July 10, 1998

Ms. Celine Dion
c/o Feeling Productions
2540 Daniel Johnson, Suite 755
Laval, Quebec H7T 2S3

Dear Ms. Dion:

Congratulations on your great success with "Let's Talk About Love" and Titanic.

I wanted to borrow a minute of your time to make you aware of something and to ask you a favor of sorts. I understand that Procter & Gamble is sponsoring the Canadian dates for your tour supporting "Let's Talk about Love." You may not be aware that Procter & Gamble is one of the few companies, which produces household and health and beauty products, that still tests its products on animals. The tests I refer to are NOT mandated by the U.S. government and cause unspeakable pain, suffering and death of countless animals.

Regarding the favor I mentioned, I would like to ask you to demonstrate your obvious kind nature by spreading a message of compassion towards animals and to write a letter to Procter & Gamble requesting an end to needless animal tests and refusing their sponsorship. While Procter & Gamble continues to make claims to animal protection/anti-cruelty organizations stating that they do not wish to hurt animals and want to find alternate means of testing their products, they have not taken any steps towards that goal. Other companies such as Avon have successfully changed over to non-animal safety testing alternatives, Procter & Gamble needs to follow through on their expressed goal.

Please won't you consider adding yours to the voices speaking out against cruel and unnecessary treatment of animals. Encourage Procter & Gamble to follow through on their words.

I thank you for allow me a moment of your valuable time and hope you will consider the information and requests I have shared with you today.

Leigh-Anne Dennison

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