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Legacy of Suffering

VICTIMS OF SEVERE NEGLECT is hard to draw the lines.

How do you determine whether someone who neglects an animal is being deliberately cruel or is simply ignorant (lack of knowledge or awareness) overwhelmed and unprepared. Certainly the end result of the neglect is cruelty. And those who negelct an animal are guilty of it. However, their intention may not have been malevolent; they may just be ignorant about how to provide proper care for an animal. So, rather than attempting to decifer intent and motive behind the neglect, I designated a category for neglect.

I chose to keep these neglect cases separate from hoarding or collecting cases, which is judged mostly by the number of animals involved and somewhat the claims of the accused (cases of groups of animals neglected are listed under "Hoarding"). Hoarded animals are very often neglected, but the cases are unique and involve a mental disorder by the caregiver who believes they are helping.

The exception to that group rule is when the group of animals are kept for a specific purpose -- these are mainly agribusinesses, zoos, circuses, pet stores, rodeos, etc. There is another type of neglect and abuse -- involving agribusiness -- that is not generally (there are a few exceptions) included in the Legacy of Suffering.

It is the "accepted" and "industry standard" treatment of so-called food animals. That form of cruelty is a category unto itself -- expansive, routine and far less documented in the daily news -- but sickening and sad none the less. I may add that category someday, but for now, tracking and posting these cases alone is a lot of work and so heart breaking.

For more on that industrialized animal abuse, I recommend the following:
The Washington Post's expose entitle: Modern Meat
In cooperation with the NBC News piece Betrayal of trust
You may also research the subject in the following book:
Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry by Gail A. Eisnitz
Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat by Howard F. Lyman, Glen Merzer
Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture by Jeremy Rifkin
Animal Planet's : Animal Precinct
Types of Abuse:
Old Cases:

Dozens of dogs


Various; animals that were living were living in filth, without food and water, some without shelter. SPCA found dead animals inside and outside.

Schoharie Co. woman facing animal abuse charges
Capital News
Broome, NY
Accused: Cathleen Sullivan
Charges: Failing to provide food and water, failing to dispose of dead animals, and unlicensed dogs

5 pit bull terriers and several children Several young children, including a baby, were living in deplorable conditions; police say the accused is a drug user and animal abuser. Inside the home, they found human and dog feces on the floor, and a severe cockroach condition. Police seized a handgun, $1200, marijuana and found 5 pit bull terriers caged in the backyard without food or water.

Police raid Bay Shore home
North Bay Shore, NY
Accused: William Brewster, 23
Charges: endangering the welfare of a minor, cruelty to animals and unlawful possession of marijuana
Also arrested:
Jonathan Peterkin

China, a Rottweiler
Recovering; the dog's collar never had been adjusted as the animal grew, which constricted the dog's throat passages, making it difficult to breathe and eat. The gash was 2 - 3" wide and several inches deep, exposing raw skin. The dog was covered with maggots and had weighed about 52 lbs, 30 to 40 lbs less than the breed's average Pair charged with animal cruelty
The Mobile Register
Daphne, AL
Accused: Joseph Smiley, 34, and Aleen Smiley, 33
Charges: 2nd-degree dog cruelty
5 kittens, 2 cats, 3 living bird,
1 dead bird and a rabbit
Various; five nearly dead kittens, two full-grown cats, a bird cage with three living birds and one dead bird in it, and a rabbit were removed from an apartment living in filth and feces and insection infestations. All the animals were suffering from malnutrition and had no access to food or water. Ailing animals removed from infested apartment (05.18.03)
The Progress-Index
Petersburg, VA
Accused: Ruth Stuckey
Charges: disorderly conduct (animal cruelty charges are pending at this time)
6 Horses
Various; six horses were mistreated, one of which died. None of the horses had food, hay or water and all were malnourished to the point of death. All of them were locked in a barn not fit for "any living thing," said a deputy.

Rash of Horse Abuse Cases Continues in East Tennessee
Johnson City/Gray, TN
Accused: Scott Ramsey
NOTE: Two other horse cruelty cases were referenced in story from the past year.

