dehyd-ration and barely able to walk because his paws were so badly burned. The animal's entire body was singed, ears were blistered, and eyes, mouth and body were burned. The kitten was released from the hospital Sept. 21 "doing well."

WM Police Nab Suspect in Glassport Cat Burning
(Oct 18, 2001)
The Daily News via
Glassport, PA

2 dogs

Photo Courtesy of the KARK-TV
Deceased; both shot, one decapitated. Man Shoots One Dog, Beheads Another (Sept 21, 2001)
Faulkner County, AR
Henry, Rosie and Red, greyhounds Recovering; starved and emaciated Greyhound's owner receives probation (Sept 19, 2001)
Taunton Gazette
Taunton, MA
Dolittle, a dog

Photo Courtesy of the KARK-TV
Recovering; a pickup veered off the road and plowed into the dog, then took off. Some of his injuries -- his tail had to be amputated, his pelvis was broken in four places, his lip damaged, and his knee needs surgery.

Dog Hit Purposely With Truck (Sept 19, 2001)

2 dogs Deceased; 2 dogs (one a companion/service canine to an epileptic woman) were shot and killed. Northshore Man Accused Of Slaying 2 Dogs (Sept 11, 2001)
Yahoo! News
New Orleans, LA
Crane Deceased; a sandhill crane, a rare and federally protected bird, was found bloodied and beaten to death just inside the fence of a private bird sanctuary Bedford teen charged with killing of crane (Aug 28, 2001)
MSNBC / NH Affiliate
Bedford, NH
2 Kittens One deceased/one survived; the animals were sprayed with paint. Rescuer worked to save the kittens, washing the paint away, while her neighbors looked on and laughed. This wasn't the first time the homeless kittens had been spray-painted. One spray-painted kitten survives, one dies (Aug 20, 2001)
Oklahoma City, OK
A Pig Deceased; 2 men are accused of forcing several 300-pound pigs to drink alcohol; when one of the drunken pigs didn't cooperate and so they allegedly beat it to death with a crowbar. Men got pig drunk, killed it
(Aug 30, 2001)
Murray, UT
2 ducks Deceased; two men purportedly used rocks, bats and golf clubs to beat and behead the six tame birds 2 Men Are Sentenced for Roles In Slaughter of Ducks at Park
(Aug 30, 2001)
The Salt Lake City Tribune
Murray, UT
Anis Agad, male homosapien
and a kitten
Deceased; Agad's body was found along Interstate 85. He had been shot between midnight and 3 a.m. on Aug 14. A tortured, dead kitten was found inside the suspects black Mercedes.

Homicide Suspect Arrested After Traffic Stop, Chase (Aug 22, 2001)
Yahoo! News / WJLA-TV
Roxie (a dog) and 6 puppies Deceased; 3 barely alive puppies were found in the dumpster about one block from the Humane Society; a tip phoned in to 88-CRIME led detectives to a house, where three other dogs, including the puppies' mother, Roxie, were found living in abusive conditions (another dog found dead in the neighborhood was connected to the man) Man pleads guilty in puppy-dumping case (Aug 28, 2001)
Tucson Citizen
Tucson, AZ
Sadie, shepherd-mix puppy and
Several siblings

PhotoCourtesy of the Elk Valley Times
1 rescued/several deceased; A young man who had been working at the fairgrounds discovered a grisly site came upon the bodies of several young puppies that had been beaten to death; hiding behind a tractor tire was a lone survivor less than 2 months old whose tiny body had evidence of scars from past abuse Puppy survives beating, looks for new home (Aug 27, 2001)
Elk Valley Times
Elk Valley, TN
Hannah, a 10-year-old retriever mix

PhotoCourtesy of
Deceased; escaped from her yard and was found shot in the head Ramona Resident Searches For Dog's Killer (Aug 24, 2001) / Yahoo! News
San Diego, CA
Bear Deceased; the bear was not immediately killed, but was found wounded Wednesday afternoon. DOW officers shot and killed the bear because its injuries were so severe. Bear season doesn't start until 9/02/01 in Durango. Bear shot in back with bow and arrow (Aug 23, 2001)
The Durango Herald News
Durango, CO


Pitbull, 75-lb female
Deceased; pit bull with open wounds died Wednesday after being hung by its leash on a fence and beaten in the head repeatedly. Officer's report stated that the pit bull suffered bites from an apparent dogfight on its neck and a deep wound above its right temple area, resembling an ice-pick puncture Man hangs pit bull on fence, beats and kills animal
(Aug 24, 2001)
Daytona Beach, FL
Cascade, Yorkshire Terrier

PhotoCourtesy of CourtTV
Deceased; a fatal kick to a 6-month-old Yorkshire Terrier

Dog killer acquitted of animal abuse (Aug 24, 2001)
Iowa v. Peebler: Was it self-defense or animal abuse?
(Aug 21, 2001)
Owner testifies about the killing of his puppy (Aug 22, 2001)
Dog kicker says he was only trying to defend his lawn
(Aug 23, 2001)
Yahoo! News / Court TV

Iowan On Trial For Kicking Dog To Death (Aug 23, 2001)
Bloomington, IA

Dog, family labrador-cross Deceased; suffocated by owner Man fined on cruelty charge
(Aug 24, 2001)
Australian Broadcasting Corp
Southern Tasmania, Australia
2 Ponies Rescued/deceased; one foal dead and another injured from knife slashing while grazing Police Investigate Fatal Pony-Slashing Incident (Aug 14, 2001)
MSNBC / NY-VT Affiliate
Swanton, VT

(Shelter workers distraught)

Deceased; On the passenger side of the van, a headless black chicken wedged between the side-view mirror and the window; the chicken's head was placed on the van's antenna. Vandalism to the facility and the murder of this bird have shelter workers upset and scared.

