February 1, 2000

Attention: Customer Relations
3113 Woodcreek Drive
Downers Grove, IL 60515-5420

Re: LobsterGram® Gift Item/Valentine's Catalog - Page 7

Dear Customer Relations Representative:

This last weekend I received your newest catalog targeted at the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. Flipping through the circular, I was enjoying the lovely bouquets and gifts so beautifully photographed while secretly wondering which arrangement my husband might select to commemorate our 10th Valentine's Day together. We have both used and like FTD/FTD.com for the convenience of it and the consistently gorgeous arrangements.

Unfortunately my romantic fantasies were rudely interrupted when I reached page 7 and saw the gift item offered through FTD from LobsterGram®. For 9 years my husband and I have shared an ethical vegetarian philosophy, but even before that conscious decision for an animal-free diet, we abhorred with the sale of live lobsters and the methods used to kill them for food. Humane treatment of the "entrée" is about the last item on any menu containing freshly killed/cooked lobsters.

Because marine biologist have been unable to determine with certainty which responses by lobsters are from pain stimuli or merely reflexive, we have no idea just how much pain lobsters feel when killed using boiling water (the most popular method). But there are quite a few things we do know about this member of the crustacean family. For instance, if not trapped by humans, American Lobsters can live to be well over a hundred years old and grow to 42 inches long weighing up to 45 pounds. Sadly, most are captured for food during the equivalent of their pre-teen to adolescent years. In nature, lobster live on the bottom of the ocean burrowing into sand and hiding themselves under rocks to leisurely capture their food. Certainly it seems an awful and painful way to die. Additionally, no living animal should have to endure the hazards of being shipped in the methods used for mail-order items.

I tell you all this because I want to make very clear the reason I want you to REMOVE my name, address and e-mail address from your mailing lists (both standard USPS and e-mail lists). So long as you deal with and offer gifts from LobsterGram®, I will go elsewhere for my flower orders. And I will be sure tell all my similarly-minded friends including those I've made on the internet why I do not use FTD and encourage them to likewise boycott your business until you cease selling live lobsters. I want a florist who deals in flowers and plants, not living beings.


Leigh-Anne Dennison
E-mail: la_peta@yahoo.com

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