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This section deals with animal hoarding/collecting. and puppy (and kitten) mills because I feel there is a fine line between them. I believe some mills may grow out of the person's collecting or hoarding of animals. Obviously, both share the same end result...large numbers of animals suffering needlessly because of poor care.

What is Animal Hoarding/Collecting?

"Hoarding" or "Collecting" is a psychological disorder. It occurs when animal lovers or rescuers take on more animals than they can manage or are for; thus, they unintentionally become passive abusers themselves. Hoarding can becomes both a cruelty issue and a public safety (health) issue.

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What is a Puppy/Kitten Mills?

These are breeder farms where animals (dogs and cats, sometimes barely out of puppy or kittenhood themselves) crank out litter after litter of babies for sale. The parents aren't properly cared for and often the offspring are ill or suffer from genetic disorders from the indiscriminate breeding practices. In addition to the suffering at the mills themselves, these animals add to the animal population, and so shelter animals who might otherwise find new homes are displaced by mill-bred babies.

More information...
Puppy Mill Case - Stephens County Humane Society (12.27.02)
Photos document conditions at a typical puppy mills
Stephens County Humane Society
raids puppy mill in December 2001

Photo by Award-Winning Journalist
Toni Hopper/The Duncan Banner
Copyright ©2001
- Used with permission PETA
Puppy Mills: Breeding Ills Factsheet/PETA
Puppies for sale - Dateline/MSNBC
Pet Mills: An American Disgrace Wag 'n Tails
Puppy Mills Teresa's Den
Pet Shops & Puppy Mills CAPS
Animal Planet's : Animal Precinct
Types of Abuse:
Old Cases:
41 animals, cats and dogs

Photo Courtesy of

Various; 35 rescued, 6 found dead -- 35 animals who were rescued from deplorable conditions. Feces and garbage were piled as much as one-foot high in spots. Authorities also say the stove was covered in cat feces. Workers needed respir-ators to enter the home.

All the rescued puppies are spoken for but the Town of Babylon Animal Shelter has many more animals that need good homes.

Rescued Lindenhurst animals find homes (07.24.03)
Seized animals recovering in Babylon (07.11.03)
Suffolk SPCA raid Lindenhurst home (07.10.03)
Babylon, NY
Accused: Iris Lo Bianco
Charges: 43 counts of animal cruelty
Penalty: faces a maximum of 43 years in prison

296 animals, including nearly 200 Chihuahuas and 60 birds

Seized; nearly 200 chihuahuas were seized, along with 60 birds, from a breeder about 8 months ago from a breeder. While some may be rehabilitated for adoption, "146 are completely unsocialized" and possibly dangerous according to animal control, but an animal behaviorist is being called upon to supplement that opinion before a final decision is rendered. Many of the animals are deeply inbred. Chihuahuas Given Temporary Stay (07.11.03)
Lancaster, CA
Accused: Emma Harter
Charge: felony animal cruelty
More than 70 animals Seized; cats, dogs, rats and a guinea pig were removed from a home infested with feces and urine, which has been condemned by the city.
Animal Cruelty Case
Richmond, VA
Accused: Margaret and Louise Cann (mother and daughter)

45 Poodles

Photo Courtesy of WBBH-TV
: Susan Danley/Barbara Wallace

Rescued; a total of 45 poodles were found living in deplorable conditions in Desoto County. The dogs were never washed, fed properly or loved. The dogs’ hair was matted, filled with dirt, fecal matter and urine. They were infested with fleas. Most have rotted teeth also.

Rescued poodles receive much-needed TLC (05.01.03)
Lee County, FL
Accused: Susan Danley and Barbara Wallace
Charges: 2 counts cruelty (each)
Dozens of cats and kittens

Deceased; a home in Memphis became a death trap for dozens of cats after their owner died several weeks ago. The former owner of the home had been living pretty poorly for a while judging by some of the dead carcasses, according to witnesses. House is being treated as a biohazard.
More Cats Pulled From An East Memphis House (05.01.03)
Memphis, TN
Accused: Memphis Animal Shelter (for failure to remove all the animals as soon as possible)
More than 60 cats
Deceased; City officials raided an apt and found more than 60 dead cats, hundreds of syringes and medicine bottles. Most of the cats were stored in freezers, but some were wrapped in plastic and left in bedrooms. Also found were 5 live, malnourished cats and a malnourished Great Dane dog. The apt was littered with animal body parts, waste, and maggot-infested food. Dead Cat Owner Suing Mayor, City (05.01.03)
Cat owner says there were only 3 (04.30.03)
Dozens of dead cats found in Beacon Hill Apartment (04.29.03)
Associated Press
Boston, MA
Accused: Heidi Erickson, 42
38 dogs, 7 cats, 1 rooster, 5 horses
Owner: Aaron Leve
Rescued; All but four of the horses were confiscated; animals were kept in violation of a 1995 order that limits the accused to five animals. Two cat skeletons and the body of a puppy were also found.
Southeastside man cited for too many animals (04.30.03)
Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis, IN
Accused: Aaron Leve, 54
Charges: 99 civil citations issued failure to provide proof of rabies vaccination, no permanent ID tags and poor overall care and treatment
More than 4 dozen cats
Owner: Kathy Arnold
Rescued; more than 4 dozen cats were stuffed inside crates and locked in a storage facility for three days without food and water. The cats were discovered by the storage facility owner.
Woman charged with animal cruelty after cats found in storage (04.29.03)
The Daily Press
Staunton, VA
Accused: Kathy Arnold, 48
Charges: 55 counts of cruelty
39 cats
Seized; 39 sick and starving cats
Two cat collectors lose rights to own companion pets (04.05.03)
Durango Herald
Montezuma County, CO
Accused: Thelma and Don Marshall
50 rabbits (at least)
(c) The Repository / Scott Heckel
Photo Courtesy of The Repository

