December 29, 1999

Monsieur Bernard Trudel, Commissionaire
Province du Quebec

Dear Monsieur Trudel:

Recently I learned about an animal organization operating within your country called the Fauna Foundation. What I have learned is that the organization is interested in securing the right to build a new facility (or facilities) to house chimpanzees, which are currently living at the Fauna Foundation sanctuary, that were retired from biomedical research and other forms of experimentation. I am writing to you to ask that you support the work of the Fauna Foundation, and in particular to help them obtain the right to build new facilities.

I feel that it is our global duty as the intellectuals of the primate species to watch over and care for those non-human primates which have so extensively served mankind. These chimps have endured extraordinary suffering at the hands of man as involuntary experimental subjects in biomedical research, never deserving the treatment they received or difficult lives they endured. After years of subjecting these chimps to experiments, isolation and tiny cages, isn't retirement to adequate care facilities with others of their species the least we can do for these next-of-kin creatures?

As you may or may not be aware, in November a U.S. congressman introduced to our House of Representatives a proposed Chimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance and Protection Act. The purpose of this act is to provide a system of support and sanctuary or a humane "retirement" option for chimpanzees that have been designated as "no longer needed" in research conducted or supported by the Public Health Service. Because I so strongly believe in our global responsibility to protect these non-human primates, I was exceeding pleased to learn of the congressman's efforts and fully support him and the proposed act.

Independent in action but united in cause, our countries have an opportunity to set a precedent by supporting the humane treatment and retirement of chimpanzees. In setting this precedent, we can demonstration to the world a strong example of how countries can unite to resolve important issues. We all owe a better turn to the many chimpanzees incarcerated in laboratories in North America. Your community's support of the Fauna Foundation will bring respect and praise from communities around the world. Please consider helping them.


Leigh-Anne Dennison