On September 12th, Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies found two dead, burned cats tied to the railroad tracks near Saratoga Avenue and Dagmar Drive.

On September 17th, deputies and the Santa Clara County Fire Department responded to another fire on the railroad tracks, where they found two more burnt felines.

One of the cats, later identified by his owners as Chubz, having survived the fire (suffering serious burns) was taken by Silicon Valley Animal Control to a veterinary hospital for treatment (see photos below - taken at the veterinarian's office).

Information provided by witnesses and nearby residents led deputies to two 17-year-old suspects at a Campbell residence. Deputies arrested the boys, who admitted to being involved in the September 17th incident, and charged them with arson and felony animal abuse. Both boys were booked into Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall.

With permission from the boys' parents deputies searched a vehicle matching the description of one seen at the fire and found a live, unharmed cat locked into a center console in the car. The cat was turned over to Silicon Valley Animal Control for custody and care and later returned to its owner.

The sheriff's department is "reasonably sure" the same suspects were involved in both incidents, said Captain Dennis Bacon of the Westside Substation, but deputies can only link them to the September 17th incident.

Based on articles in The Campbell Reporter and Saratoga News - September 26th.

Deputies catch boys abusing cats - (Sept 26, 2001) - The Campbell Reporter
Boys arrested after burned cats are found (Sept 26, 2001) - Saratoga News
Fund created in response to animal cruelty cases (Oct 17, 2001) - Saratoga News
Two teens face felony animal cruelty charges (Sept 22, 2001) - Archived Article ID: 0109260078 - San Jose Mercury News


Anyone with knowledge of the case should contact detective Don Ray at 408-299-2211, or the West Valley Patrol Division at 408-867-9715.

Polite letters encouraging (due to the severity of the crimes) that the maximum sentence along with psychological evaluations and counseling be sought in the event of a guilty verdict:

Carolyn Powell, Assistant District Attorney
Santa Clara County DA's Office
70 West Hedding St
West Wing, 7th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110

Facsimile: 408-275-1704

Ref: Case #91269943S

Here's a Sample Letter you can use.

The board of directors for the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (working with the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley) established an animal care fund, following the arrest of two (2) Campbell boys for setting three cats on fire. The fund will be used for the veterinary care of animals subjected to cruelty.

To contribute to the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority/Chubz Animal Care Fund send tax deductible contributions to:

1405 Civic Center Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95050


Mr. Carolyn Powell
Assistant District Attorney
Santa Clara County DA's Office
70 West Hedding Street
West Wing - Seventh Floor
San Jose, CA 95110

Via facsimile: 408-275-1704

Re: Case Number: 91269943S

Dear Ms. Powell:

Recently I learned of the above-referenced case which is fast gaining national and international awareness. The purpose of my letter is to xpress my concern over the psychology of these boys, and to encourage that counseling along with the maximum sentence be sought in the event of a guilty verdict.

Individuals who show such callousness towards defenseless animals can grow more apathetic regarding the value of life and eventually the value of human life-treating, or should I say mistreating, humans in a similar manner. Psychiatrists and psychologiests have identified a link between violence towards animals, especially in youth, and violence against humans. Serial killers often share a history of animal abuse.

I respectfully urge you to pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law, seeking the maximum sentence, and making a strong case for psychological evaluation and mandatory counseling for these 17-year-olds.

This was not merely a youthful prank and should not be dismissed as one. These boys ended those animals' lives in a most painful and callous manner and deeply grieved the pet's owners in the process. We need to send a clear message that this type of behavior is unacceptable in our society.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter and consider my suggestions.


Your Name
City, ST


Please save and display this graphic on your website to spread the news of Chubz and bring attention to this horrendous case of animal cruelty. Link back to this page, which details the case history and provides updates as they become available, and please speak out for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Please email me to let me know you have added this graphic to your website. Thank you.

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WARNING: The following images are graphic in nature.
Thumbnails of the post-mordem photos were used to minimize detail. These images were taken by a friend (C. Stanton) who happened to be at the veterinarian's office having his dog treated when the couple belonging to Chubz arrived -- grieving for their companion animal. When he saw the Polaroids of Chubz by the vet, he volunteered to run home for his own Nikon Nikkormat, several lenses and some fine grain film to take post mortem photos that would serve as evidence HOPEFULLY in a criminal and possibly civil trial.

Click on the thumbnail to view large, detailed image.

Photos provided courtesy of C. Stanton (c) 2001