January 7, 2000 [sent 8:24 pm]

Mr. Steve Stevens, CEO/President
via e-mail: feedback@ecampus.com

Dear Mr. Stevens:

Having spent or really overspent my share of money on textbooks for college classes and now working to repay a multitude of student loans, I can truly appreciate your mission and your effort to get textbooks into the hands of college students quickly and cheaply. Since I actually kept several of my textbooks (rather than selling them back to the college for a pittance compared to what I paid for them) so I could continue using them as a resource, I could actually see the value of using a websource such as yours even though I'm not currently enrolled in college.

I did, in fact, check out the ecampus.com website because I found some of your commercial funny and the URL stuck in my head when I was surfing the net. Unfortunately, I do not find all of your commercials humorous which is why I am writing to you.

Having caught the most recent addition (at least that I've noticed) of your commercials, the Goldfish, I was deeply disappointed and disgusted by your marketing effort. It does not serve to sell your product any better and has turned me off to the idea of buying books from you, and I am sure I'm not alone. I see by your on-line survey that it is the least favorite commercial of visitors to your website. I would encourage you to re-think that segment of your campaign and pull the spot before you tick off more people than you reach with your message that an education (or at least the materials for one) does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

By the way, now that I am out of college, I am a marketing and public relations coordinator for one of Cleveland's largest architectural firms. My job, as you can surmise, involves marketing strategies, campaigns and advertising so I do know what I am talking about.

I hope you will consider my suggestion thoughtfully and thank you for sharing your time with me in reading this correspondence.

Leigh-Anne Dennison

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