12 dogs and puppies

Photo Courtesy of Fayetteville Observer

Rescued; Animal Control rescued 9 malnourished puppies, 3 dogs and a cat from an empty house being rented by a military couple who were deployed over-seas. A dead dog was found locked inside a pet carrier under the carport. The house's ''blinds are torn up and the house is in complete disarray.'' Officers carried away 9 German shepherd puppies, including 1 that was trapped in a heating vent. Two emaciated dogs, whose ribs pressed against their bodies, were locked in a bedroom. They had tried to claw through the door.

Pets rescued from homes
The Fayetteville Observer
Fort Bragg - Fayetteville, NC
Accused: Jamie Peterka
4 dogs Rescued; (same article/ separate incident) police found 4 dogs in a house with no water or electri-city in a subdivision. Pets rescued from homes
The Fayetteville Observer
Tokay , NC
Accused: Lakeshia Sanders, 20
Charges: 6 misdemeanor counts of animal neglect/abandonment.
Sweetie, 9-month-old reddish-blond pit bull

Recovering; Sweetie was in a garage fire 6 months ago--50%of her body was burned. Scars shaped like lightning bolts cut a swath through her fur. Her left rear leg was so atrophied and shriveled that it dangled and was useless. Her tail was twisted and frozen to the side. After the fire she healed hap-hazardly without vet care; home remedies and over-the-counter painkillers were used on her.

Burned pit bull charms her way to a better life (04.02.03)
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, IL
Accused: Her Owner
Failure to provide proper veterinary care for an injured animal
15 cats and dogs Rescued; police found at least a dozen emaciated cats and dogs living in a duplex apartment without any food or water. The house was littered with feces and urine.
Two Plantation women charged with animal cruelty
Herald Tribune
Broward County, FL
Accused: Lynda Hammond, 44 and Cynthia Maze, 42
Charges: Hammond--10 counts of animal cruelty; Maze--9 counts
Gina, a black and white 10-yr-old English bull terrier and 2-yr-old Tat, family dogs
Rescued; suffered from dehydration, malnutrition, hair loss and infected scabs. Their coats were greasy, smelt of urine and were covered in flea dirt. Each had lost 25% of their body weight through neglect. Their claws had turned completely around and were digging into the paws, making it virtually impossible for them to walk. Where the dogs had tried to lick the wounds on their paws, they had become infected and that had caused ulcers.

Heroin addict neglected dogs
The Evening Chronicle via icNewcastle
Newcastle, UK
Convicted: Julie Sowerby
Sentence: Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (currently serving time for child cruelty)

Contacts thru Multiple Sources

Hope, a blue doberman and another deceased doberman

Photo Courtesy of the
Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue
[For news purposes only]

One deceased/one recovering; reporting officer approached a kennel located at the rear of the home and found the badly decomposed body of one dog and an emaciated blue Doberman with ribs, tail bones and spine clearly visible, her eyes were sunken in and encrusted with mucous. There was no water or food to be found. She was malnurished and 20 lbs underweight, and was diagnosed with heartworm, and an infestation of hookworms.

More bite needed in animal abuse laws (01.16.03)
Gulf Live

Teacher sentenced in animal cruelty (01.14.03)
Gulf Live

Hope (01.04.03)
Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue
Gautier, MS
Convicted: Tremena Miskel, former "owner"
Charge: ONE count animal cruelty

Personal Note:
Thank goodness for the GCDR -- looking at Hope in these photos, I would imagine if not for their care and dedication, she would've been seen as a lost cause and euthanized.

Dairy Cows

Photo Courtesy of KBCI-TV
Problems in the past with the former manager, such as downed cows not being given food and water.
PETA Urges An Idaho City To Prosecute A Dairy For Animal Cruelty (02.05.03)
Filer, ID
Accused: Dutch Touch Dairy

Unknown; left the dog behind when she moved out of the apartment. Police found the dog after neighbors complained of a terrible odor. The dog was tied up in the closet without food or water. Scratch marks inside the closet door indicated desperate attempts to get out. Neighbors said they heard the dog barking almost 3 weeks later.
SF Woman Sentenced To Jail For Starving Dog (01.10.03)
San Francisco, CA
Convicted: Raija Hossainy
Charge: Felony animal cruelty
Sentence: 6 months in jail
6 horses Various; a small herd of parasite-infested animals were found on the man's property. One of the horses was so sick it had to be euthanized.
Officials: Ignorance, not cruelty, cause of neglect (10.27.02)
Longview, TX
Accused: Unidentified man, 35
Dog Deceased; dog was found wrapped in a blanket into a dumpster. A necropsy determined the dog, at only 11 lbs, died of starvation. The dog had been adopted by the accused couple 5 months earlier weighing 25 lbs.

