January 31, 2000

Ms. Heidi Schaeffer
955 S. Carillo Dr., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Via Facsimile: (323) 954-4011

Re: Courtney Love, The NY Post, and the Golden Globe Awards

Dear Ms. Schaeffer:

I am writing to you today to hopefully resolve a question being raised about Ms. Love as the result of a gossip column piece which appeared in the January 27th edition of The New York Post regarding the designer gown worn by Ms. Love at the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday, January 23rd.

It may seem like a trivial reason to write, but I assure you the ethics and integrity of Ms. Love are the prime reason for this correspondence. According to the column (which relates an alleged comment by Ms. Love), the designer gown in question, a black couture dress from the House of Christian Dior, originally was adorned with fur trim and beer cans. The columnist wrote that Ms. Love indicated she ripped the trim and cans off the dress prior to arriving for the awards show. Having watched Courtney Love's career from nearly it's beginning, I understand that often she says things in jest and is taken literally and/or seriously by the media.

The ethical/integrity issue concerns a widely publicized stance against fur that Ms. Love took last January when she sent a letter to Fur Age magazine demanding they remove her name from their list of celebrities who wear fur. She was adamant in her letter, which is reproduced on the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website, about her dislike for fur and people who wear it.

As a fan and in the interest of truth, I am writing to respectfully request an official response to the implication (allegation?) that Ms. Love accepted a designer dress which contained fur trim. My concern is that this gossip column might generate negative publicity for the musician/actress. It has already generated discussion on several animal welfare/protection/rights internet mailing lists. These lists are filled with passionate advocates/activists who write letters and editorials, and who frequently take to task celebrities who influence fashion, style and impressionable youth. I would like to present them with a response: Did the dress originally contain fur trim? If so, why did Ms. Love choose to accept the gown when certainly there were other designers who would be happy to dress her elegantly for the evening?

If you choose to respond to my inquiry in your official capacity, I will publish the information on those mailing lists. Please feel free to reach me at:

Leigh Anne Dennison
e-mail: la_peta@yahoo.com

If Ms. Love was being facetious and the gossip column is painting her in a bad light as a result, I can almost assure you that she'll have a plethora of advocates in her corner supporting her and writing letters to The NY Post requesting a retraction (additional positive publicity for Ms. Love). Thank you for your time, and I do hope to hear from you.


Leigh-Anne Dennison
One Fan who hopes Courtney Love remains true to her anti-fur stance

Out of respect for the artist, I have waited one month for a response before posting this letter to my website. While I do not think that a lack of response from her publicist constitutes a confirmation nor a denial, it seems at least to be a decision or reluctance, at least, not to face the issue or question.