Vandal strikes animal shelter
(Aug 18, 2001)
MSNBC / Bellavue, WA Affiliate
Bothell, WA
Kitten, 3-month old Deceased; Man got mad when his 20-year-old girlfriend didn't come home until 5 AM -- choked the kitten and slammed the animal on the floor (died instantly). Man accused of killing kitten in fit of anger (Aug 17, 2001)
AP /
Providence, RI
1 Dog, 3 Cats Deceased; Police investigating -- dog was mutilated and hanged from a fence by its collar, a cat was found in a driveway, dead from a broken neck, a 2nd kitten was found crushed under a brick, and another kitten had its tail slashed off (what was left of the tail was split). A Park View resident said 3 of her cats have been killed or harmed, 2 are still missing. Dog, 3 cats discovered dead after mutilation (Aug 18, 2001)
The Virginian-Pilot
Portsmouth, VA
4 Puppies, shepherd-lab mix Deceased; slaughtered by man casting them into an agricultural shredder. Mother (Rose) and remaining puppy (Molly) went to a shelter to be adopted out to new families

Tipton man pleads to killing 4 puppies (Aug 16, 2001)

Man admits putting four puppies through a shredder (Aug 16)


One puppy left after four others killed in shredder (July 13, 200 )
MSNBC / Fresno Affiliate
Tulare, CA

Dog, black male Labrador mix

Deceased; animal control officer said that the dog died of starvation, but before he died, he walked around in his own feces and urine. According to the charges, they "did willfully and maliciously torture and kill a 3-year-old black male lab mix by short-chaining it in the basement and depriving it of necessary food, water, sanitary living conditions and veterinary care until it died."

Second Cruelty Suspect Found in Johnstown (Aug 13, 2001)
Animal Cruelty Case Is Delayed (Aug 8, 2001)
Port Vue Woman Facing Cruelty Charges (Aug 7, 2001)
Dead Dog Found in PV Home; Couple Faces Charges
Aug 3, 2001)
The Daily News
Port Vue, PA

Family Cat Deceased; someone went into a home and broke the neck of one of the family's cats
Someone Broke Family Cat's Neck (Aug 16, 2001)
ThePittsburghChannel and
Yahoo! News
E. Huntingdon Township, PA
Heidi, 10-month-old boxer puppy

PhotoCourtesy of NewsNet5
Rescued; Police say the man hit the dog with his shoe, picked her up by her ears, lifted her by her front legs and twisted her legs behind her head until they touched...picked her up by the chain around her neck so she was dangling in the air. A neighbor caught the incidents on videotape as evidence of abuse.

Victim of animal cruelty gets new home (Jan 3, 2002)

Man who hit dog sent to jail:
Akron resident caught on video gets six-month term
(Oct 26, 2001)
Man is convicted of beating dog (Sept 18, 2001)
Trial in dog abuse case (Aug 18)
Dog owner faces charge of cruelty: Appalled neighbor's `shocking' video sways police (Aug 16, 2001)
The Beacon Journal/

Man Twists Dog's Legs Behind Her Head (Aug 16, 2001)
Man Accused Of Beating Dog Says He's Innocent (Aug 17, 2001)
NewsNet5 / Yahoo! News
Akron, OH

Pitbull Puppy

PhotoCourtesy of Texarkana Gazette
Deceased/euthanized; dog was tied up in a backyard when the assailants gouged seven holes in his skin with what appeared to be a cookie cutter or large pipe Police seek information on deadly abuse of puppy (Aug 16, 2001)
Texarkana Gazette
Texarkana, TX
2 Squirrels Deceased; One squirrel died immediately, the other, maimed with an eye injury, died while being taken to animal control to be euthanized. 16-yr-old was charged with felony cruelty for shooting them with a BB gun. Teen charged with animal abuse for shooting squirrels
(Aug 15, 2001)
Gaston, NC
Bo, a 16-month-old Rheinhart English setter Being treated; suffering from the apparent effects of ingesting rat poison; police are treating the incident as an intentional poisoning. He's alive and not permanently hurt. He lost a lot of weight, but he's eating.

Academy chief's dog survives poisoning (Aug 16, 2001)

Milford Academy headmaster's dog poisoned (Aug 10, 2001)
MSNBC/Connecticut Post
Milford, CT

Anna, a 12-yr old cocker spaniel Deceased; woman says her son and his girlfriend agreed to care of her dog while she was moving--the dog was with the couple for a few months when the woman got a phone call saying Anna was dead. She learned her son's girlfriend paid to have Anna picked up and euthanized. Girlfriend claims the dog was unwanted, barked constantly, and posed a threat to their infant sons. Local woman sues son's girlfriend for killing dog (Aug 9, 2001)
MSNBC / Las Vegas Affiliate
Las Vegas, NV
2 rare Siberian Amur Tigers and
1 Snow Leopard
Fighting for their lives after eating poisoned rabbits; Zookeepers traced the poison to rabbits imported from the Czech Republic Big cats poisoned at German zoo (Aug 9, 2001)
Magdeburg, Germany
Family Cat Deceased; strangled neighbour's cat before cutting off its head 'Lost sleep provoked cat killing'
(Aug 7, 2001)
Eisenstadt, Austria
Bud, a rottweiler Recovering; hit in the head with 150 shotgun pellets has survived thanks to £6,500 ($9,285.25 US) worth of operations; Bud lost his tongue and teeth in the attack
Rottweiler survived 150 shotgun pellets in head (Aug 14, 2001)
Winterbourne, near Bristol, UK
6 Racing Pigeons Deceased; six racing pigeons were been found with their legs torn off and hearts ripped out (post mortems revealed the internal organs were ripped out while the birds still alive) Racing pigeons tortured and killed (Aug 14, 2001)
Boughton, Nottinghamshire, UK
Shetland Pony, six-year-old chestnut stallion Recovering; Shetland pony had its throat slashed by a knife-wielding attacker Shetland pony slashed by knife attacker (Aug 14, 2001)
Redruth, West Cornwall, UK
2 Hares Deceased; killed two hares; according to police, the boys tortured and killed the animals because they were bored
Teenagers play football with hares (Aug 14, 2001)
Tyrol, Austria
Dog Unknown; authorities said someone threw a dog off an overpass in Caswell County...a driver swerved to miss the dog just before the animal limped into the woods. The dog has not been found yet.

