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FOREST GUMP is widely quoted as saying, "Stupid is as stupid does." There are a some people doing some pretty stupid things that result in animals being hurt, suffering and sometimes dying. A lot of these cases fall into two categories:

1) Heat Related -- Jeopardizing and even killing animals by leaving them outside in a high temperature environment with no shelter or water, or locked in vehicles without sufficient air, water or cooling.

Educate yourself, educate others...
Temperature Monitoring Systems for cars

Hot Dog Alert System
©1998 Copyright Criminalistics, Inc.
Regular Unit ($328) and Portable ($598)
10 Minutes to Disaster - BC SPCA, Canada
[ PDF: Flyer | Poster 1 | Poster 2 ]
Dimwits and Hot Dogs - Petalia (AU)
Don't Let Your Dog Get Hot Under
the Collar
- PETA [Printable PDF]
Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dogs - AMTN
Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car 05.Be
Hazardous to Its (his/her) Health
- American
Kennel Club
[For a free copy of summer safety tips from AKC, call 919-233-9767]
2) Dragging -- Either intentionally or unintentionally people manage to drag poor companion animals from their car/truck. NEVER transport your canine in the open back of a pick-up truck, it is not a safe ride for him/her. It is also illegal in many cities, counties and states.
Here are just a few of the pages addressing this issue...
Dogs in Pick-Up Trucks - PSPCA
Dogs and Pick-Up Trucks -
Pick-Ups and Pets - City of Albuquerque, NM

Of course, there are other acts of stupidity here. I consider wreckless accidents, irresponsible actions and/or poor laws or what appear to be poor judgment by law enforcement officers regarding animals as "ignorant" as well.

A Personal Note on ALF-claimed activites:  I oppose the fur industry, vivisection, etc. I want to make that clear before I say this: there is a distinct difference between rescuing animals (removing them to a safe-house, veterinarian or rehab center) and simply releasing animals into the wild. It is ignorant to do so with little or no thought of what will happen to the animals released or to other animals in the area as a result of the release. That IS NOT SAVING them from suffering, it is merely adjusting the circumstances under which they suffer. Therefore, I emplore ALFers, who feel they must participate in such acts to rescue animals, to actually SAVE the animals, not merely release them to suffer and die from another method/means.

Animal Planet's : Animal Precinct
Types of Abuse:
Old Cases:
Dog, 18-month old Labrador-Chow

Photo Courtesy of The Arizona Republic
Matthew Sonnie, "Owner"
Under vet care; With a piece of baling wire wrapped around her neck, a dog was dragged behind a pickup truck for more than 2 miles. She suffered numerous cuts and bruises over her body, she has trouble standing and has a deep gash around her neck from the baling wire tore. She ripped off part of a toe and nail, the pads of her feet are cut up. She also has a lot of pre-existing wounds. Driver arrested after dog dragged behind pick-up (08.06.03)
The Arizona Republic
Phoeniz, AZ
Accused: Matthew Sonnie, 20
Cited: misdemeanor animal cruelty

More than 100 puppies

Just Puppies
owner: Mitch Thomson
Just Puppies mgr: Sherry Dodgson

Until there are none, adopt one!
No more homeless pets.
Don't buy while puppies die.

Recovering; more than 100 puppies were left in a closed delivery truck without air-conditioning while the driver slept in a hotel room. Temperatures inside the truck exceeded 90-degrees.
Over 100 puppies found in uncooled truck (07.24.03)
The Laurel Leader
Laurel, MD
Accused: Just Puppies' Driver
Charges: Issued cruelty citation and assessed a fine of $100 per puppy

2 Pitbulls

Photo Courtesy of Bay News 9
Owner: George Jawarowsky

Recovering; dogs were dragged behind a vehicle in an attempt to "train them." Both dogs are doing well, with one of them still being treated as a burn victim, but improving. "Owner" has agreed to relinquish custody making them eligible for adoption. Pit bulls that were dragged behind vehicle up for adoption (05.01.03)
Bay News 9
Pinellas County, CA
Accused: George Jawarowsky

Socks, 4-year-old Akita
Owner: Roosevelt Rhodes

"That dog likes to run, so I was just letting him run along with the truck," Rhodes said.

Recovering; a dog was tied to the bumper of a truck and dragged for a 1/2-mile. The dog's paws were bleeding extensively. The pads were almost completely scrapped off. A police report states the accused was "was mad because the dog urinated in the cab of the truck."

