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I started this section in May 2001 after reading yet another article about an animal cruelty case which called it a "rare occurrence." Sadly, it is not and people need to know that. For that reason, I offer this section as a tribute to all those poor creatures who have suffered at the hands of homosapians. It has grown so much, that I have divided it into sections to make the information easier to follow and load.

You can click on the Article/Source link to read the actual news report (see note at end of this document) from a reputable media source. I am working on a system, so that I can archive PDFs of the news stories since many news websites do not provide long-term archiving of stories.

Photos are likewise provided to "make it real" for people who might wish to dismiss or ignore the epidemic of abuse that exists. Be warned -- many images are graphic, upsetting and may not be appropriate for young or sensitive visitors. In addition to exposing animal abuse, this section also touches on the connection between violence against animals and violence against humans.

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Animals abused by teens
06.10.02 - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Buster AND his caregiver, Jacki Clever,
were severely beaten by
Jacki's boyfriend, Barry Colbert.

Animal Cruelty by Teens Under Study
06.09..02 - Yahoo! News/AP
Animal cruelty tied to violence against people
05.13.02 - Ashbury Park Press
Link between cruelty to pets, humans explored
Baltimore, MD - 04.22.02 - Sunspot
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06.27.01 - Ananova
Animal cruelty linked to domestic abuse
08.21.00 - USA Today
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Animal Defense League Fund
What To Do If You Spot Animal Abuse
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Animal Abuse & Human Abuse: Partners in Crime
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Beyond Violence: The Link Between Violence against Animals and Humans
Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Animal Planet's : Animal Precinct

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Legacy of Suffering : Violent Abuse
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Melody, 4-1/2 mo old, black lab mix;
Amaya, 1-1/2 yr old, black & tan heeler mix; and Amaya's 6 puppies

Photo Courtesy of AP

Photos Courtesy of Tulsa SPCA

Rescuer: Tonya Curry, 27, who found the dogs and took the survivors to the SPCA.

Various; 6 puppies were killed, apparently by fireworks. A Labrador mix, suffered burns on her muzzle and hindquarters from apparently being shot at with fireworks. The Tulsa SPCA is caring for the injured dog and for the puppies' mother, who was not harmed. The mother was found laying with her puppies in an abandoned house by a neighbor. By the time animal control returned for the pups bodies, they had been removed. Reports indicate that the puppies had fireworks in their mouths and their mouths were partially blown off. Neighbors had called police the night before the dogs were discovered to report 3 teenage boys walking through the neighborhood with lighter fluid and randomly shooting fireworks rockets.
[07.02.04] An admission by the teens to setting fire to the lab mix, but denial that fireworks were involved, has investigators believing that these may be separate crimes.

Two teens arrested in cruelty case (07.03.04)
Tulsa World

6 Puppies Apparently Killed by Fireworks (06.29.04)
ABC News

Tulsa, OK
Accused: 14 and 16 year-old boys are in custody

Additional news sources:

NY Newsday
AZ Central
Borneo Bulletin


Gizmo, Yorkshire Terrier
Photo By Alan Poizner and courtesy of The Tennessean Caregiver: Jessica McKenzie, left, with boyfriend Jelani Lewis
Photo By Alan Poizner and
courtesy of The Tennessean
Caregivers: Jessica McKenzie/Jelani Lewis

Deceased; three men alleged threw and kicked the small dog around "like a place kicker." The dog died instantly when he hit the pavement. The dog's caregiver who witnessed the attack said the men laughed when her dog hit the ground and rolled under a car.