Dog Dropped Off Overpass Onto Highway (Aug 13, 2001)
Reward Offered For Interstate Dog (Aug 15, 2001)
WXII-TV / Yahoo! News

PETA offers reward after dog tumbles from overpass (Aug 17)
The Virginian-Pilot
Ruffin, NC

Deer and Fawn

PhotoCourtesy of
Fawn deceased; mother deer survived/recovering; man intentionally hit them with his motor vehicle Man Accused Of Attacking Deer
(Aug 9, 2001)!News
Detroit, MI
Missy, German shepherd/collie mix Deceased; dog found dead with its legs and mouth bound by tape Owner of dead dog charged
(Aug 9, 2001)
The Bergen Record
Fairlawn, NJ
5 neighborhood cats

PhotoCourtesy of KOIN-TV
Deceased; cats found dead and mutilated Reward Grows For Cat Killer's Capture (July 26, 2001)
Award Offered In Cat-Killing Case: 5 Animals Found Dead Or Mutilated (July 19, 2001)
Fourth Case Of Cat Mutilation Reported (June 15, 2001)
'Cat Killer' Signs Alarm Neighbors
(June 7, 2001)
KOIN-TV Channel 6
Tigard, OR
Charlie, family cat

PhotoCourtesy of KOIN-TV
Recovering; Charlie was burned on over 50 percent of his body--he was set on fire in late July.

Burned Cat Blows Out Birthday Candle (Aug 7, 2001)
Yahoo! News

Recovering Cat Celebrated Birthday In Hospital (Aug 8, 2001)
Burned Cat May Get Skin Grafts (Aug 1, 2001)
Witness: Cat Was A Ball Of Fire (July 25, 2001/Video available)
KOIN-TV Channel 6
Portland, OR

Sara, kitten
Deceased; beaten and set on fire the kitten was later euthanized due to injuries

Maximum sentence for man who set kitten on fire (Aug 3, 2001)
The Sacramento Bee

Man who killed kitten gets maximum penalty (Aug 3, 2001)
San Francisco Chronicle
Napa, CA


Queso, stray cat
Sadly, there will be
no justice for Queso.

Derek Brehm (pictured) acquitted.
Charges against co-defendent
Clint Bowers dropped were by DA.

Photo courtesy of Waco Tribune.

Deceased; shot, skinned and decapitated.

Brehm testified that Bowers shot the cat on the patio of Taco Cabana about 4 a.m. He said he grabbed the cat, which he said was dead, drove a few blocks and he and Bowers both hit it with a 9-iron to make doubly sure it was dead. After that, Brehm told the jury, he skinned the head and then cut the head off with a knife so he could bleach the skull and keep it like some of his cousins have done to the heads of coyotes, bobcats and deer.

The jury of three men and three women was instructed that to convict Brehm, the state had to prove that he either tortured the cat or killed an animal that belonged to someone without that person's consent. The definition of animal as defined in the penal code and given to the jury is a "domesticated living creature and wild living creature previously captured. Animal does not include an uncaptured wild creature or a wild creature whose capture was accomplished by conduct at issue under this section."

Former Baylor baseball player acquitted of animal cruelty; group mad (Mar 20, 2002)
Jury acquits former Baylor baseball player (Mar 19, 2002)
Rocky Mountain News

Ex-Baylor baseball player acquitted in cat death
(Mar 19, 2002)

Ex-player is acquitted in animal cruelty case (Mar 19, 2002)
The Houston Chronicle

Jury acquits ex-Baylor baseball player in cat killing; charges dismissed vs. 2nd player
(Mar 20, 2002)
Alleged cat killer's attorney said animal was not tortured
(Jan 31, 2002)
Hearing held for men accused of killing cat; one shows up
(Jan 10, 2002)
Pretrial hearing postponed for BU athlete who allegedly killed cat
(Aug 8, 2001)
Pre-trial hearing for BU athlete accused of killing cat may be delayed (Aug 3, 2001)
Waco Tribune-Herald

Baylor students formally charged in cat killing (May 21, 2001)
Austin American Statesman

Waco community angry over BU's lack of discipline for cat killing (Apr 17, 2001)
The Daily Texan (AP)

Baylor Lifts Suspension of Players (Apr 7, 2001)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Baylor concludes cat-killing investigation without revealing findings (Mar 29, 2001)
Amarillo Global-News

Baylor suspends 2 players charged with killing, beheading cat (March 22, 2001)
The Arizona Republic (AP)
Waco, TX

Chiqilin, a puppy Deceased; puppy beaten with golf club was euthanized (due to severity of injuries). Man charged faces new
witness-intimidation charge
Man charged in puppy beating
(Aug 3, 2001)
Plea entered in puppy beating (Aug 17, 2001)
The Mercury News
Santa Cruz, CA
Phoenix, dog

PhotoCourtesy of KPIX-TV
Recovering; dragged behind car as "punishment" Man Sentenced for Dragging Dog Behind Car (July 27, 2001)
KPIX-TV San Francisco
San Jose, CA
Cinnamon, an orange-brown female mixed spaniel Deceased; dog stabbed to death City firefighter faces drunken driving, cruelty to animals and other charges (July 26, 2001)
Pittsburgh, PA
Pit-bull dog Deceased; fatally shot Law & Disorder: Officer shoots, kills pit bull while apprehending suspect (July 26, 2001)
Jacksonville Times-Union Online

Officer Kills Pit Bull (July 25, 2001) / Yahoo! News
Jacksonville, FL
Max, family dog Recovering; "owner" slit his dog's throat, broke its neck and repeatedly stabbed it in the head with a box knife. "Before taking his daughter to the hospital, Mr. Zeits drove what he thought was Max's corpse to a nearby construction site and slipped it into an open drain pipe. When he came back later to bury the remains, the dog was gone.