Various; at least 30 dead rabbits were found inside the home, and another 20 rabbits were taken out alive--many with their ears nibbled to near stubs by the other food- and water-deprived rabbits. Corners of the home were filled with more than a foot of rabbit droppings. The bathroom counter and tub were littered with dead rabbits and waste, according to the Health Dept, which declared the home an immediate health risk.

Thirty rabbits found dead in SW home (04.05.03)
The Repository
Canton, OH
Accused: Franklin W. Cole and Deborah Cole
180 Dogs and Her Son
Various; 180 dogs in squalid conditions that led to euthanization for 47 of the animals. Humes' mentally disabled son lived with her in an unkempt mobile home. Animal control officials said that they spent more than $52,000 for food, veterinary care and euthanization of the dogs.

Animal cruelty gets two jailed
Augusta Chronicle
Salley, GA
Convicted: Kathleen M. Humes and John "Chip" Livingston
Charges: Felony animal cruelty
Sentence: Humes--5 yrs prison + 5 yrs probation for animal cruelty and $4,800 in restitution; 7 yrs for unlawful conduct toward a child.
Livingston--2 yrs prison for animal cruelty charges and an identical fine; he faces 5 years probation.

25 cats and dogs

Rescued; police found sick cats and dogs at Teague's home. Two of the cats were rehabilitated and three dogs were also saved; 19 cats had to be destroyed due to highly contagious feline leukemia (6 were kittens). The animals lived in filth and had little food or water. Previously convicted of mistreating a dozen cats, including some found in her freezer. Almost 36 diseased cats in her care have been euthanized since 2001.

Woman gets jail time in animal cruelty case (03.26.03)
The State
Richland County, SC
Convicted: Marsha L. Teague, 51
Charges: 25 counts of ill treatment of animals
Sentence: 60 days in jail, 3 years probation (pleaded guilty; previous conviction for cruelty)

Hundreds of animals
Seized; 48 horses, 21 goats, 16 dogs, seven turtles, four cows, two emus, a burro and a cat. Animals apparently did not have proper food, water or shelter. Horses were thin and had misshapened hooves. Many of the animals were found in cages, crates and enclosures filled with feces and urine.
Walworth Co. woman faces 37 counts of animal mistreatment, other charges (02.19.03)
Spring Prairie, WI
Accused: Dorothy L. Sinette, 58
Nearly 50 animals Seized; almost 50 animals were taken from Stevens' home during a heat wave in August 2001. VT State Police Lt. Jocelyn Stohl testified there was no ventilation and little access to water in a shed that housed 10 dogs and 9 cats; in the converted closet where more than 20 small animals and birds lived in cages and crates. Lt. Stohl described a shed behind the house where 4 rabbits were found with mounds of feces, mold, and hair under their wire cages.

Animal owner acquitted of six cruelty charges (02.05.03)
Barre-Montpelier Times Argus
White River Junction, VT
Acquitted: Peggy Stevens
Charges: 6 counts/animal cruelty
Priors: Convicted of cruelty, 1996, after 97 animals were similarly seized from her.

29 dogs and 7 cats Various; cats were found with no food or water. Police found dogs eating garbage and chewing on empty cans. Some dogs were deformed, one was caught between boards covering a window, and some had matted fur in clumps the size of softballs. Two floors of the house were found to be covered in ankle-deep feces, a dead puppy was found in a cage, and 2 dead cats were also found in the house.