Couple faces felony charges under new animal cruelty law
Daily Press

Two sought for felony cruelty over starved dog (10.26.02)

Beach Police Charge Couple With Felony Animal Cruelty (10.25.02)
Virginia Beach, VA
Accused: John Pullen and Lakisha Pullen
Charge: Felony animal cruelty

German Shepherd Rescued; dog was tied to a tree without enough food, water, or adequate shelter. The thin, 43-lb animal was found to have hookworm.
Bryan man pleads guilty to animal-cruelty charge (10.25.02)
Toledo Blade
Bryan, OH
Guilty: Kenneth J. Compo
Charge: Animal cruelty
(severe neglect)
Several dogs and puppies

Photo Courtesy of WEWS-TV
Rescuer: Joel Szczepanski, neighbor
Rescued; homeowners moved away and left the dogs to die with no food or water. The adult dogs were rescued from a filthy outdoor cage; puppies left inside the home were with no food or water for at least a week.
Dogs, Puppies Left Locked Up To Starve (10.24.02)
Elyria, OH
Accused: Undisclosed
Charges: Charges of abandonment and animal cruelty pending
Bullet, a German Shepherd, and other animals under care of the accused Recovered; Bullet was repeatedly struck in the face and torso with a rabies pole while he was confined in a kennel. He was then kicked while being restrained with a rabies pole. Carmody beat and kicked a black Labrador retriever, and he punched a gravely ill greyhound named Tara, who later died.
So far, laws fail to collar vet who bullies pets
Press Herald
Accused: Dr. Carmody
150 animals, including exotic African deer, pot-bellied pigs and miniature donkeys

Photo Courtesy of The Miami Herald
Various; Police said they found a decrepit zoo of sick and emaciated animals. One appaloosa mare was to foal soon but barely looked pregnant because she had not eaten in days. One donkey's skin was raw and pink from the sun, and starving ponies had resorted to eating wooden posts. 150 animals seized; owner faces charges (08.1.02)
The Miami Herald
Miami-Dade, FL
Accused: Andrew Bloom, 69
Charges: 16 counts of felony animal cruelty and 16 counts of confinement without sufficient water, food and exercise
Copper aka Bob, a 10-year-old
German shepherd mix
Rescued; severely underweight, sick and covered with fleas and ticks when seized. He could not lift his head, and there was evidence he had been lying his own feces and urine for days.
Woman guilty of animal cruelty
Yahoo! News/Star Telegram
Forth Worth, TX
Convicted: Patricia Ann Diaz
Faces: 1 yr in jail/$4,000 fine
Two live dogs
Various; some household pets had apparently been abandoned. Two live dogs were coaxed from the home. Garbage, fecal matter and insects were found inside; it was so bad it was declared a hazard. Part of the county hazardous materials team were wearing full body protection and using oxygen to remove the animals. Pasco Officials Rescue Abandoned Animals
Yahoo! News/Tamba Bay Tribune
Wesley Chapel, FL
Accused: Undetermined

Photo Courtesy of WEWS-TV
Rescued; the horses were found with no food or water in a stall with 3 to 4 feet of fecal matter and no bedding. They weren't getting any exercise. Officialsgave the owner 2 days to get the horses medical attention, but she did nothing. Horses Found Living In 4 Feet Of Fecal Matter (07.10.02)
Yahoo! News / WEWS-TV
Olmsted Township, OH
Accused: Liz Berlin
Sheep and cattle Deceased; sheep and cattle were left to starve to death in a barn. The OSPCA found partially decomposed bodies of eight sheep and rotting bodies of four cows.
Man jailed after sheep, cattle starved (06.28.02)
London Free Press/Canoe
Chatham, CAN
Convicted: Stephen Sturgis, 42
Sentence: 14 days in jail, 2 yrs probation prohibiting him from "owning" or caring for animals
4 cats and a dog

Investigators found four emaciated cats, several cat carcasses, and a dead dog in a home. One cat had to be put to sleep; 3 remaining cats are at the Humane Society. Officials say the animals appear to have been left to starve.
Mother and son arrested for animal abuse (05.28.02)
Rochester, NY
Accused: Pamela Theodore
and Theodore Schirmuhly
Hope and Jewel, and other horses on the Pinsky property