Man Allegedly Drags Dog With Pickup After It Urinates In Truck (05.01.03) WNBC-TV
Dog dragged behind truck

Hartford, CT
Accused: Roosevelt Rhodes, 70

Reward = $1,000
14 dead animals

Deceased; 14 dead cats, skunks, raccoons, rabbits and a ground hog were found April 18 on the secured fields behind Ross High School. The animals were placed as if they'd taken the field -- on each base, occupying the outfield, the pitcher's position and covering home plate.

Students culprits of dead-animal incident (04.30.03)
PETA offers $1,000 reward 'to nab the animal killer' in Ross incident
The News Messenger
Freemont, OH
Accused: Juveniles

Golden Retriever, family dog Deceased; a golden retriever died after spending 20 minutes under a dryer at a dog grooming salon.
Dog Dies After Spending Time Under Dryer At Groomer: Pet Salon Owner Calls Incident 'Fluke' (04.04.03)
San Jose Mercury News
West Hollywood, CA
Accused: U Wash Doggie
Crackerjack, a Jack Russell Terrier Recovering; dragged behind its owner's car. Crackerjack lost a lot of skin and fur and the pads of his feet were scrapped nearly to the bone.
Carson City vet flooded with calls to help dog (04.04.03)
Las Vegas Sun and
Reno Gazette Journal
Carson City, NV
Accused: Karen Singh
Charges: suspicion of animal cruelty, DUI and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle
Domestic animals Deceased; former shelter employees reported that animals were often improperly euthanized and would take up to 45 minutes to die.
Cruelty Charges Mulled Against Animal Rights Group--Prosecutor: Euthanized Animals Took 45 Minutes To Die (03.26.03)
Muncie, IN
Accused: SPCA
Pit Bull Puppy(ies) Unknown; pit bull puppy "bought" from Schreiber was allegedly operated on by her; when the couple returned they found the puppy's head covered in blood, and the puppy shaking and crying. Other VA charges state that she allegedly mistreated other pit bulls in the back of a truck.
Dog store owner arrested in Florida (03.25.03)
Daily Press
Hampton, VA
Accused: Rene Lynn Schreiber
Charges: Cruelty--practicing veterinary medicine without a license

Tiva, a puppy

Canine Auto Restraint Equipment

Recovered; fell out of a moving pick-up truck, and was later rescued. Because her injuries went untreated so long, it was necessary to amputate her right front leg. She is now up for adoption.
Injured dog is ready for a home (09.19.02)
Anchorage Daily News
Soldotna, AK
Accused: Unknown

Photo Courtesy of WKMG-TV
Recovering; shot through the eye with a horse tranquilizer dart.

Cat Shot Through Eye With Dart Tranquilizer
Kansas City, KS
Accused: Unknown
Two small black and white puppies

Rescued/recovering; puppies locked in a car in full sunlight while the outside temperature was in the 80s were discovered by a little boy who used a squirt gun to get water to the puppies until police arrived to summon the driver to open the car and cool down the puppies.
Nine-year-old saves puppies from heat
The Register-Pajaronian
Watsonville, CA
Cited: Israel Rivas
Gunner, a blond Chow
Guardian: Kelly Groves
Deceased; he escaped his house. An AC officer found him, and he was shot with 2 tranquilizers; the dog ran around for 45 minutes in 90-degree heat before succumbing to the drugs. The AC officer was then dispatched to two more emergency calls, leaving Gunner in the truck for 5 hours. While it had air conditioning, the tranquilized Gunner couldn't pant to cool himself and died. His body was disposed of immediately by animal control. Exclusive: Lost Dog Dies In Animal Control Custody
Houston, TX
Accused: Animal Control Officer
Family dog, a full-sized black Labrador Recovering; police cited a dog owner for leaving his dog inside a car parked in the sun for more than 30 minutes. Though windows were cracked and a bucket of water was in the car, the dog was showing signs of heat exhaustion.
Police Beat: Man who locked dog in car cited (07.17.02)
The News Tribune
Tacoma, WA
Accused: 57-year-old man
Dog, a 5-year-old collie-retriever mix Deceased; left in a Jeep for over an hour with no water. It was 81 degrees outside with 67% humidity, creating a heat index of 84. The accused says she left the vinyl windows partially unzipped while she was in a restaurant, but witness statements contradict her claim. Woman who left dog in Jeep faces cruelty charge
Traverse City Record-Eagle
Traverse City, TX
Accused: Katherine Bondy, 22
46 ferrets Deceased; the shipment of ferrets for a local Pet Food Center arrived at the airport on 12.18 but was not discovered until 12.. 26. By that time, 44 were dead and 2 more died shortly thereafter because they went without water or food in the cargo area.