Woman pleads guilty to animal cruelty (10.26.02)
Bangor Daily News
New Sweden,
Accused: Edith Keddy, 52
Plea bargain: felony bargained down to 2 misdemeanor counts
Sentence: $500 fine, 60 days in jail, suspended, and 2 yrs of probation on each count during which she may not keep animals and must continue counseling
Restitution: $1,548


More than a hundred dogs
Possible puppy mill

Rescued; 164 caged dogs or others roaming the property were found in what authorities call deplorable conditions in violation of a 1998 ruling which prohibits the accused from "owning" any dogs for 5 years.
Puppy mill owner arrested once again (07.17.02)
Hickman County, TN
Accused: Patricia Adkisson
20 to 30 cats and dogs Rescued; "house of filth." Seventy-five year old woman overwhelmed by caring for the animals.
Up To 30 Animals Living In 'House Of Filth,' Police Say
WLPG-TV / Yahoo! News
Miami-Dade, FL
Accused: Woman, 75
10 dogs and 11 cats

Photo Courtesy of KMBC-TV
Seized; dogs and cats were pulled out of a condemned building where their "owner" was keeping them.
Animal Control Rescues Dogs, Cats From House
Yahoo! News/KMBC-TV
Kansas City, KS
Accused: "Owner"
90 cats
Photos Courtesy of KMBC-TV
Rescued; cats were in "poor condition" living in a filthy mobile home. Liberty Animal Control's Sharon Yaffe said that it is the worst she has seen in 11 years. The judge had given animal control one week to get the animals adopted or they would be euthanized. All the cats were adopted.

Liberty Shelter Finds Homes For Seized Cats (07.29.02)
Judge Rules Liberty Cats Can Be Adopted (07.22.02)
Dozens Of Cats Removed From Liberty Home (07.10.02)
Liberty, KS
Accused: Doloris Flores

37 Dogs

Photo Courtesy of WEWS-TV
Various; investigators in Ashtabula County believe a so-called rescue/shelter is filled with disease and starvation. A vet doing a visual inspection, without actually conducting tests, believes they had mange. Humane Society officers fear some of the dogs may need to be euthanized due to poor health.
Local Man Living With 37 Dogs
Cleveland/Ashtabula, OH
Accused: Gary Shaffer
Nearly 100 cats and kittens

Photo Courtesy of KMBC-TV
Rescued; almost 100 cats were removed from a mobile home. Animal control officers said that some of the animals were in poor condition. The cats were removed from the trailer and sent to several shelters.
Dozens Of Cats Removed From Liberty Home (07.10.02)
KMBC-TV / Yahoo! News
Liberty, MO
Accused: Doloris Flores
More than 30 animals

Photo Courtesy of The Carolina Channel
Rescued; home has been condemned because of "horrific" conditions that more than 30 animals were found in. Animal control officers said he dogs had no food, matted fur and were generally neglected. Greenville Couple Charged With Animal Cruelty (07.12.02)
Yahoo! News / WYFF-TV
Greenville, SC
Accused: Unnamed
19 dogs, including 10 puppies
In 1997, the county seized 37 animals, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens, from the property. In January 2001 they removed 18 dogs, who were euthanized because they were too ill or bad-tempered to save. Richards' son, Joseph Richards, was held responsible for conditions at the property in 2001 and received 18 months' probation for animal cruelty and neglect.
Rescued; dogs seized when county inspectors found that the house was strewn with junk, animal feces and urine, has an unusable kitchen and that the dogs lived in one upstairs room.

Dogs seized from home put to death (07.9.02)
2 of 19 canines might go home
The Baltimore Sun*
Glenwood, MD
Convicted: Katherine Richards, 78, Guilty of neglect

*Baltimore Sun requires free registration to read archived articles.

34 dead and sick cats

Various; Rokaw was taken to the hospital and for six days, her cats were trapped in the 2-story home without water or food. Filth and feces were everywhere by the time police were alerted by a neighbor looking for Rokaw. Police and animal control rescuers found seven kittens in the freezer, two dead cats in the hallway and 25 alive but hungry and dehydrated.

Charges nixed in cat case: Police say neglect wasn't deliberate
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Duluth, GA
Accused: Catherine L. Rokaw, 54
No charges were filed.


37 cats and 3 dogs

Photo Courtesy of KMBC-TV

Rescued; animals were found abandoned in an apartment living in their own fecal matter.

Wendy Kendall, Rescuer

Website Contact:
Wayside Waifs
(816) 761-8151

Workers Rescue Abandoned Cats, Dogs From Apartment
Yahoo! News / KMBC-TV
Kansas City, MO
Accused: Not released
21 dogs

Various; neglected or dead dogs were found at a filthy home. According to an animal control officer, it was impossible to walk around the house without stepping in dog feces. Of the 21 dogs found, 3 were dead and the rest are in such poor condition they will likely be euthanized.
2 Arrested After Dogs Found Dead, Neglected
Yahoo! News / WYFF-TV
Spartanburg, SC
Accused: Angela Mitchell
and Terry Pack
23 dogs, all small breeds or mixes including Chihuahuas, pugs, terriers, poodles and spaniels
Rescued; deputies seized 23 dogs from 14 travel crates left in a driveway without food or water. The dogs appeared malnourished and were lying in feces. One dog was dead; two more died, one on route and one after arriving at an emergency vet. Others were suffering from ailments including severe eye and urinary-tract infections. Woman accused of neglecting dogs jailed (06.28.02)
The Oregonian
Molalla, OR
Accused: Linda K. Sargent, 51
130 Animals, animals ranging from a 12-foot python to an exotic breed of duck, more than 50 rats were seized -- which she said were kept as food for the pet snakes as well as birds, hamsters, guppies, ferrets and a litter of puppies