Probation in dog cruelty conviction (Mar 23, 2002)

Odenton Man Faces Jail Time After Animal Cruelty Trial
(Dec 13, 2001)

90 Days for Slashing Pet
Owner Goes to Jail; Dog's Future in Doubt
(July 26, 2001)
The Washington Post

Father appeals cruelty-to-animal conviction
(July 31, 2001)
The Washington Times
Anapolis, MD

Cat, family pet

Photo Courtesy of
Recovering; an arrow was shot through the cat's face and came out the back of her neck; if infection sets in, she could lose an eye. (It is not known if this was accidental or deliberate.)

Cat Suffers Injuries From Arrow In Head (July 31, 2001)
Click2Houston / Yahoo! News
Houston, TX

Dog, pitbull Deceased; police officer shot and killed a dog that was barking at him as he was handcuffing a 14-year-old drug suspect. Officer Kills Pit Bull: Firearms Review Board To Review Shooting (July 25, 2001)
Yahoo! News
Jacksonville, FL
Sassy, an indoor, declawed 14-yr-old Siamese cat Deceased; Police Officer killed the cat with a shovel after a nearby resident reported she was hissing and foaming at the mouth, Sassy's veterinarian indicated Sassy's behavior may have been caused by heat exhaustion.

Pet Cat Killed By Police
(July 26, 2001)
Yahoo! News

DA won't charge officers who beat cat with shovel
(Aug 14, 2001)
Police receive angry calls after cat's beating death (July 25, 2001)
Houston Chronicle
Angleton, TX

Cattle Deceased; four gruesome and baffling cattle deaths in which portions of the animals' faces were cut or peeled off and eyeballs and genitals removed Cattle Mutilations Stump Investigators (Aug 8, 2001)
Fox News Network
Dupuyer/Fort Shaw, MT
Two dogs, possibly rottweilers

Photo Courtesy of KSAT-TV
Deceased; found the dogs lying in the street outside ropes tied tightly around their necks

2 Roped Dogs Found Dead In City Street (July 19, 2001)
KSAT-TV / Yahoo! News
San Antonio, TX

Wolfie, chow-mix dog

Photo Courtesy of KSAT-TV
Recovering; dog allegedly attacked by a neighbor with a machete lost his right eye in the attack
Dog Hurt In Machete Attack 'Lucky': Wolfie Loses Right Eye In Animal Cruelty Case (July 18, 2001)
KSAT-TV / Yahoo! News
San Antonio, TX
3 dogs Deceased; neighbors say that a bucket was found containing a mix of cat food and anti-freeze near one of the homes

Dogs Poisoned In Meeker County (July 18, 2001)
WCCO-TV / Yahoo! News
Meeker Co., MN

Reno, a boxer

Photo Courtesy of KSAT-TV
Recovering; dog found with its tongue cut out

Dog Loses Pant In Case Of Animal Cruelty (July 16, 2001)
KSAT-TV / Yahoo! News

Abused Dog Gets Adopted
(July 21, 2001)
Yahoo! News

Mutilated dog getting a fresh start (July 22, 2001)
San Antonio Express-News
Victoria, Guadalupe County, TX


Photo Courtesy of KOCO-TV Channel 5
Deceased; badly burned cat was euthanized.

"Officers said that it was possible that someone injured that cat with fireworks, but the damage was so severe that they couldn't tell for sure. "
Another Severely Abused Cat Found: Possible Victim Of Firecrackers Put Down (July 9, 2001)
Oklahoma City, OK
2 cats Deceased; Someone in NW Austin and N Travis Co is killing cats in a horrifying way; since April, two cats have been found severed in half Someone Is Killing Cats In Northwest Austin (July 12, 2001)
Yahoo! News
Autin, TX

Leo, a 10-year-old bichon frisé

Photo Courtesy of KRON and
Deceased; killed in traffic due to road rage

'Road Rage' Dog Killer Gets Maximum Sentence (July 13, 2001)
Yahoo! News/Reuters

Leo's killer gets the max
Judge berates man for claiming dog's death accidental
(July 13, 2001)
San Francisco Chronicle

Dog Killer Sent to Prison (July 14, 2001)
Los Angeles Times
San Francisco, CA


Rick, a German shepherd mix

Photos Courtesy of Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Recovering; disfigured by acid, patches of hair and skin were missing from Rick's back and a 30-lb padlocked chain was embedded in his neck.


Rick Update (July 2001)
Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Community saves abused dog
(Nov 12, 2001)
Lawrence Journal-World

Dog Mutilation Spawns Anti-Violence Commercial For St. Louis (July 10, 2001)
PETA Online

Lafayette Square - St. Louis, MO


Holly, a pedigree shih-tzu

Photo Courtesy of BBC News

Recovered; the dog had been systematically deprived of adequate nourishment for 14 days, had a serious eye infection and was trussed up with dog leads, wrapped in a bin-bag, and dumped in a four-foot culvert

UPDATE: Louise Swannick was convicted and banned from keeping animals for 10 years and ordered to carry out 120 hours unpaid community work

Animal ban for cruelty woman
(Aug 13, 2001)

Couple admit animal cruelty
(July 9, 2001)
BBC News
Oswestry, U.K.