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Doolittle's Zoo
Various; Hope was rescued, Jewel died for unknown reasons and her rotting corpse prompted a call to humane services. Hope was rescued significantly underweight (probably malnourished) and with a bad case of lice. Other horses remain on the Pinsky property, have a humane case-worker and are waiting to be rescued.
Hope's Story
Dr. Doolittle's Zoo
Morrow, GA
Accused: Frank and Linda Pinsky
30 horses Rescued; horses were abused and neglected
Woman Cares For Abused Horses (06.4.02)
WXII-TV / Yahoo! News
Kernersville, NC
Accused: Kernersville farm
Several dogs and 16 children Various; 16 children were found playing with what were clearly diseased and neglected dogs at an unlicensed day care center operated by the accused. Police also found a dead dog in a freshly dug shallow grave where the children were playing. While the children seemed in good health but officials said this is one of the worse cases of neglect and cruelty they'd seen.
NOPD Closes Day Care
Yahoo! News
Marigny, LA
Accused: Larry Camille
19 Horses

Various; at least four of their horses died of neglect and 15 others were found starving. Charges against the accused range from inhumane housing, to deprivation of food and water, to neglect from failing to provide veterinary care.

Bristol pair charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty

Bristol couple charged with animal cruelty (05.29.02)
Verona Beach Press Journal
Bristol, TN
Accused: Junior Gobble
and Karen Gobble

Several animals including a horse, a dog, a pig, a goat and two (goat) kids

Photo Courtesy of The Hawaii Channel
Rescued; several malnourished animals were found on a makeshift farm in Waialua "in nick of time," according to the new caregiver. A horse weighed just 400 pounds, a goat, tied to a tree, attempted to nurse her two kids with great difficulty. Also found were a starving pig and the remains of a dog tethered to a tree. Police say it appears the former "owner" just packed up and moved away.

Police Find Abandoned Animals Wasting Away (01.15.02)
The Hawaii Channel
Waialua, Oahu, HI
Accused: Unknown

Two Horses

Photo Courtesy of WEWS-TV
Deceased; authorities found the rotting carcasses of two horses that may have starved to death. Sutula claimed he put the animals on a water diet to flush out infections in their stomachs.

Man Gets Six Months In Jail For Starving Horses (05.10.02)
Horse Carcasses Found Rotting In Barn (04.26.02)
Cleveland, OH
Convicted: Dave Sutula

8 Horses
Rescued; the officers cited a dilapidated barbed-wire fence, lack of space and other inadequate conditions. The horses suffered from a wide variety of minor problems, including problems with feet and nutrition.
Eight horses taken from home
Texarkana, AR
Accused: David, Randy Paul and Patrick Cornelius, Walter Owens, and Martin Cook

2 horses and 2 ponies

Photo courtesy of WLWT-TV

Rescued; horses suffered from dehydration and malnutrition. Humane association official said the animals' ribs were showing and their hooves were in pretty bad shape when they were picked up.
Local Vet Charged With Animal Cruelty (05.9.02)
WLWT-TV / Yahoo! News
Loveland, OH
Accused: Dr. Diane Cummins
40 cats
Euthanized; confiscated from trailer that emitted a "horrific stench of urine and feces." Trailer was loaded with trash and feces.

Jury convicts owner of 40 cats of cruelty (04.27.02)
Contra Costa Times

SJ Man on Trial for Abuse of 40 Cats (04.17.02)
San Jose, CA
Accused: Payam Ghaderi, 41

Apache, dog Deceased; the dog, emaciated, hairless, was found by a neighbor after he escaped from the accused's yard. The dog died shortly thereafter.

Canine Officer Breaks Down In Animal Cruelty Trial
Neighbors Take Stand In Canine Officer, Wife's Case
Trial Under Way For Officer Accused Of Animal Cruelty
Yahoo! News / KPRC-TV

Oak Ridge North K9 officer charged with animal cruelty
Oak Ridge North, TX
Accused: Douglas J. Barry, 30
and Kimberly Barry, 30

29 Horses

Photo courtesy of
Winston-Salem Journal Online
Rescued; injured and malnourished horses were seized earlier this month from the farm. Nine of the horses are pregnant and officials fear they won't survive the birthing process.

