March 9, 1998

Mr. Paul Clayton, President
Burger King North America
17777 Old Cutler Road
Miami, FL 33157

Re: BK's Veggie Whoppers and Non-Meat Burgers

Dear Mr. Clayton:

As a child in a single-parent, fast-food-easy-dinner family, I was raised with a hearty respect and allegiance to Burger King's quick, convenient meals, a loyalty which extended into my adulthood. At the age of 22 (in July 1992) my husband and I made the decision to become vegetarians out of respect for both our health and the health/lives of the animals we had been eating. At that time, we thought we'd never get to eat at Burger King again. Then, a vegetarian friend told us about the veggie (meatless) whopper. We were thrilled and again began to patronize our favorite fast-food restaurant regularly and happily shared the news of veggie-whoppers with other vegetarian friends.

My husband and I eat at Burger King an average of 3 or 4 times a month when we are "on the go" or just not in the mood to cook; its quite convenient for us since there is a Burger King within walking distance of our home. Usually we have either the veggie whopper or a salad, fries, etc. As you can imagine, grateful though we are for the meal/sandwich option offered, the air-burger whopper can get boring. Recently we read that in Burger King's abroad, there is a spicy non-meat alternative to the air-burger available to BK patrons.

I would like to encourage you to do a test market sampling of this alternative in the United States. If you already are test marketing it here in the U.S., would you mind bringing it to our area? I do not exaggerate to say that our trips to Burger King would probably double with another menu option item like a spicy veggie burger. My husband and I both work in downtown Cleveland (Ohio) where fast food lunch spots offering vegetarian alternatives are scarce, to say the least.

I would also like to relay my hopes that Burger King will set a standard in its market both in offering vegetarian options and in purchasing its meat from more humane, less cruel meat producers (if you are not already, I urge you to please look into your meat providers' practices).

On a personal (side) note, I was a little sad to see that Disney is now offering promotional items with McDonald's instead of Burger King. I am an avid collector of Disney items, specifically promotional items "available with purchase." (Another carry-over from my childhood, I guess.) I have the entire set of collector's cups put out by Disney, distributed through BK, as well as all the puppet characters put out in recent years from such movies as Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I do not patronize McDonald's because of their practices of meat purchase from cruel factory farms and their lack of any meal-type option for vegetarians (their meatless salads being small and unappetizing and their fries too salty for my taste). And, despite the temptation of the collector within, I do not and will not patronize them just to increase my Disney memorabilia.

I thank you for your time and consideration in reading this and for providing a fast, convenient food option for vegetarians worldwide.

Leigh-Anne Dennison

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