Dog Attacked Hearing (06.21.04)

Gizmo owners seek $200,000 in suit over dog's death (05.06.04)
The Tennessean

Outpouring Of Support For Gizmo's Owner (04.08.04)

Dog's death outrages pet lovers (04.08.04)
2-Pound Dog used for Deadly Place Kick (04.07.04)
The Tennessean

Man Charged With Fatally Kicking Dog (04.07.04)
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Seattle Post Intelligencer
The Miami Herald
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Chicago Sun Times
KFMB-TV | Newsday
Nashboro Village, TN
Accused: Chad D Crawford, 23
Charges: Cruelty to animals and felony vandalism

PDF Available > E-mail Request to Webmaster

Squirrel, male

Euthanized; squirrel was found in a cage in the attic of a home with its nostrils apparently spray-painted shut and its body and mouth saturated with an oil-based solvent similar to what is used to remove tar. The animal, which was alive when a state wildlife officer arrived, was taken to a veterinarian and euthanized. Accused indicated that the squirrel "must have gotten loose and knocked something over and gotten into it."

Authorities forced to euthanize squirrel found trapped in attic (04.08.04)
Dayton Daily News
Kettering, OH
Accused: John Napier, 42
Charges: Cited for attempting to kill a squirrel out of season; cruelty to animals charges may be forthcoming


Hope, 10-month old, 19-lb white shepherd mix

Sharon Black, "owner" and co-defendant

Deceased; dog's front legs were broken, and he was abandoned in a dumpster.

Police still looking for accused abuser of abandoned dog (04.08.04)
Two face charges in death of 'Hope' (04.07.04)
The Record Herald
Two charged in dumpster dog's death (04.07.04)
Hagerstown Morning Herald

Waynesboro, PA
Accused: Dallas Davis, 36 and co-defendant, Sharon Black, 43
Charges: If known
Result: Outcome if known

Kitten, six weeks old Rescued; 6-wk-old malnourish kitten was thrown from a moving car. She was rescued by a woman walking her dog.
Kitten thrown from car finds a foster mother (07.25.03)
The Kingston-Whig Standard
Kingston, Ontario, CAN
Accused: Unknown
Shelter Website
Tippy, tabby cat

Photo Courtesy of the S. FL Sun-Sentinel; Tippy is recovering and looking for a good home.
Recovering; the kitten was picked up, swung by his tail, then slammed into the ground. Deputies investigating reports of children hurting an animal found the battered kitten in the grass bleeding from his mouth and nose and having trouble breathing. Tippy, suffered severe head trauma, a fractured skull, and a fractured palate. An local 8-yr-old boy admitted to police that he hurt the kitten because he was "bored."
8-year-old Lauderdale Lakes boy charged with torturing kitten
Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Accused: 8-yr-old boy
Charges: Animal cruelty, a third-degree felony
Dog, a German Shepherd Recovering; the dog kicked, pinched, choked and dragged. Police said the dog was suffering from heat exhaustion -- temperatures hit the high 90's that day. The dog was treated for injuries and made a full recovery.
Woman arrested in Schodack for animal cruelty (07.09.03)
Capital News 9
Schodack, CA
Accused: Windy Jouron, 25
About the Rescuer: The 13-yr-old boy revived the cat by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after seeing the older boys hanging the animal.
Recovered; the animal was hung by its neck from a rope on a tree branch. The boys alleged took turns holding the rope.

Alleged cat torturer, 16, caused train derailment (07.12.03)
The Edmonton Sun

Boy, 13, rescues cat from hanging: Teens face animal cruelty charges (07.11.03)
The Halifax Herald Limited
Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, CAN
Accused: 2 boys, aged 16 & 14
Charges: Cruelty to an animal