Tom, cat

PhotoCourtesy of Voices for Pets
Recovering; victim of dog-fighting training. Tom had been tethered with a steel cable and used as bait in training dogs to be vicious; with the cable wrapped around him, he was put in a plastic bag and placed in the street to be run over before being rescued by a vet tech passing by.

Tom - $3,000 REWARD
(June 21, 2001)
Voices for Pets
Bay Point, CA


Westy, cat

Photos Courtesy of The Denver Channel

Recovering; set on fire and thrown from a car that sped away from the scene.

For months and three surgeries including the amputation of his ears, tail and one leg, Westy is ready to leave the hospital.Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! News

New law honors feisty cat
(June 9, 2002)
Burned cat fights for life
(May 30, 2001)
2 teen boys arrested in cat torture (June 9, 2001)
Lemonade stand helps burned cat
(June 3)
Man's animal behavior (June 1)
Abusers not as brave as Westy (June 4)
The Denver Post

Westy persuades lawmakers
(Jan 29, 2002) RockyMtNews

Westy finds warm hearts in new home (Dec 27, 2001) / RockyMtNews

Cruelty to Cat Inspires Push for Stiffer Penalties (Sept 28, 2001)

Burned Cat Recovering After Amputations (June 20)
Police Make Clarification About Burned Cat (June 14)
Teens Arrested In Burned Cat Case (June 9)
Reward Offered For Leads In Westy Case (June 7)
Burned Cat's Improvement Surprises Doctors (June 4)
Burned Cat Is Walking Again (June 4)
The Denver Channel

"Westy" The Burned Cat Continues To Improve (June 15)
KCNC - CBS News 4

Colorado needs a 'Westy law' (June 22)
The Daily Camera
Westminster, CO

Smokey, kitten

Photo Courtesy of KCRA-TV

Photo Courtesy of KXTV-Sacramento
Recovering--facing weeks of rehabilitation; Smokey's fur and front paws were burned severely when someone used electrical tape to attach two M-80s to Smokey's neck--one of the M-80s exploded

Two teens arrested in fireworks attack on kitten (Nov 20, 2001)
The Sacramento Bee

Teens charged with trying to blow up kitten (Nov 20, 2001)

Reward Offered in Fireworks Abuse of Cat (July 19, 2001)
Cat Survives Having Fireworks Taped to Its Body (July 5, 2001)

Cat Tortured During Illegal Fireworks Prank (July 6, 2001)
Sacramento, CA


Angel, a kitten

All Photos Courtesy of KOCO-TV Channel 5
Recovering; tar-covered kitten found wandering --much of her fur had been cut off the kitten; officials said that it appeared that the tar had been on for about a week.

Happy Ending (Aug 2001): The Meredith family adopted Angel. Since then, cat lovers have sent fan mail commending the Merediths...they say someone else deserves the thank you. “We really have to thank them at the animal shelter because they did a wonderful job on this kitten,” Mary Meredith said.

One Year Later, Tarred Kitten In Good Spirits (June 17, 2002)
KOCO-TV / Yahoo! News

Tar-Covered Kitten Found Wandering: Cat's Skin Already Healing (July 3, 2001)
Reward Grows In Kitten Abuse Case (July 7, 2001)
Tar-Covered Kitten Could Find Home Soon (July 11, 2001)
Tarred Kitten Getting New Home (July 17, 2001)
Tarred Kitten Goes To New Home: Kitten Named 'Angel'
(July 18, 2001)
Tarred Kitten Thriving In New Home: Cat Bounces Back After Ordeal  (Aug 17, 2001)
KOCO-TV Channel 5
Oklahoma City, OK

5 kittens

Deceased; prison officer allegedly told the inmate to drop the kittens in a trash compactor, but the inmate refused, so he dumped them in and turned the machine on, killing the kittens

Ex-guard Gets 1 Year For Killing Kittens (Mar 22, 2002)

Prisoner guard convicted of crushing kittens to death
(Dec 18, 2001)

Guard Convicted of Crushing Kittens (Dec 18, 2001)
Yahoo! News / CourtTV

Sing Sing inmate tells of kittens' death (Nov 6, 2001)
The Journal News

Sing Sing officer killed inmate's kittens (Aug 13, 2001)
White Plains, NY


'Andy,' a wild Boar
Photo Courtesy of PETA

Bubba Clem, Brent Hatley and Paul Lauterberg
Photo Courtesy of St. Petersburg Times


Decased; tortured (castrated) and killed in radio station's parking lot.

Letters to the Editors: Bubba's acquittal gives approval to atrocious stunt (Mar 5, 2002)
Boar's death is but a part of the radio boor's act (Mar 5, 2002)
Cleared DJ vows political revenge
(Mar 1, 2002)
Jurors will not hear all banter from boar killing (Feb 27, 2002)
Shock jock's fans honk, howl support (Feb 26, 2002)
Bubba fears judge is too soft on swine (Aug 24, 2001)
What happened to the hog
(May 27, 2001)
St. Petersburg Times

Florida Radio Announcer Defends Killing of Boar
(Feb 28, 2002)
Yahoo! News

Florida shock jock faces animal cruelty charges (Feb 25, 2002) (CourtTV)

DJ Cleared In Hog Slaughtering
(Mar 2, 2002) Tampa Trib via
Picking Jury A Struggle At DJ's Animal Cruelty Trial
(Feb 26, 2002)
DJ's Animal Cruelty Trial Begins
(Feb 25, 2002)
The Tampa Tribune