US Air agrees to pay $50,000 to settle suit over dead ferrets
The Indianapolis Star
Evansville, IN
Negligent: U.S. Airways
Sentence: $50,000 in damages

Note: U.S. Airways has placed an embargo on the shipment of animals as cargo.

Pete the Dog
Deceased; shot the dog twice in the head claiming it was a danger, family disagrees.
Police, family disagree over dog's death (06.21.02)
The Arizona/Central Republic
Phoenix, AZ
Accused: Christopher Kawa
Dog, eight-year-old Chow-Labrador mix

Deceased; shot and killed the dog, who was fenced in at the time, after he says he received a complaint that the dog was loose and posed a threat to some children. He says the dog was snapping and barking at him, but the dog's "owners" said the dog didn't have time to react before being fired upon.

West Branch police down to just one officer after dog shooting
West Branch police down to just one officer after dog shooting
Knight demoted to officer, suspended for three weeks
Police chief resigns over dog shooting publicity (03.20.02)
West Branch, IA
Accused: Dan Knight, Chief of Police

Dar, a 3 1/2-year-old Czechoslovakian Shepherd Deceased; died of a heat stroke in a back-seat kennel of a cruiser. Temperatures outside reached 94 degrees.
Police officer quits after dog dies when left in squad car
Scott City, KS
Accused: Doug Haire
Woodrow, a 5-yr-old German shepherd
Deceased; police dog in a locked, sweltering cruiser for several hours after his handler apparently forgot to take the dog out of a car when the two completed their shift.
Philly Squad Cars Get Heat Sensors (06.12.02)
New York Times
Philadelphia, PA
NOTE: NYTimes charges for articles after 7 days.
Snowball, a 3-year-old American Eskimo weighing about 22 pounds

Deceased; killed by an animal control officer after the animal bit her hand, drawing blood, during a complaint call. The dog was not wearing a collar and appeared to be a stray, according to the officer. "Owners" say the dog dug under their fence and likely lost her collar and got muddy and matted in her escape.
Lunenburg dog officer says killing dog was only option
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Lunenburg, MA
Officer: Kathleen M. Comeau
Dumpster, a black Labrador retriever

Photo Courtesy of
Deceased; a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a barking dog that was tied to a thick rope and chain tether. The dog's "owner" Sue Gardner says she told the deputy twice the dog was tethered and wouldn't bite him.
Dog shot by sheriff's deputy
Modesto, CA
Accused: Mike Radford
No investigation or disciplinary actions
being pursued.
Bruiser, a family Rottweiler dog Recovering; shot in the back by police officer who says dog was acting aggresively.
Officer shoots dog
Charleston, WV
Accused: Keith Peoples
Dog, a Rottweiler-shepherd mix
(orphaning 10 puppies)
Dog deceased/puppies unknown; the dog who had delivered the puppies a few hours before was shot six times. The deputy felt endangered when the protective mother lashed out at him.
Dog shooting to be investigated, sheriff says (05.11.02)
Press Herald Online
Alfred, ME
Accused: Dwight Burtis

Wild Rabbit

"This is something I really regret, and I had to 'fess up and let (Highlands Ranch) Principal (Lisle) Gates know it was me," Lupton said.

"I definitely deserved punishment," said Lupton, "but maybe not the degree of severity that I got. I can't walk in my graduation, but I deserved that."

Euthanized; student threw the bunny as a prank at a pep assembly breaking two of the rabbit's legs. Lupton turned himself in and is accepting the consequences "like a man," which include being suspensed from school, removed from the basketball team, banned from gradu-ation and possibly fines and jail time from the cruelty charge.

Senior prank leads to animal-cruelty charge (05.10.02)
The Denver Post

School prank kills rabbit
Rocky Mountain News
Highlands Ranch, CO
Accused: Bryan Lupton, 18

NOTE: Rocky Mountain News
only archives articles for 7 days


Fraternity Pig
Photo Courtesy of WXII-TV

Recovering; drunk, dehydrated and sunburned. He was missing its tail and was unable to stand.