Seized; while the animals show no size of abuse, per se, the condition of the home was deplorable and unsanitary; it was declared uninhabitable. The accused also violated city limits for keeping more than three cats or dogs per household.
126 animals receive shelter: 50 rats, exotic pets taken from Hazel Park home
Detroit Free Press
Hazel Park, MI
Accused: Barbara Kuhaupt
and John Kuhaupt
75 collies, ranging from several weeks to several years old Rescued; collies were taken from overcrowded, unsanitary and feces-filled kennels--some had burns on their paws from standing in urine. About 37 of them were in feces- and urine-filled kennels in the basement without adequate water or ventilation, 10 were in outside kennels where feces and straw had created an adobe-like mixture a foot thick and 28 dogs were in the upstairs portion of the home.

Pair convicted of animal cruelty (06.19.02)
Prosecutor should act aggressively (06.7.02)
E-mails seeking trial for cruelty (05.27.02)
Couple plead innocent in collie abuse (05.22.02)
Officials rescue 75 dogs
Camino Island County, FL
Accused: 58-year-old "owner" previously in trouble over kennel operations

More than 40 animals, 3 raccoons, a baby groundhog, a bear cub, a gosling, and two dozen dogs and puppies Various; officers seized the animals for unsanitary conditions in the home and failure to provide veterinary care.
Woman Who Housed Bear, Other Animals Charged
Evans City, PA
Accused: Brenda Smith
20 to 40 cats Seized; the drapes are stained with urine from between 20 and 40 cats would that go in and out of the house.
Woman Arrested For Too Many Cats (06.13.02)
Yahoo! News /
The Kansas Channel
Kansas City, KS
Accused: Sherri Thompson
More than 40 animals including dogs, cats and a 12-foot python

Rescued; dozens of abandoned animals were found in a mobile home. Many were malnour-ished and some were dead or dying. One officer said that the conditions were the filthiest he'd ever seen, with animal waste and carcasses on the floor.
Dogs, Cats, Snake Found Abandoned At Home
Yahoo! News
Starr, SC
Accused: Unknown
296 animals

Rescued; Animal Cruelty Investigators seized 296 animals, including 133 chickens, 47 goats, 50 rabbits, as well as ducks and other birds and some dogs and cats. The chickens were all living inside one room. Some animals had no food or water. Many were living amidst piles of feces more than one foot deep.

More than 200 neglected animals seized from Wayne County home (11.28.01)
296 animals seized from Wayne County home
Williamson, NY
Accused: Margaret Roller, 78
and Mary Roller, 53


160 Dogs, Yorkshire terriers,
English toy spaniels and
Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Photo Courtesy of Sign On San Diego/Union-Tribune file photo
Rescued; animal control seized 160 ailing dogs, some so weak and malnourished that they couldn't stand, from an illegal kennel. Officials say the dogs were being kept in filthy, squalid conditions, living in pens covered in feces and soaked with urine. At least 2 dogs had to be euthanized due to bad health, but most are doing well.

Breeder to plead guilty to animal neglect (05.05.03)
Sign On San Diego

Rescued North County Dogs Up For Adoption (07.10.02)
Yahoo! News

Owner To Request Confiscated Puppies Back (05.24.02)
Dozens Of Neglected Puppies Rescued From Breeder

Owner of Puppies Seized from Puppy Mill Wants Them Back (05.23.02)
Dogs Rescued from Valley Center Puppy Mill

160 dogs in 'filthy' conditions seized in Valley Center
San Diego Union-Tribune
Valley Center, CA
Accused: Michael Garritson, 51

81 dogs and 14 cats including Boomer, Girlie, Baby and Hank

Photo Courtesy of
The Honolulu Advertiser

88 Deceased; 95 animals were confiscated from what authorities call "squalid conditions" and "a dungeon of horrors." The dogs were kept inside rooms partitioned into pens while the cats were kept in kitchen cabinets converted into cages. Animal control reported the floors were covered in feces and urine. All but 7 of the animals siezed were euthanized because of poor health or lack of space at the Maui animal shelter. One cat and two dogs were adopted while the four remaining dogs have been accepted to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Four dogs in Maui cruelty case sent to Utah
Four dogs in Maui cruelty case sent to Utah
Maui couple faces prison for cruelty to animals
The Honolulu Advertiser

Maui Couple Charged With 85 Counts Of Animal Cruelty
Wailuku, Maui, HI
Accused: Tim Bermudez
and Jean Bermudez
Charges: 85 counts of misdemeanor cruelty