WXTB-Radio DJ Charged With Felony Cruelty to Animals
(Feb 2001)

Radio Host Charged in Boar's Death (Mar 30, 2001)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/AP
Tampa, FL

Rocky, 6-week-old puppy Recovering; apparently had a bottle rocket placed inside his rectum and ignited, after being stolen from his fenced in yard while his owners were away. Teen charged in cruelty case
(July 3, 2001)

Another teen to be charged in Tarrant animal cruelty case
(July 6, 2001)
NBC Birmingham, Channel 13
Tarrant, AL
More than 150 Pitbull Dogs
31 Electrocuted
Photo Courtesy of PETA
Seized; dogfighting dogs. Graves found for at least 12 dogs on the property; females and puppies were "sold" while male fighters were destroyed

Deceased; electrocuted because they couldn't be sold. Veterinarian says that dogs suffered (fully conscious) painful heart-attacks when electrocuted
Help Seek Justice for NC Dogfighter's Victims (July 2001)

Convicted dog-fighter electro-cutes 31 pit bulls (Aug 14, 2001)
View Story on NBC 17
Lee County, NC
Dexter, Bassetthound Decased; dog was beaten, mutilated and incinerated. A Torrington man was sentenced to 4 to 7 yrs in prison felony burglary in the theft of Dexter, who subsequently was mutilated and burned.

Wyoming man sentenced in dog's kidnapping (Aug 28, 2001)
Dog's killer gets 8 months in jail (July 08, 2001)
Denver Post
Torrington, WY

Exotic black swan on Donald Trump's Golf Course Deceased; beaten to death by golfer

Golfer Charged in Clubbing of Swan (June 29, 2001)
Yahoo! News and AP

Golfer Avoids Jail For Clubbing Swan (July 2, 2001)
West Palm Beach, FL

Britney, family cat

Deceased; found by father and daughter (owners) mutilated and hanging from a tree Mutilated Cat Found Hanging From Tree (June 28, 2001)
KSAT-TV / Yahoo! News
North Side/Bexar County, TX
Mufasa, girlfriend's cat

Photo Courtesy of KSAT-TV
Deceased/Euthanized due to injuries; cat was set on fire

Man who set cat ablaze gets jail (Aug 18, 2001)

Jury Convicts Man Accused Of Burning Cat and Man Convicted Of Burning Cat Turns Himself In (June 27, 2001)
Yahoo! News

Cat fatally set on fire, Police Investigating Suspects In Cat Cruelty Case, Pair Charged With Animal Cruelty, Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Burning Cat, and Man Sentenced For Setting Cat On Fire (Jan 24-June 27, 2001)
San Antonio, TX

Spanish mastiff dog Deceased; the mastiff was shot for barking, defendant also shot and killed a Labrador puppy for the same reason when he lived in Kendall (FL) Dog Shooter Pleads Guilty, Then Calls Incident Ridiculous
(June 27, 2001)
Yahoo! News
Pinecrest, FL
Cat and Dog Deceased; doused a cat in lighter fluid and then lit it in August of last year (euthanized due to injury)

Another man beat a puppy to death with a baseball bat on Monday

Local men face charges of animal cruelty (June 7, 2001)
NBC Ch 7

Panama City, FL

Two Canadian geese Deceased; following a verbal altercation in which a couple defended geese, the couple carcass of a decapitated goose on their front doorstep; second decapitated goose was found nearby 3 days later Two Men And Juvenile Charged With Animal Cruelty, Hunting Offenses In Decapitated Geese Case (June 18, 2001)
MD Dept of Natural Resources
Annapolis, MD

Grace, kitten
Photo Courtesy of VA PAWS - this picture was taken after Grace had received some treatment. Pictures from the time of rescue (available at VA Paws Website) are too horrific to show here.
Recovered--wounds from being bound, tortured and eyes shot out with bb-pellets Saving Grace (March 2, 2001)
VA PAWS (Partnership for Animal Welfare & Support)
Christiansburg, VA

Sadie, German shepherd puppy Deceased -- one-year-old puppy was found cut in two; several juveniles, ages 9 to 13 tied the dog to train tracks or held Sadie down until the last minute and ran

Ecorse woman finds her dog killed, cut in two and Sheriff finds new pup for pet owner: Police still search for the suspects who beheaded her dog (June 2-8, 2001)
The Detroit News
Ecorse, MI

Spirit, dog

Photo Courtesy of Indianpolis Star
Recovering/receiving hydrotherapy to soothe her burns and remove dead skin; officials believe someone used fireworks to burn the animal's face, leg and rear-end

Dog Likely Burned With Fireworks (July 7, 2001)
Animal Torture Case Could Spur Law Change (July 27, 2001)
Yahoo! News

Dog injured in firecracker attack is recovering well (July 10, 2001)
Community comes to aid of dog hurt by firecracker (July 21, 2001)
Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis, IN



Photo Courtesy of WKMG-TV

Recovering; covered in tar and left for dead on a sidewalk

Boys Arrested For Tarring Kitten
(June 14, 2001)
Ocala, FL


Cascade, 16-week-old Yorkshire Terrier Deceased; kicked to death

W.B. man charged with abuse of puppy (June 19, 2001)
The Hawk Eye
West Burlington, IA

Cutter, puppy Recovering; puppy was found hanging on a fence by his hind legs tortured and left for dead

Puppy abuse suspect behind bars
MSNBC (TX Affiliate)
May 1, 2001
Amarillo, TX


Rocky, a 9-year-old German Shepherd

Photo Courtesy of NBC30

Deceased; beaten to death with a baseball bat Animal activists show up for dog abuse court case
MSNBC (CT Affiliate)
Feb 13, 2001
Milford, CT

Faith, Retriever Puppy

Photo Courtesy of Sun-Sentinel News

Recovering. "The stitches and bandages are gone, along with the gaping wounds and most of the scarring from what doctors called a brutal attack with acid. The dog's tail was also severely cut after someone tied an elastic band around it."