Homeboy, a 12-year-old family cat

Cat's Caregivers: Aurea Maldonado, 48, and Cari Taich, 16
Deceased; the cat was kicked in the stomach and head then alleged thrown to an alligator. The cat's owner was brought to the scene by the accused where she witness her deceased feline in the mouth of an alligator.
Teen charged with feeding cat to gator (05.18.03)
The Nando Times
Cape Coral, FL
Accused: 14-year-old male
Charges: theft and 3rd-degree cruelty to animals felony*
*May be charged as an adult.
Dog, family pet Deceased; dog was shot dead. An 11-year-old girl was playing with the dog at the time.
More charges filed in alleged dog shooting (04.30.03)
Spokesman Review
(Registration Required)
Spokane, WA
Accused: Eric B. Griffith, 21
Charges: 2nd-degree assault with a deadly weapon,
1st-degree animal cruelty,
and 2nd-degree unlawful possession of a firearm
Priors: Convicted of a felony; on probation
Endangered Condor
Deceased; found dead February 13 on a Kern
County ranch.
California man charged with shooting endangered condor
Nando Times
Tehachapi, CA
Accused: Britton C. Lewis, 29
Charges: Fatally shooting an
endangered condor
Woman and family cat
Cat deceased/woman recovered; a woman and a cat were beaten with a hammer. Defendent has plead guilty to all three charges.
Man Pleads Guilty In Hammer Attack (04.29.03)
Tulsa, OK
Accused: Matthew R. Riley, 19
Charges: 1st-degree burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and cruelty to an animal.
At least 10 dolphins (witnessed)
Deceased; fisherman allegedly poaching dolphins for a salty delicacy known as muchame. At least an estimated 1,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed each year off Peru. Poachers in Peru Still Killing Dolphins (04.28.03)
Associated Press
Pulpos, Peru
Accused: Fisherman
Dog, 3-month old puppy Deceased; puppy beaten to death in a room of the Coast Santa Cruz Hotel.
Canadian pleads innocent in death of puppy in Santa Cruz
San Jose Mercury News
Santa Cruz, CA
Accused: Brock Evans
6 Elephants Deceased; six adult elephants and one calf were killed in a "gruesome massacre"' in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Uganda Says Poachers Massacre Elephants
Accused: Unknown Poachers
Dogs, 4 pit bulls

Photo Courtesy of WAVE-TV
Will be euthanized; Two of the dogs suffered severe cuts to the face and neck. Two others taken away and had older injuries. The dogs will be held during the trial, then put to sleep.
Men arrested for staging dogfights (04.03.03)
Louisville, KY
Accused: Phillip Cox III, 22; plus 3 other men
Charges: Felony animal cruelty

Deceased; a ring that slaughtered federally protected big cats to turn them into stuffed trophies and rugs for collectors and sold the meat to an exotic food store for $3 a pound.

Tinley Park man guilty of killing endangered tigers (04.05.03)
Chicago Tribune

Daily Southtown

Tinley Park, IL
Accused: William Kapp, 37

Ice, 9-wk-old, gray-and-white kitten

Deceased; the kitten was kicked, doused with alcohol (liquor), and lit it on fire. The kitten was burned so severely, the rescuers and vet were unable to tell if the kitten was male or female. The most serious burns were to its ears, eyes and genitalia. After surviving about 3 weeks, Ice died 15 minutes after a surgery.

Kitten killer gets 90 days in jail
South Bend Tribune
St. Joseph, IN
Convicted: Freddie Nelson
Charges: felony charge of killing or torturing animals
Sentence: 90 days in jail, 3 yrs probation and fines, costs and restitution of $1,930
Priors: A history of misdemeanor or felony convictions; this animal abuse charge was Nelson's 22nd in Berrien County

St. Bernard, a dog Deceased; dog was run down by a pick-up truck and run-over 3 times. Accused alleges the dog killed his Chihuahua and bit his sister.
Attorney: Quash Marin charges (03.26.03)
The Daily Times
Aztec, NM
Accused: Mario Marin, former Deputy Sheriff
Charges: Extreme cruelty

Family dog

Anyone with information on this crime, please contact the Bourbon Department of Public Safety at 732-4838