Malnourished Horses Give Birth
Women Charged With Animal Cruelty (04.26.02)
Yahoo! News / WXII-TV

Seized horses' health raises concern (04.27.02)
Winston-Salem Journal

Forsyth animal-control officers worried about pregnant horses
Herald Sun
Walnut Cove, NC
Accused: Cynthia Reynoldi
and Leon Robertson

Pony, 25-year-old Welsh pony Deceased; the animal had lost most of its body fat and muscle mass and weighed only 325 pounds, about half its normal weight when found. He later had to be euthanized.

Redondo Beach man fined $10,000 in animal abuse case
Rocky Mountain News
Rancho Rio Verde Stables
Long Beach. CA
Convicted: Melvyn Green, 64

18 Dogs

Photo courtesy of Houston Chronicle

Various; six dogs were found dead and more than a dozen others barely alive in a junkyard.

In 1995, authorities seized more than 40 animals being held by the accused in substandard conditions.

Accused man denies dog cruelty
The Houston Chronicle
Houston, TX
Accused: Unknown


1,000,000 Chickens

At the 82-acre FL farm:
30,000 chickens starved after their feed was cut off
170,000 were left in such poor condition they had to be euthanized

Friday Animal rights activists stormed the Cypress Foods facility and made off with about 180 chickens.

Deceased; Cypress Foods left more than 1 million hens starve or be euthanized at farms in FL and GA after filing bankruptcy. Officials estimated chickens had water but were left without feed for 10 to 15 days while Cypress stopped operating due to bankruptcy proceedings.
[180 rescued by UPC!]

Pasco County Hens Find Sanctuary at United Poultry Concerns (03.22.02)

Officials Bury Last Of Starved Chickens (03.12.02)
Activists Rescue Chickens
Tampa Tribune

Activists take 180 hens from central Florida egg farm
The Florida-Times Union

1M Chickens May Die Amid Money Woes (03.7.02)
Yahoo! News (AP)

Company's bankruptcy starves chickens at abandoned egg farm
St. Petersburg Times
Dade City, FL
Accused: Cypress Foods;
James Biggers, former chairman

6 (or 8) border collie puppies Rescued; sick puppies were seized by humane society workers from A Plus Pets (store) after a report was filed. With 24 hours, the owner and the remaining "pets" were gone. Humane Society Takes Sick Puppies From Pet Store
Yahoo! News / WISC-TV
Sun Prairie, WI
Accused: Unnamed store owner
6 Horses Various; five horses were found malnourished. A sixth horse had to be destroyed and the others have been moved to a foster farm to be nursed back to health.
Starving Horses Found On Farm (03.7.02)
Yahoo! News / WLWT-TV
Accused: Unknown
Vienna, a rottweiler and her 6 puppies Various; left her tied to a tree, then moved the dog to an unheated garage where she gave birth to six puppies on Jan. 18. The puppies died.
Dog cruelty case spurs animal rights rally (March 8.02)
Chicago Tribune
Oak Forest, IL
Accused: Nathan McGovern, 39,
and Dawn Brenzek, 25
Family dog, 11-month-old Rottweiler Seized by BCSPCA; dog was never allowed off a 2.5-metre chain, had no shelter except for a travelling crate she had outgrown, and was made to live and eat in her own excrement. SPCA officials push case of mental abuse of dog
London Free Press via Canoe
Vancouver, BC, CAN
Accused: Unknown
7 pit bull dogs

Photo Courtesy of WTVJ-TV
Rescued; neighborhood improvement team checking out the house for demolition found the dogs, some of them half starved.

Neglected pit bulls found in Miami home (02.13.02)
Miami, FL
Accused: Lawrence Cone

Cat Deceased; police believe the cat starved to death after being left in an apartment alone for a month (the body was too far decomposed to determine cause of death). Simpson's ex-girlfriend not missing, knows of dead cat
Miami-Dade, FL
Accused: Ms. Prody
40 Horses

Photo Courtesy of KTNV-TV
Various; 2 dead of neglect and starvation, 38 rescued undergoing care. Horses found starving in Lincoln County (02.25.02)
KTNV-TV / News13
Las Vegas, NV
Accused: Unknown
Dog Deceased; "owner" admitted she moved out of her aptt on June 13 and that she left her dog in the closet (to starve). The animal was found dead six weeks later.