Rescued retriever pup finally finds a family
Hollywood, FL


Spirit, stray dog

Photo Courtesy of Evansville Courier & Press

Recovered, survived being doused in gasoline and set on fire; has been adopted

Spirit beginning her new life
Evansville Courier & Press
Evansville, IN


Rowdy, a family Cat (nick-named '9 Lives' by vets; also, a pigeon and a mallard duck)

Photo Courtesy of The Pittsburgh Channel

Recovering; blind in one eye (birds, deceased)

Rowdy The Cat's Owner Dies: Detectives Are Investigating
(Sept 30, 2001)
Accused Cat-Shooter Back In Detention Center (Aug 16, 2001)
Police Arrest Teen In Cat Shooting: Cat Shot 21 Times With Pellet Gun, Police Link Teen To Cat Shooting, and '9 Lives' Reunited With Owner

Alleged Cat Shooter's Uncle Arrested (July 25, 2001)

Cat Shooter Wanted Again
(June 12, 2001)
Yahoo! News

Cat Shooting Suspect Arrested Again (June 13, 2001)
Yahoo! News
Pittsburgh, PA

A woman and her kitten Cat deceased/woman bruised; A Davenport man faces trial on charges alleging that he snapped the neck of his girlfriend’s kitten and beat the woman after an argument over beer; he was charged with one count of animal cruelty and one count of simple domestic assault, both misdemeanors under Iowa law Man accused of beating girlfriend, killing kitten (July 3, 2001) / MSNBC
Davenport, IA

Angel aka Casey, 8-wk old kitten

Photo Courtesy of
Rescued; boy allegedly shot the kitten with a BB gun, dumped it in a ditch and left it for dead 6th Grader Allegedly Tortures Kitten (May 2, 2001)
Texas City, TX
Labrador mix (dog)
Recovering; treated for a broken rib and cuts; the dog was discovered bound, stabbed and bleeding in a resident's recycling bin Wounded dog found in Beach recycling bin
The Virginian-Pilot (Online)
Virginia Beach, VA

Family Dog
Deceased Dog Torturer Gets Off Scot-Free!
PETA Online - Action Alerts
Delmar, AL
10 to 15 family dogs
Various conditions
(some deceased, some recovering)
"Laughing Teens go on shooting spree, maiming/killing 10-15 dogs"
Muskogee Phoenix Newspaper (Not available online; scroll through letter for articles)
Muskogee, OK

Andy, 4-month old bassetthound

Photo Courtesy of BowSer Bassett Rescue

Recovering; burns Bassett Puppy Dowsed With Lighter Fluid and Set On Fire
(Apr 29, 2001)
BowSer Bassett Rescue
Kansas City, KS
Small family dog
Deceased (drenched in kerosene and set on fire in bathtub) Man Arrested in Dog-Burning Death (Apr 27, 2001)
Albuquerque Journal

Albuquerque, NM
Large, white sheepdog
Deceased (euthanized due to serious injuries) Hammer used to kill dog
(Apr 26, 2001)
The Grand Rapids Press

Jenison, MI
Jacques, bassetthound puppy
("A veterinarian who examined the puppy concluded the dog bled to death over a two-hour span from "multiple blunt trauma")
Puppy killer pleads guilty, gets probation (Apr 26, 2001)
Bucks County Courier Times
Middletown, NJ
Mixed pit bull Deceased
(skinned and decapitated)
Dog Killer Ordered To Read 'Lassie' (Apr 24, 2001)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/AP

Gastonia, NC
Precious, 2-yr-old German shepard/husky mix named
Deceased (bludgeoned to death with sledgehammer) Man who went to dog's defense now faces felony charges
(Apr 23, 2001)

Inver Grove Heights, MN
Ashley, Pit bull puppy
Recovering (third degree burns, but alive and being treated) Three Teens Accused Of Animal Cruelty (Apr 20, 2001)
The WBAL-TV Channel

West Baltimore, MD
Dog (stolen from yard)
Deceased (stabbed, beaten and beheaded) Horrific Dog Killing in Oklahoma (Nov 10, 2000)
HSUS's Humanelines and
The Tulsa World

Update from HSUS (April 2001)
Okmulgee, OK

Duchess and Duke, mother and pup dalmations

Photo Courtesy of Dalmation Rescue

Duchess, deceased due resulting from extreme neglect Abused Dalmatian Case Ends
The Dunn Daily Record (1), The Dunn Daily Record (2), Story of Duchess, and Dalmation Rescue
Harnett County, NC

Blue, family dog (named by activists) Deceased; dog shot twice and set on fire by "owner" AL Man Tortured and Killed Family Dog--Help Needed!
Delmar, AL

Slyvester, female family cat Recovering; stabbed in the ribcage; Sylvester was stitched up and is expected to recover. Jealous wife goes after husband's pet cat (June 29, 2001)
MSNBC / Wichita Affiliate
Wichita, KS
6 Akita dogs Deceased; hanged from a bicycle rack in a garage -- a neighbor, walking her dog, uncovered the shallow graves in the backyard of the home

Breeder accused of killing 6 Akita dogs (Aug 13, 2001)

Man charged with hanging 6 dogs
(June 13, 2001)
Denver Post
Westchester County, NY