Deceased; residents of the home discovered their pet dog on the front porch with a decapitated head.
Severe Case Of Animal Cruelty
Sullivan Independent News
Bourbon, MO
Accused: No suspects yet
17 pit bull dogs
Seized; dogs breed and used for fighting.
Dogfight suspects on trial together (03.25.03)
Star News Online
Wilmington, NC
Accused: Antonio A. Bradley, 21, and David D. Ellerby, 26
Charges: Felony dogfighting and misdemeanor animal cruelty
Bull Terriers
Euthanized; Two bloodied dogs were confiscated. One of the dogs, a white American Bull Terrier mix less than two years old, was badly cut on its head and face, according to police. The other dog, a brindle pit bull about a year old, was injured on its right front leg. Two arrested in alleged dog fighting case (03.25.03)
The Elk Valley Times
Fayetteville, TN
Accused: Arthur Davis Hicks, Jr., Dominic Michael Brown, both 18
Charges: Aggravated cruelty
Labrador Retriever mix puppy
Deceased; 12-week-old puppy's throat had been slit on Feb. 18. When animal control officers arrived at the scene, the animal was dead.
Preston man accused of cruelty to animals (03.24.03)
The Star Democrat
Preston, MD
Accused: Michael G. Jianniney, 25
Charges: aggravated cruelty
Two sheep Various; 2 sheep were brutally beaten (most likely with hammers) and stabbed with a pitchfork in a high school's agri-culture classroom. One sheep died; the other was severely injured.

Two men arrested in severe beating of sheep; one animal dies
(03.24.03) OC Register

(03.24.03) CNN

(03.24.03) WXXA-TV
(03.24.03) WTEV-TV
Sacramento, CA
Accused: Daniel Lee Krause, 22, and Chad Lee Console, 23
Charges: burglary, possession of burglary tools and were expected to be charged with animal cruelty

100 dogs, 12 cats, a sheep and numerous wild animals and birds Deceased; poisoned by ieces of sausagemeat laced with Carbofuran, a powerful agricultural insecticide. More than 200 animals are believed to have been poisoned, at least half of them fatally. Residents claim that there have been 10 "waves" of the poisonings in the past 5 years.
Poisoner kills 100 dogs near Jacques Chirac's country chateau
Daily Telegraph (UK)
Correze, FR
Accused: "Monsieur B"
Pet Ferret
Deceased; a ferret that was smuggled aboard an airplane was alleged killed and disposed of by his "owner" in an airport washroom (broken neck then flushed down a toilet).

Air traveler accused in ferret death (02.16.03)

Killer of ferret accused of abuse
Democrat & Chronicle
Clayton, MO
Accused: Stefan Albrecht, 36 (NY)

7 adult pit bulls, 1 adult Rottweiler,
7 pit bull puppies and 1 dead pit bull
Various; it is unknown whether the dogs were used for fighting, but the officer is under investigation for abuse and neglect. Officer Charged in Dog Abuse Case (02.16.03)
Chicago, IL
Accused: Tracey Haywood
4 dogs and 3 rabbits Deceased; three dogs and three rabbits were found shot and stabbed. A neighbor's dog was also shot and killed. He told a cellmate he shot two dogs and a rabbit with a 22-caliber shotgun; he indicated he had sex with the animals and killed them "so they wouldn't tell on him." The accused has had 3 competency hearings in past cases.

Marquardt denies killing animals at Fairchild cabin (01.30.03)
Leader-Telegram Online

Witnesses: Dog buyer was strange (01.29.03)
Leader-Telegram Online

Murder evidence not allowed (01.11.03)
Leader-Telegram Online
Hudson, WI
Accused: Bill Marquardt, 27
Charges: 7 felony counts of mistreating an animal, 2 counts of being a felon with a firearm, one count of burglary and 1st-degree intentional homicide in connection with his mother’s death.

Princess, a family cat

Photo Courtesy of WEWS-TV
Guardian: Valerie Gamble
Recovering; in the head with an 8-inch-long kitchen knife. There is a possibility she could lose sight in one eye. Stabbed Cat Escapes Death By A Whisker (02.05.03)
WEWS-TV / Yahoo! News
Akron, OH
Accused: Jeff Peasley, 22
Charges: aggravated menacing and cruelty to animals

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Daisy, a cream-colored stray dog befriended by a neighborhood

Photo courtesy of HS of North TX
Critical; the dog was doused with gasoline and set on fire. Most severe (2nd and 3rd degree) burns were on the dog's belly, legs and eyelids. Vets put the dog's chance of survival at 50% if blood infection or kidney failure do not occur. So far Daisy is making a remarkable recovery.