Woman pleads guilty in dog-starving case (01.19.02)
San Fran Gate
San Francisco, CA
Accused: Raija Hossainy, 22

Cindy (brindle-cross) and
One deceased/one rescued; "owner" wedged the door shut with the handle of a broom and left two bags of unopened dog food for the animals for 15 days. When found by RSPCA inspectors, Cindy had died, and Sheeba was skeletal and barely alive.

Life ban for teenager who let dog starve to death (01.29.02)
Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK
Accused: Alan Helps, 19
Dog, a female red setter Deceased; she was deliberately starved to death and dumped in an Aberdeen cemetery. Dog starved to death
Tatton Park, Cheshire, UK
Accused: Unknown
16 dogs/puppies Various; 16 animals
abandoned. Real estate agents entering the property on Dec 26 and discovered seven dead puppies and nine malnourished dogs 3 were puppies and 1 adult dog had a broken leg.
Valley man accused of abandoning 16 dogs (01.8.02)
The Arizona Republic
East Mesa, IN
Snoop, 10-year-old German shepherd Deceased; Snoop was found suffering from starvation, open sores, infected ears, ingrown nails that punctured the pads of his feet and a prostate gland the size of a grapefruit. The Peninsula Humane Society tried to treat the dog, but he was too sick and had to be euthanized.

Man gets year in jail for cruelty to his dog (01.4.02)
San Mateo fireman gets year in jail for dog cruelty (01.3.02)
SF Gate News

San Mateo man guilty of dog neglect (01.4.02)
Contra Costa Times

Menlo Park, CA

15 cats

Deceased; homeowner abandoned 15 cats left to starve to death and an additional 20 cats in a Southington house.

Homeowner accused of abandonment that killed 15 cats (08.30.01) / NBC 30 CT
Southington, CT

+/- 40 Animals

Photo Courtesy of WISN-TV
Various; 8 or 9 dead animals were removed from the store. Animal control officers rescued more than 30 animals, including lizards, hamsters, a snake and a parrot, from the store which was reported as "rotten conditions." Animals Found Dead In Milwaukee Pet Store (12.4.01)
WISN-TV / Yahoo! News
Milwaukee, WI
Two Dogs, an adult female rottweiler and a small mixed-breed dog Rescued; chained outside for a week with no one to care for them. Landlord called SPCA who found them severely emaciated, and dehydrated. The rottweiller had a choker chain embedded in its neck because the "owner" never bothered to adjust the chain as the dog got older.
Chester County Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty (11.29.01)
KYW News Radio 1060
Chester County, PA
7 Horses/ponies Various; 3 ponies were found either emaciated or painfully thin, through lack of food, water and vet treatment. Four rotting carcasses ponies were also found in filthy stables at the farm.
Stud farm owner banned from keeping animals (10.18.01)
Blairadam, UK
Cocker Spaniel The spaniel had a chronically infected ear that was bleeding, ulcerated and oozing pus, and had bald itchy skin from a lice infestation Crufts judge fined for cruelty
The Times
Somerset, BRIT, UK

150 dogs and 30 puppies

Photos Courtesy of Toronto Star/Tannis Toohey

-- Puppy Mill --

Rescued from puppy mill. Many of the animals were ill, suffering from various conditions including hookworm, whipworm and diarrhea; 5 were euthanized, 3 because of their injuries and 2 because they were too aggressive.

Puppy mill raided in Ontario, two charged (08.25.01)
Vaughan puppy-mill shut down
Animal welfare officers rescue 180 dogs (08.25.01)
Vaughan, Ontario, CAN
5+ dogs Most deceased; 3 dogs were found dead; 2 died from starvation, the 3rd from blood loss due to a gangrenous ear trim; 1 of the dogs had been decapitated. Several other dogs were suffering from various illnesses, including malnutrition. Defendent received 364 days each on six mis-demeanor counts for cruelty to animals; other charges account for balance of 8-yr sentence. Dog abuser gets 8 years
Alamogordo Daily News
Alamogordo, NM
12 Dogs Recovering; a dozen scarred and malnourished pit bull dogs seized; there’s evidence the animals were used in organized dog fights Police looking for the owner of a dozen malnourished dogs
MSNBC / NBC12 Richmond
Richmond, VA
80 - 130 Zoo Animals