70 dogs
Various; fire that swept through a wooden building turned kennel and killed 48 Chihuahuas. Officials said that when they were able to get inside, they found another 22 dogs still alive in cages...the dogs were in narrow 12-inch high plastic cages stacked on top of one another. Most of the cages had a layer of feces, up to 8" thick in some cages, covered with paper.
Fire Kills 48 Dogs in Filthy Setting
The Ledger
Lakeland, FL
Accused: Colleen Freeman, 64
71 cats

Photo courtesy of WESH-TV
To be euthanized; the cats, many starving and lacking in even the most basic care, were found with contagious blisters in their mouths and tested positive for FIV. Four years ago, officials removed about 60 cats from the accused's home.

Dozens Of Cats Removed From Local Home (04.10.02)
Yahoo! News

Cat Collector Will Get Help From State (04.10.02)
Cats Rescued From Local Home Will Be Euthanized (04.11.02)

Orlando, FL
Accused: Onda Jane Colter, 78

105 Cats and 22 Dogs Rescued; house became unlivable according to the health dept. Accused has been charged with cruelty, running an unlicensed kennel and owning a pit bull (illegal in Miami-Dade County).

Police: Woman Has 105 Cats, 22 Dogs (04.15.02)
Miami-Dade County, FL
Accused: Phyllis Ingram

19 Dogs and 6 puppies Various; officials seized 19 adult dogs, three 10-day-old puppies and three dead puppies from what they called filthy and uninhabitable conditions. Deputies said they waded through a foot to a foot-and-a-half of dog feces. The three dead puppies had been stuffed in a plastic trash bag.

Rescued dogs were family, man says (04.16.02)
Rocky Mountain News
Arapahoe County, CO
Accused: Harry Edwin Wilson, 64

250 Rabbits Various; while many were rescued, many of them were also found injured and some dead.

250 Rabbits Seized in Cruelty Case (04.19.02)
Los Angeles Times
Mar Vista, CA
Accused: Unreleased


250+ Dogs (puppy mill)

Photo by Award-Winning Journalist
Toni Hopper/The Duncan Banner
Copyright © 2001
Used with permission

ee many of the adoptable dogs rescued from the puppy mill available at SCHS

Various; more than 250 dogs were found locked in cages, many containing up to a foot of soiled newspapers and feces. Three already were dead when investigators raided the property, 2 more died shortly thereafter and many had to be euthan-ized. Some of the dogs were pregnant; 10 puppies were born after the dogs were seized, but 6 puppies died. Only 170 reportedly remain alive.

Puppy case sentencing protested (06.11.02)
The Oklahoman/

Dogs seized from kennel get new homes (05.29.02)
The Oklahoman/

Vet describes cages that held 251 dogs (03.23.02)
The Oklahoman/
Duncan, OK
Plead Guilt: J.V. Holt, 77
Also accused: Jack Holt, 57
Sentence/Plea: $500 fine and 5 year SUSPENDED jail time

More than 50 dogs

Photo Courtesy of WPBF-TV
Rescued; dogs were found with empty water bowls, covered with bite marks, and with chopped ears, noses and feet behind a deserted house.

Humane Society Wants Dogs Saved (03.22.02)
WPBF-TV / Yahoo! News
Okeechobee, FL

"Scores of dogs"
Rescued; scores of dogs found in squalid conditions. Police Call Woman Dog Hoarder During Home Bust (03.22.02)
Polk County, AK
32 dogs, including Cassie

Photo Courtesy of Augusta Chronicle
31 Deceased; one survived; dogs found living in "horrible conditions." Cassie was the only one not euthanized because of disease or infection. Cassie was anti-social, underweight and dirty when she was brought in. Employees at the shelter said the white Maltese's condition has greatly improved since then. Surviving dog finds new home
Augusta Chronicle
Aiken, SC

17-yr-old mentally challenged boy
and 184 dogs (suspected puppy mill)

Photos Courtesy of Augusta Chronicle
Rescued/Various; youth and dogs were rescued from a feces-covered home. Animal feces covered walls, floors and other surfaces in the home, which was in disarray. Official identified a soiled bed as belonging to the teen. Probably one-quarter of the dogs will need to be euthanized.