Wake Forest Suspends Fraternity
WXII-TV / Yahoo! News

School suspends fraternity's charter over party that featured pig (05.7.02)

Fraternity Accused of Animal Abuse (05.1.02)
Winston-Salem, NC
Accused: Wake Forest Univ, Zeta Chapter / Sigma Phi Epsilon

Litter of 9 coyote pups

Deceased; shot dead on a Cape Cod wildlife refuge by a government sharp-shooter less than a week after being born. U.S. Fish & Wildlife service say the coyotes were killed to protect so they wouldn't pose a threat to endan-gered birds living in the Monomoy Nat'l Wildlife Refuge.
Government Sharpshooter Kills Litter Of Coyote Pups
South Monomy Island, MA
Accused: Gov't Sharpshooter
Dog, an Australian shepherd

Photo Courtesy of WISC-TV
Rescued; Witnesses reported 2 men in a truck dragging a lifeless dog. Several teeth had been broken off, both his upper and lower, he had tongue lacerations and other scrapes, he had a big rope tied around his neck. The veterinarian found older wounds on him indicating this 05.not have been the first time.

Dog Dragged Behind Truck, Left For Dead (03.29.02)
Loomis, CA
Accused: Unknown
; suspects in a late 1980s Toyota truck, white or cream in color.

Jack Russell terrier Recovering; dragged alongside a car. His/her owners forgot the animal was tied to the vehicle when they drove off.

Couple forgot dog was tied to car
Great Dunmow, Essex, UK
Accused: Unnamed

11 Rottweiler puppies Deceased; the tail-docking operation done without a vet or anaesthetic, the agony was so excruciating that 2 died immedi-ately, 3 were in severe shock and had to be euthanized. The rest passed away within 3 weeks. The puppies' spinal cords were left exposed, while 2 main arteries had been severed in many cases.

Three jailed for 'barbaric' puppy tail docking (04.26.02)
Birmingham, UK
Accused: Lloyd Earlington,
David Hunkins and Julie Ward

Bridgette, a Springer spaniel and companion dog to 74-yr-old man

Photo Courtesy of the WPBF-TV
Deceased; shot by a police officer responding to a silent alarm; he went to the wrong house and did not called out for the owner to get the dog before shooting her in the head on her own patio.

Officer Loses Day's Pay For Shooting Dog (03.13.02)
Officer Goes To Wrong House, Shoots Dog (03.13.02)
WPBF-TV / Yahoo! News
Singer Island, FL
Accused: Jason Gilbert
Gilbert will lose 1-day's pay, will receive 8 hrs of response-tactic training and will be assigned to 80 hours with a field-training officer.

Family dog Deceased; dog was left inside a locked car during hot temperatures. The "owner" says she couldn't coax the dog out of the car, so she went inside her house and forgot all about it. She called the APL 2 days later to remove the dog's body from her car.
Woman forgets dog in car, dog dies (07.27.01)
Sheffield, OH
Ritz, 3-year-old family dog

Photo Courtesy of the WKYC-TV
Recovering; dog dragged by truck for a mile. A neighbor yelled for him to stop but he kept driving. When the dog finally came loose of the truck, the neighbor took him to the vet to be treated. The dog's "owner"/driver says his wife had tied the dog to his truck mirror and he didn't notice because he was in a hurry. Dog dragged from truck, owner accused of cruelty
Parma, OH

Blitzen, reindeer

Photo Courtesy of the WTAE-TV

Deceased; mistakenly shot by a hunter

While most, if not all, hunting is brutal and senseless (IMHO), it is doubly-tragic when the animal is killed by mistake.

Runaway Reindeer Shot By Hunter: Blitzen Bolted During Feeding Time (12.10.01)
Franklin Park, PA


Athena, golden retriever mix

Photo Courtesy of the AZ Daily Star

Recovering; dog dragged behind truck was on her way to be euthanized by former "owners." The 10-year-old arthritic dog was placed with owners who can handle her special needs. They are affiliated with a group called Rescue a Golden Arizona. Athena's former "owner" has been cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Dog owner cited (12.1.01)
Dragged dog has a new home (11.30.01)
Dog dragged by pickup survives ordeal, for now (11.29.01)
The Arizona Daily Star /
Yahoo! News
Sahuarita, AZ


Lucky, a 6-month-old (family) kitten

Photo Courtesy of the WTAE-TV

Deceased; an indoor cat, Lucky escaped her family's house on Halloween. She was immediately euthanized by animal control after being picked up and taken to a local shelter. (There is no waiting period in PA for cats caught without tags; those with tags have a few days before being PTS.)

State Law Doesn't Protect Lost Cats (11.26.01)
WTAE / The Pittsburgh Channel
Bethel Park, PA

Personal Note: In my book, it IS ignorant NOT to have a law that protects family cats from instant death at the hands of animal control officers similar to their law which protects dogs which temporarily escape their family's care.


Lazarus, 2-yr-old shepherd-chow mix

Photo Courtesy of Arizona Daily Star

Recovered; asphyxiated and beaten after the dog was injured by a hit-and-run driver. Two deputies hit the dog (they thought was mortally injured) four times on the head with a heavy-duty flashlight and asphyxiated with cinching handcuffs.