Photo Courtesy of Associated Press
Deceased; officials shut down a zoo after 103 wild animals - including several endangered species - were found dead in a freezer. These dead animals represent 76% of the zoo's total collection... autopsies could determine how the animals died, but the condition of the surviving animals, who were as much as 40% underweight, indicated they died of starvation

Rare animals are found in zoo freezer (08.17.01)
The Boston Globe /

Frozen Corpses of 80 Animals Found in Brazil Zoo [View Video]
103 Animals Found Dead in Brazil Zoo (08.16.01)
AP / Yahoo! News
Rio De Janeiro, BR

More than a dozen puppies

Photo Courtesy of WISC-TV
Rescued (dog deceased); SPCA found 13 live dogs and 1 dead dog; 7 of the dogs are believed to be from the same litter, the remaining from another litter. The dogs were feeding off the dead dog, which is believed to be the mother. Humane officer believes said they had to remove "long screws" to access the "locked garage."
SPCA Rescues Malnourished Puppies: Puppies Feeding Off Dead Mother (08.16.01) and
Yahoo! News
Houston, TX
19 Dogs Recovering/being treated; doghouses littered the fenced backyard, dogs were living 3 - 4 to a house, or in muddy holes filled with water. There was water to drink, but it was full of green algae and food was old.

Abused dogs bring cruelty arrest (08.15.01)
Woodworth, LA
Numerous domesticated animals

Photo Courtesy of WISC-TV
Dozens rescued/numerous deceased; left behind to die when store closed

Monona Pet Store Owners Will Stand Trial (12.6.01)
Pet Store Owners Accused Of Freezing A Hamster (11.2.01)
WISC-TV / Yahoo! News

Pets Left To Die In Cages At Monona Store (08.10.01)
WISC-TV / Yahoo! News
Monona, WI

Family dog Recovering; gun shot victim in burglary Robbers Take Money, Shoot Dog (08.10.01)
Yahoo! News
Wickliffe, OH
Dog and Python (snake)
Deceased; left to starve to death Couple Allegedly Moved Out, Left Pets To Die
WTAE/The Pittsburgh Channel and Yahoo! News
Elizabeth, PA
Dog, a small black and white puppy Deceased; found locked in an apartment, left behind by its owners...the tenants had been evicted and allegedly left a dog (apparently starved to death) in the kitchen
Tenants Evicted, Animal Left Behind (08.10.01)
and Yahoo! News
Hamilton, OH
Dogs, cats, and puppy
(Total number unknown)
Most recovering ; animals locked in apartment to die following eviction. One dog died in the apartment. Dog dies; other animals ruin apartment (08.10.01)
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Hamilton, OH
60 dogs and cats Authorities say the home was full of feces, with as many as many as 60 dogs and cats inside with many more animals running loose or in pens outside. "A number of animals in poor health and bad shape," St. Johns County deputy George Letts

Officers Looking For Drugs Find Hundreds Of Dogs, Cats
Yahoo! News

Police find 100 cats and dogs in home during drug search
St. Augustine, FL

Tigger, family cat Recovering; home neutered cat; woman admitted she'd made an incision on her male cat Tigger and pulled his testicles out while he was fully conscious Woman fined for neutering cat at home (07.26.01)
Edmonton, CP, CAN
Popeye and Olive, 2 Lion Cubs
Photo Courtesy of KOCO-TV/ChannelOklahoma
Recovering; two 2-month-old African lion cubs are slowly being nursed back to health after being rescued from a petting zoo...the zoo had cut all of Olive's teeth. Half of her back left paw had to be amputated after it was bound with wire. The cubs, Popeye and Olive, were near death when they were rescued by the G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park.
Once Near Death, Lion Cubs Bouncing Back: Animals Rescued From Petting Zoo (08.8.01)
Wynnewood, OK


Siberian brown bears

Photo Courtesy of The Oklahoman Online

Recovering; 3 emaciated, dehydrated Siberian brown bears rescued from the back of a truck.

Update: The female bear, named Lyra, weighed just 65 pounds when she was rescued and now weighs 475 pounds, Schreibvogel said. Frank has gone from 158 pounds to 575 and the second male, Tesh, has gone from 275 pounds to 600 pounds.