Charges weighed for dog owner (03.23.02)
Dog buyers beware
Attention to seized dogs is excessive, woman says
Support pours in at shelter
Boy, 17, animals rescued
Rescue crowds Aiken's shelter
Augusta Chronicle
Salley, SC

386 Dogs Complaints by neighbors about the smell and barking. The "owner" began keeping dogs about 10 yrs ago and now raises them in 5 locations including his house and in the forest. Neighbors complain he's negligent in picking up their feces. Few, if any, are neutered.
Owner of 386 dogs ordered to clean up (02.26.02)
Mainichi Daily News
Tsuru, Yamanashi, JA
20 Dogs Various; 13 of the 20 dogs were thin or emaciated and living in squalor. Man receives probation in animal cruelty case (02.26.02)
The Baltimore Sun
Woodbine, MD
200 animals Various; officials found hundreds of dogs in and around her house. Several of the dogs and a dead horse were found on her 20-acre property. Woman pleads guilty to animal abuse charges (02.12.02)
Yahoo! News / CourtTV
West Plains, MO
79 cats Various; Some of the cats, are in sad shape, including many of the 22 males found locked in a shed on the property. Two died of smoke inhalation during a house fire. NH HS director said, "the aftermath of her good intentions has resulted in more than half" of the cats testing positive for feline leukemia, and the males found in the shed having ulcerated paws from coming into contact with their own waste. Some of the cats were so filthy, Humane Society staff/volunteers had to shave them to be able to clean them properly. All of the cats had fleas and ear mites and some also had ulcerated eyes.

Woman pleads innocent to animal cruelty charge
Woman facing animal cruelty charge after Meredith fire
The Citizen Online
Lanconia, NH


Over 100 animals
Miami authorities say they have seen more than a dozen of these types of cases in the last 6 weeks.

Rescued; 84 animals living inside. Hours earlier in Carol City, police rescued 53 dogs from a home. On Friday, more than 45 dogs were found inside a home off Northwest 37th Place in Miami-Dade.

14 ‘houses of filth’ busted in past six weeks (01.30.02)
Police find over 100 dogs in ‘houses of filth’ (01.29.02) / WTVJ-TV
Miami-Dade, FL

22 dogs and puppies Rescued; feces, fleas and rotting food filled the trailer.

Man living in 'trailer of filth' to undergo mental evaluation
North Miami Beach, FL
30 dogs Deceased; filthy conditions with feces everywhere. Dogs were euthanized due to ill health. Thirty dogs taken from filthy home and destroyed
Miami, FL
170 dogs and puppies Officers say they found overcrowded conditions and problems with waste removal. A vet noticed no diseases on the dogs he did notice swelling on some of the dog's feet.
Spring Lake woman ordered to find homes for more than 120 dogs (12.28.01)
Spring Lake, MI
40 dogs and cats Missing; "owner" has accused landlord of stealing them; the landlord says he discovered the animals and called police. Police say there was cat and dog feces all over the apt floor. Stolen Pets
Piqua, OH
100 Cats

Various (neglected); some
were ill and had to be euthanized while others were put up for adoption.

Couple admit to 5 counts of cruelty against animals: 100 cats were kept in 2 motel rooms
Newport, VA
67 Deceased Cats
(plus neglected survivors)

Photos Courtesy of WPLG-TV/
Deceased; 67 dead cats were found in the home of a former animal control police officer. Dozens of other cats were found Monday at the house; The cats who were still alive were bony and emaciated.

67 Cats Found Dead In Cooper City House; Former Animal Control Officer Arrested
(12.18.01) and
Yahoo! News

Dozens Of Cats, Kittens Found Dead In Freezer, Fridge
Cooper City, FL

63 dogs, 3 cats, and one turtle

Photos Courtesy of Click On Detroit
Various (neglected); "owner" allegedly failed to provide food and water, necessary veterinary care, and clean and sanitary conditions. Found dogs in walls and under floor boards.

Dozens Of Dogs Found Buried In Yard (04.15.02)
Also: ThePittsburgChannel

Cruelty Charges Filed After Swissvale Dog Rescue
More Dogs Rescued From Swissvale House (01.8.02) / WTAE-TV
Swissvale, PA

21 Animals, dogs, cats and turtles

Photos Courtesy of WTAE-TV

Rescued; County Humane Society seized 21 animals from the feces-infested dwelling. Authorities said they found rotten food, vermin, feces and fur piled inches-deep in the home. Homeowner was charged with cruelty and received 60 days in jail. This is her 5th offense in 15 years.

Woman Sentenced For Animal Cruelty (11.30.01)
Animals Seized From Beaver County House (03.24.01)
Beaver Falls, PA


+/- 45 Dogs

Photos Courtesy of MSNBC/KTUU-TV
Various; Forty-five dogs surround an abandoned lot. Some are on chains, while 15 others are crying and barking inside a bus. Up to four dogs are dead.

Neglected dogs healthier and stronger after SPCA rescues them (11.12.01)
SPCA employees care for nearly 50 neglected dogs (11.8.01)
Noise and stench of dogs cause neighbors to complain about woman (11.6.01)
Sterling, AK

28 dogs, 9 cats and one parrot

Various; severe, unsuitable conditions lead officials to seize 28 dogs, 9 cats and one parrot. One puppy was found dead upstairs and another found in the same room also died, despite attempts to revive. A judge also ordered 5 horses, 2 bulls and 4 cows be inspected by SPCA agents on the property.