Family dog A teenage girl allegedly beat one of her dogs to death with a baseball bat in front of a dozen children on Easter Sunday morning. Neighbors said the family's dogs are kept on short chains without food or water. (Rancher, see 'Neglect' section) Girl, rancher suspected of animal cruelty (June 12, 2001)
Denver Post
Monte Vista, CO
Family cat Deceased; haemorrhaging on the brain which could have been caused by being cooked in a microwave oven Drunk cooked pet cat in microwave, court told
(June 20, 2001)
Mother faces jail for cooking pet cat (July 23, 2001)
Woman who cooked cat escapes jail (July 23, 2001)
Crawley, west Sussex, UK
7 Dogs Rescued; dogs that were being trained to fight were rescued Abused Dogs Found In Vacant Home: Investigators Suspect Group Of Teens (Mar 24, 2001)
Detroit, MI
Family dog Deceased; the 14-year old shot the dog with a BB-gun 6 times after the dog apparently had an accident in the house Local teen kills family dog, faces charges (July 11, 2001)
Berea, OH
Two puppies

Photo Courtesy of WKYC-TV
Deceased; two puppies were killed with a 12 gauge shotgun. Police say it is legal to shoot a gun on your property in Orwell if it's safe. It's not likely the councilman will be charged with any wrongdoing.

City councilman shoots two puppies with a 12 gauge shotgun (July 3, 2001)
Orwell, OH

Iago, a Quaker Parrot Deceased; killed by college student in dorm 0microwave oven UW coach's son gets 10 days for parrot's microwave death
(Dec 10, 1999)
Alvarez pleads not guilty in parrot's microwave death
(July 24, 1999)
Chad Alvarez faces new charge in microwave death of parrot
(July 21, 1999)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Madison, WI

Blu, the Centennial High School mascot (an English Bulldog)

Photo courtesy of KVBC-TV

Recovered; Blu was forced to fight another dog, then left chained to a stake on the 50-yard line of Centennial's field. A school staffer found the dog Sept. 28, bleeding and soaked by lawn sprinklers, with a Mojave T-shirt tangled in his chain.

Centennial High School's Mascot Back in Action (Aug 27, 2001)
School Mascot Stolen, Mistreated (Sept 2000)
Las Vegas, NV

Chicken Somebody brought a chicken to the studio and Meade allegedly told an intern to throw it out a second-story window. When the chicken survived the fall, Meade had the intern throw it from the third floor, about 30 feet up, and broadcast the results. The bird suffered leg and foot injuries.

Disc Jockey Convicted of Cruelty
(Feb 2, 2001)

Disc Jockey Convicted of Cruelty
(March 2000)
Denver, CO
Convicted: Steven Meade,
KPBI-FM DJ (aka Willie B)

Shadow and BearBear, family dogs Deceased; shot.

The Teenage Terrorist Continues
(Aug 30, 2001)

Teenage Terrorist (Apr 26, 2001)
Teenage Terrorist - Assembly Bill Hearing (Apr 30, 2001)

Las Vegas, NV

Sinatra, family cat

Photo courtesy of KVBC-TV
Recovered; shot by a bb-gun. A large area of the cat's body was filled with blood. X-rays at the vet revealed a bb gun pellet lodged in Sinatra's rear leg muscle. Local Cat Shot With BB Gun
(May 2, 2001)

Las Vegas, NV
Pit bull, family dog Unknown; "Owner" was reported for beating his pit bull on March 28 and April 4. He was reported on Nov. 12 for a similar allegation and failed to appear in court on Dec 5.

Eagles' Running Back Sought on Charges (May 22, 2001)

Hamner charged with animal cruelty (May 10, 2001)
USA Today

Eagles' Running Back Sought on Charges (Apr 2001)

Philadephia, PA/Voorhees, NJ
Accused: Thomas Hamner


Neighbor's cat, 18-month-old feline

"I don't think cats should have more rights than property owners," said Mab Englehart, when questioned about the incident.

Recovered; Engleharts trapped the 18-month-old cat and sprayed it with oil-based paint to "warn" area birds they felt were tormented by the feline.

Painted-cat prank for the birds
(July 24, 1998)

Bennington, V CAN
Convicted: Francis (79)
and Mab (73) Englehart

Wife's cat

Note read in part, "I'm going to give you a birthday like you never will forget."
Deceased; the cat's head was cut off and used like a paperweight to hold down a threat-ening note to her.
Man gets 60 days in jail for decapitating wife's cat
(Feb 2, 1999)
Jonesboo, AR
Convicted: Todd A. Looper, 31
Miracle, a 1-year-old Dachshund
Rescue: Operation Peace

Photo Courtesy of WXII-TV
Rescued; the skin around her neck was cut down to her windpipe. Vets said that her injuries are a result from being tied up with a Mason cord.

Animal Rescuers Make Gruesome Discovery (Mar 29, 2001)
Winston-Salem, NC

Diamond, 7-month-old Weimaraner
Deceased; stabbed by an intruder.
Intruder stabs puppy to death
(June 8, 2000)
Bridgewood Drive
Middletown, OH
Accused: Unknown
Kitten Deceased; snapped the neck of his girlfriend’s kitten and beat the woman after an argument over beer.
Man accused of beating girlfriend, killing kitten
(July 03, 2001)
Quad-City Times
Davenport, IA
Accused: William Haneghan Jr., 47
Felix, 2-year-old male cat and
, a female cat
Recovering; Felix was blinded after being shot in the eyes and Cassie was shot in one of her shoulders with a pellet gun.

Trial date set in RI cat abuse case
(Nov 1, 2000)
Felony charge filed in cat shooting (Oct 14, 2000)
Neighbor arrested for injury to a cat (Oct 13, 2000)
Quad-City Times
Rock Island, IA
Accused: Edward C. Kraklio Jr., 35

Cat Unknown; someone had poured gasoline on a cat and set it on fire. Police look for youths who set cat on fire (Sept 9, 2000)
Quad-City Times
Rock Island, IA
Accused: Two teenagers
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