Russian trainer faces Oklahoma trial over bears (02.28.02)

Ex-Soviet Circus Trainer in U.S. Jail Over Bears (08.10.01)
Yahoo! News

Officials: Russian handler starved three bears (08.6.01) Channel 4

Malnourished Bears Expected To Survive (08.8.01)

Rescued brown bears should survive ordeal (08.8.01)
The Oklahoman Online
Oklahoma City, OK

Barney and 2 other carriage horses Deceased; animals lived in nightmarish conditions-- dehydrated, skinny, weak, sick and covered in manure--before dying

Horse-cab operator fined for cruelty (08.23.01)
Philadelphia Inquirer

Horse owner convicted of cruelty again (08.3.01)
Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia, PA

Cattle, 81 heifers and calves

Many deceased/ survivors sold; Investigators discovered the bodies of at least 31 heifers and 7 calves buried in the manure pack and scattered around the lot; 43 remaining cattle, some of which were stuck in the manure pack and near death, were ordered removed from the barn, but Baldwin cleaned the barn before the court order could be carried out.

Baldwin serves time for animal cruelty (08.2.01)
Farm & Dairy Online
Jefferson, OH
7 Geese, 3 Guinea Pigs

Recovering; driver left 7 adult geese and 3 young guinea pigs in wooden crates in his pick-up for more than 14 hours--the temperature inside the truck cap was 130-degrees--while he visited a casino.

Animals left in sweltering truck at casino (07.26.01)
MSNBC / NBC30 Connecticut
Montville, CT
Dogs, 19 dead, 11 malnourished Deceased/recovering; Dog breeder healthy enough to plead innocent (07.19.01)
Yahoo! News
Kane County, IL
Six cats, two dogs and two birds The 10 animals were found locked in a garage, roaming around in extremely filthy conditions; ankle-high animal feces; some will recovering, some may not.
Cats, Dogs, Birds Found Living In Filth (07.6.01)
Yahoo! News
Pompano Beach, FL
29 Cows

Photo Courtesy of News Channel 2000
Most recovering; a young calf in a severely weakened condition was euthanized

Authorities Arrest Owner Of Malnourished Cows (07.4.01)
Yahoo! News

Malnourished Cows Found In Volusia County and Cow Owner Charged With Animal Cruelty
DeLeon Springs, FL

33 Animals - Horses, Sheep, Pigs

Various; police found four animals, including two horses, a sheep and a pig, dead on the property this spring. Woman sentenced to 4 yrs probation and ordered to pay $4,100 restitution to Columbia Co. Humane Society. Also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, is forbidden to own or train any animals, except for a dog, for 5 yrs under the deal. Defendent pleaded no contest to 10 of 33 misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

Woman gets probation for animal cruelty (09.1.01)
Star Tribune

Woman Faces 33 Animal Cruelty Charges: Horses, Sheep, Pig Were Found Dead (06.20.01)
WISC-TV / Yahoo! News
Portage, WI

25 Dairy cows and calves Deceased

Wyoming County woman charged with animal abuse
MSNBC (NY Affiliate)
Rochester, NY

50 Horses Neglected; One dead; three others severely malnourished

Man found Guilty in Animal Neglect Trial (01.31.02)
MSNBC (MI Affiliate)

Animal Abuse Charges
MSNBC (MI Affiliate)
Traverse City/Cheboygan, MI

10 Great Danes Neglected
The 10 dogs were being kept in two pens, each attached to a heated building; "deplorable conditions"
Owner Accused Of Keeping Dogs In Filth (03.21.01)
MSNBC (MI Affiliate)
Detroit, MI
3 Pitbulls "...Left injured, hungry, and scared...3 pit bulls may face death. Animal Control officers found the Pit bulls cowering in fear after a possible forced fight. The fate of the dogs is uncertain." Injured pit bulls await fate
MSNBC (NV Affiliate)
Las Vegas, NV
50 horses, 47 cows and 24 dogs An Antonito-area rancher was arrested for allegedly neglecting his animals; 47 cows, 50 horses and 2-dozen dogs, were dying of thirst and starvation. Girl, rancher suspected of animal cruelty (06.12.01)
Denver Post
Monte Vista, CO
Types of Abuse:

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