Mom and son charged with animal abuse (11.10.01)
Root, NY

37 dogs Rescued; the dogs were covered in urine and fecal matter and did not have sufficient space. Officers reported that several cages, which dogs were confined to, were piled onto one another, and other loose dogs were on top of them. Police arrest woman after finding 37 dogs in van (12.10.01)
Haines City (Polk County), FL
100 animals - 12 dogs, 15 cats, 11 rats, 23 spiny mice, plus a host of more unusual and exotic creatures including tortoises, tarantulas, a young salamanda and a chinchilla

Rescued; animals found dirty and unsuitable conditions. The family's solicitor said: "They were devoted to their animals to the extent that they were blinded to what was obvious to an outsider, that there were just too many animals to look after."

Family 'kept 100 animals in dirty terraced house' (12.3.01)
Chatham, UK

More than 50 Guinea Pigs 4 Deceased; authorities found more than 50 guinea pigs and 4 decomposing guinea pigs in a 6" by 3" cage Woman charged with animal cruelty (10.17.01)
LA Times
Sunland, CA

55 animals

Photo Courtesy of WYFF-TV
Unknown; officers removed 34 animals from the home; they said that they can hear more inside, but can't find them because of the trash.

Man Faces 27 Animal Cruelty Charges (10.10.01)
Spartanburg, SC

120 rabbits, 18 guinea pigs, 10 chinchillas, 2 ferrets and 1 cat 79 Deceased; starved to death or died from other forms of neglect Mother, daughter admit cruelty to animals (09.30.01)
The Buffalo News
Niagara Falls, NY
16 dogs, 4 cats, a rabbit and 9 birds Seized; Police/Humane Society officials seized the animals. A detective on the scene reported a strong odor of dog excrement outside the home and a stench indoors so strong “it was hard to breathe.” Witnesses testified to flea infestations on many of the animals.

Jury rules animal neglect: Man found with 35 animals in his home promises to appeal verdict
Evansville Courier & Press
Evansville, KY

Hundreds of cats, 6 dogs Various; about a 100 deceased cats were found on the property and 116 were removed and are recovering. Neighbors said an older man and woman lived at the house in recent years but have not been around in the last month. Investigators said a neighbor called deputies when the smell got so bad.
Hundreds Of Dead Cats Found In Home (09.10.01)
Yahoo! News
Piedmont, NC
60 dogs Conditions unreported; the home where the dogs were rescued from needs "a lot of work ... a small bulldozer," said a worker. "The whole house is just dog--it's either chewed up, tipped over or pooped on."

Dozens of dogs rescued from home of hospitalized man
The Arizona Republic/AP
Bullhead City, AZ


3 dogs, 12 puppies and 2 cats

Rescued; animals found with little or no food or water; house strewn with litter and feces. They were fastened to chains as short as a foot, and the chain on the puppies' mother was so short she could not stand.

Authorities seize 17 pets in abuse case: Man had served jail term for cruelty before (10.26.01)
Houston Chronicle
Houston, TX

52 dogs and puppies, pitbulls Rescued; seized from a rural Tarrant County home after authorities received complaints that the animals were starving and sick. Two animals on the property were found dead. The Humane Society's executive director, said all the dogs had fleas, ticks and worms. Some had sarcoptic mange, and all but 2 were underweight.
52 sick dogs found at home
Star-Telegram / Yahoo! News
Rendon, TX
345 dogs and cats, on
2 separate properties

Rescued; inadequate care and neglect--tethering a dog with a leash less than three times the animal's length... Many were found in cages, including 2 decomposing dogs. The animals were left without food and water for 3 to 5 days. About half were so dehydrated they were euthanized on the spot. "...every animal was standing in feces and urine."

Woman who had hundreds of animals faces cruelty charges (08.29.01)
The Grand Rapids Press
Wayland Township, MI
150 dogs Animals that needed medical attention were taken to a veterinarian, lack of food and water, poor ventilation, lack of medical attention, abandonment and improper shelter for approximately 150 dogs Kennel owner charged with cruelty (08.28.01)
(Burlington County Times)
Burlington Township, PA
19 Irish setters and 14 cocker spaniels Rescued; squalid conditions/the dogs were living in crates; some dogs had to be brought out in stretchers because they were unable to walk. Some may be euthanized due to serious conditions. Rescued Deerfield dogs now in vets’ care (08.23.01)
MSNBC (Maine Affiliate)
Dover, NH (Deerfield)
160 Dogs and Cats Rescued/some euthanized; about half of 160 animals discovered in a house, garage and premises were euthanized on the spot or days later because of suffering and advanced deterioration requiring intensive care. Authorities described the conditions as inhumane. Seized pets up for adoption: About 45 dogs and 20 cats are available (08.23.01)
The Flint Journal
Shiawassee Twp, MI
55 Cats

