April 18, 2002

John Dasburg, Chairman, CEO/President
Burger King
17777 Old Cutler Road
Miami, FL 33157

Re: BK Does It the Veggie-Way!

Dear Mr. Dasburg:

Almost four (4) years to the day that I sent my letter to Burger King as part of a letter writing campaign with tens of thousands of other vegetarians, BK announced the launch of your first-ever Vegan Whopper.

On Saturday, March 16th, my husband and I tried our first BK Veggie™ meal when we ran into Arlington, VA, on some errands. We were both thrilled with the option and enjoyed the flame-broiled veggie-burger's taste.

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you and congratulate you on reaching out to a sizable market of consumers ignored by many of the fast-food giant - we need meals on the go too! Of course, as a public relations professional, I realize just how much value you're sure to find from this new menu item and campaign, especially considering a certain competitor's recent French fry debacle.

Finally, while it may not mean much, but I wanted to tell you that BK has been a "Paws Up" nod of appreciation at my modest website (www.animaladvocacy.net/pawsclaws.html) so that visitors to my website will be made aware of the vegetarian option Burger King now offers.

Thank you again, and I'm sure the cows thank you too!


Leigh-Anne Dennison

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