Dog's ordeal gets apology, action
Arizona Daily Star
Pima County, AZ


Thousands of Mink
Personal Note: (See below)

The mink, housed in separate cages in four buildings, were released in the middle of the night.
Vandals release 1,400 mink
Des Moines, IA


Deceased; a prank that entailed tying a sheep to a school flagpole led to an apparent feeding frenzy by area dogs or coyotes. Pranksters apparently stole the sheep from of a flock near the school complex. Deputy of the parish animal control officer and owner of the sheep, said he would recommend scoldings for the sheep rustlers, but not harsh punishments.

Prank goes bad, ends in gruesome animal death (10.19.01)
Bains, LA

Thousands of Mink

Various; A thousand mink are still missing after apparently being freed from a Dutch farm by activists; 200 were killed by traffic, 1,500 were caught and 14,000 returned to the farm in Valkenswaard. Secretary-general of the Dutch Association of Mink fears more of the animals will die from exhaustion, hunger and thirst.
Thousand mink still missing
Valkenswaard, Netherlands
25 horses (23 live, 2 dead)

Recovering; officials from the animal control office seized 23 live horses and two dead ones a property in Maxwell a month ago. At least 10 horses are un-accounted for; all of the horses are in a compro-mised state of health due to "inadequate nutrition and a bacterial infection known as strangles

Seized horses are on the mend (08.23.01)
Nevada Journal
Maxwell, NV
19 Horses Deceased; tossed fire-cracker (meant to scare the stabled horses) caused fire that killed 19 animals

Barn Fire Suspect Convicted On 19 Counts (03.21.02)
[And Yahoo! News]
Trial Begins For Barn Fire Suspect
GP Hunt Club Sues Arson Suspect (03.4.02)
Barn Fire Suspect Will Stand Trial
Lawyer To Argue Barn Demolition
Suspect In Stable Fire Turns Self In (07.16.01)
19 Horses Die In Stable Fire

Friend testifies stable fire not intentional (08.23.01)
AP / Detroit Free Press
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

A skunk and 2 dogs, German Shepherd and a Rottweiler Deceased; a trapped skunk in Cresskill and a penned German shepherd in Oakland died from exposure (heat/sun).
Rescued; a Rottweiler that had been chained in a yard for 3 weeks (owners went on vacation and the person selected to care for the dog never showed up; cared for by neighbors until taken into custody)
3 charged with cruelty in separate heat cases (08.15.01)
The Record - Bergen County
Bergen County, NJ
Police Dog Deceased; police dog that was locked in a sport utility vehicle by a Harris County sheriff's deputy died Police Dog Dies While On Duty
Yahoo! News
Houston, TX
Dog, Rottweiler
Deceased; died of heat exhaustion--the rottweiler was chained to a tree, having seizures; the dog had no water and died within minutes of being found by Waukesha's Humane Animal Welfare Society office Dog Dies In Heat (07.23.01)
Yahoo! News
Waukesha, WI
08.12.01 Dog, 2-year-old male pit bull

Photos Courtesy of MSNBC/KGET
Recovering; rescued by SPCA suffering from heat exhaustion; temperature outside was 93 (inside the van was 124 degrees) Dog locked inside hot van; Owner arrested (05.23.01) / KGET-TV
Bakersfield, CA
Donations Accepted
Contacts thru Multiple Sources
Contact Info
Types of Abuse:

NOTE: I am posting only stories which are confirmed, preferrably by a news source and/or online news sources. Or, rescue websites which include details and photos of the animals harmed. I emphasize this point only to eliminate question that stories appearing here are anecdotal in nature.

This is a not-for-profit website; any photo images or graphics used are for the express purpose of sharing an important message about animal rights. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners (including those created by this website's author); no infringement is INTENDED. At the written request of the copyright holders, images will be promptly removed.

These particular photos appear here to act as visual confirmation of the articles. As the expression goes, "seeing is believing" and some of these acts are so heinous, I doubt anyone would believe a human could perpetrate them if there wasn't proof.

In accordance with U.S. Law (and relevant specifically to U.S. citizens herein mentioned), all crimes are "alleged" until the matter is decided by an officer of the court. Therefore, unless otherwise indicated (such as following a conviction), the accused in these cases are innocent until proven guilty.

Also, while I will try to check periodically to be sure the article links are still active and available, I 05.not be able to trace the article once a news source has moved it. If you find a broken link, please politely let me know by emailing me. Thank you!