Photo Courtesy of Associated Press
Rescued and being evaluated; abandoned in a bedroom found in piles. Workers say the cats are wild and many may be put to sleep. Veterinarians are checking each cat's health to see if they have diseases or problems. 55 Cats Found, May Not Be Adoptable; Cats Are Wild, Many Are Sick (08.17.01)
Des Moines, IA
127 Cats

Photo Courtesy of The San Diego Channel
30 euthanized due to severe illness; remainder recovering and being prepared for adoption 127 Cats Found In El Cajon Home
The San Diego Channel /
Yahoo! News
San Diego, CA
50 rabbits 50 Recovering, others deceased; 70 rabbits were ceased May 16 after the animals were found living in crowded, unsanitary, unhealthy conditions in a rented trailer; 13 more rabbits were seized June 6 when animal control checked on Chill's compliance with the terms of probation
Homes found for nearly 50 rabbits in animal cruelty case
Rabbits ready to be adopted
Rabbit `collector' violates probation (06.23.01)
MSNBC / The Daily Times
Maryville, TN

Birds, 14 dogs (including 5 beagles), dozens of cats, rabbits, a chinchilla, an iguana, reptiles, and even a scorpion (nearly 70 animals total)

Rescued; 5 were found dead. Indiana woman charged with animal neglect (07.26.01)
MSNBC / Indiana Affiliate
Highland, IN
242 Cats

Deceased; all 242 live cats which were removed by Mesabi Humane Society and Virginia Fire Dept were destroyed. Humane society/City are seeking $5,617 covering costs for removing the cats, including euthanasia, 32 hours of O/T, payment for time lost, reimbursement for 268 cans of cat food, 2 respirator masks, 68 hrs of police/fire dept O/T for 12 hrs of decontaminating.

Women in cat case enter plea of not guilty (08.27.01)

Owners of house with nearly 250 cats seek jury trial (09.20.01)
Owners of house with nearly 200 cats cited (07.31.01)
Star Tribune

Virginia, MN

200 animals, dogs, cats, a pregnant potbellied pig and 3 monkeys

Photo Courtesy of
Recovering; neglected -- 139 animals must be adopted next week or
face being euthanized

Seized dogs face death if not adopted quickly (07.28.01)

Extreme Animal Neglect Suspects Settle in Court (08.4.01)
Shelbyville, TN

206 Cats
40 more cats
Various; hundreds of cats were pulled from jaw-dropping filth--the floors were soaked in feces and urine--at least 1 had been cannibalized, and 2 were lying on a mummified cat

SF woman accused of animal cruelty has another batch of cats
Rocky Mountain News

Cat Cruelty Suspect Accused of Keeping More Animals
(03.21.02) Yahoo! News
a Woman a Fugitive on Cat Abuse Charges
More Charges for Accused Cat-Hoarder (12.2001) Yahoo! News

Woman with 200 cats gets hearing delayed (01.9.02)
Hearings on hold in cat hoardings
Suspect has surgery, changes lawyers
SF Gate

Fugitive in Animal Cruelty Arrested (12.25.01)

Animal control officers to euthanize cats from Petaluma house (06.15.01)
MSNBC (San Francisco Affiliate)

Woman with 206 cats in court
Lawyer says she skipped neutering to
avoid traumatizing pets (06.5.01)
San Francisco Chronicle
Petaluma, CA

37 dogs and 3 cats

Photo Courtesy of

Seized; many malnour-ished, dehydrated and living in their own waste.

[Supervisor of the Animal Shelter of North County wipes the face of one of the rescued cocker spaniels.]

House of horror (08.17.01)

Dogs, cats found in filth

Dog owner rejects claims of cruelty: Lakewood woman laments the loss of her 37 'children'
The Herald Business Journal
Lakewood/Arlington, WA

60 cats 3 deceased/remaining being treated; Police have charged a 54-year-old woman with animal neglect after finding almost 60 cats, including three dead ones, inside a hot minivan parked downtown Minivan of Hell: Almost 60 Cats, 3 Dead Found in Locked Van
ABC News / AP
Charleston, SC
28 St. Bernards Rescued/deceased; 24 live and 4 dead -- found April 12 in deplorable conditions Two women allegedly found with dogs in filth charged with animal cruelty (06.16.01)
MSNBC / Los Angeles Affiliate
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
29 Russian Wolfhounds Recovered/adopted; Animal control officers rescued 29 dogs after they responded to the home. Neighbors complained about the stench coming from the feces-filled home. Many upset over Snodgrass decision (06.6.01)
MSNBC / NBC25 Hagerstown
Martinsburg, WV
42 cats and dogs

Veterinarian Dr. Teresa Marshall said, "This is one of the worst neglect cases I have seen in the 14 years of veterinary practice."

Animal abuse suspects plead guilty (04.5.01)
MSNBC (AL Affiliate)
Mobile, AL

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