Dog set on fire is still critical but improving (07.09..02)
Dog set on fire is in critical condition (06.29.02)
Yahoo! News / Star-Telegram
Fort Worth, TX
Accused: Unknown


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Babydoll aka Lucky Paws,
a female gray-and-white cat
Photo Courtesy of All Pets Vet Hospital
Photo (2nd) Courtesy of the WPBF-TV
Rescued; a paralegal feeding the stray in a parking lot captured her only to learn someone had sliced off the cat front paws. Babydoll is being treated; hopes are high for recovery.

Donations Continue To Pour In For Cat: $15,000 Raised So Far For Lucky Paws (02.13.02)

Cat Found Near Death With Legs Cut Off (02.06.02)
Yahoo! News / WEWS-Newsnet5

Limping cat had paws sliced off (02.07.02)
West Palm Beach, FL
Accused: Unknown


link added 11.01.01
Chubz, plus 2 other (unnamed) cats

Photo Courtesy of C. Stanton
Deceased; two cats were killed and a third seriously injured when a pair of teens tied them to railroad tracks and set them on fire. The 3rd cat, Chubz, was later euthanized due
to the severity of his injuries.

Deputies catch boys abusing cats
The Campbell Reporter

Boys arrested after burned cats are found (09.26.01)
Fund created in response to animal cruelty cases (10.17.01)
Saratoga News

Two teens face felony animal cruelty charges (09.22.01)
Archived Article ID: 0109260078
San Jose Mercury News
San Jose/Santa Clara Co, CA


Kensington, cat

Photo Courtesy of KSAT-TV
Deceased; skinned alive on videotape supposedly in the name of "art". The decapitated body of the cat was found over a hanger in the suspects' refrigerator.

View complete list of Articles
includes story link for third accomplice apprehension.

Action Alert: Help Find this Man
PETA-Online (07.2001)
Toronto, Ontario, CAN
Convicted: Anthony Wennekers, 25, and Jesse Powers, 22


Dusty, dog

Photo of Dustyat a mobile adoption event
courtesy of Chow-Chows to the Rescue

Other websites: Justice for Dusty

Deceased; alleged beaten to death with a sledge-hammer and a child's baseball bat -- dog's "owner" is the accused.

Trial of man who killed his dog will be held in Kansas City
Man accused of killing dog seeks to move trial (01.02.02)
If Dusty's death can stir such passion, why can't a child's?
Beaten dog stirs more outrage than woman's slaying (07.22.01)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Activists campaign on behalf of beaten dog (08.01.01)
Man who beat dog to death could face charges (06.12.01)
Jefferson City News Tribune

5,000 line up against defendant accused of beating dog to death (08.02.01)
The Sun Herald
St. Louis, MO

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Types of Abuse:
NOTES: In accordance with U.S. Law (and relevant specifically to U.S. citizens herein mentioned), all crimes are "alleged" until the matter is decided by an officer of the court. Therefore, unless otherwise indicated (such as following a conviction), the accused in these cases are innocent until proven guilty.

I am posting only stories which are confirmed, preferrably by a news source and/or online news sources. Or, rescue websites which include details and photos of the animals harmed. I emphasize this point only to eliminate question that stories appearing here are anecdotal in nature.

This is a not-for-profit website; any photo images or graphics used are for the express purpose of sharing an important message about animal rights. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners (including those created by this website's author); no infringement is INTENDED. At the written request of the copyright holders, images will be promptly removed.

These particular photos appear here to act as visual confirmation of the articles. As the expression goes, "seeing is believing" and some of these acts are so heinous, I doubt anyone would believe a human could perpetrate them if there wasn't proof.

Also, while I will try to check periodically to be sure the article links are still active and available, I may not be able to trace the article once a news source has moved it. If you find a broken link, please politely let me know by emailing me. Thank you!