March 4, 1998

Mr. Alfred Zeien, Chairperson and CEO
The Gillette Company
Prudential Tower Bldg.
P.O. Box 61
Boston, MA 02199

Dear Mr. Zeien:

I am pleased and excited to find that Gillette is sticking with its moritorium on animal testing of its products. Thank you for re-evaluating the necessity of such cruel animal tests and resolving on the side of kindness and compassion.

My husband and I were a little sadden several years ago when we learned that Gillette tested on animals and that we would have to give up some of our favorites products, but that sadness was small in comparison with the statement we felt we could make and the animal lives could hopefully save by taking a stand against unnecessary animal testing. We cleaned the house of products produced by Gillette and its subsidiaries and encouraged all our friends to do the same.

Feeling secure now that Gillette is serious about its moritorium on testing and hoping to help persuade Gillette to extend this action into a permanent ban on animal testing and torture, my husband and I have recently resumed buying Gillette products. We have shared this news with likeminded friends, who have/had likewise stop buying the products of companies testing on animals.

My husband and I are only two people, but we have many friends and thanks to modern technology such as the internet and electronic mail, we have the ability to befriend and communicate with many, many people all over the country. We have been vocal about our belief in the past and will be just as vocal about Gillette's decision.

I personally have seen other friends excited to learn of Gillette's moritorium, not the least of which was very own my husband who was thrilled when we came to the decision to support Gillette and its new found (or acted on) compassion; it meant he could again buy a Gillette Sensor razor and blades along with Gillette brand shaving cream for his sensative skin. And for me, I am glad to have my favorite Gillette Company Papermate Fine Point pens back on my writing desk.

So, thank you again for taking the side of compassion and stopping non-mandated animal testing in your labs. Please let us encourage you to make the moritorium into a permanent ban on such testing.

In closing, let this letter serve to confirm the words of syndicated columnist Abigail "Dear Abby" Van Buren to the House Judiciary Committee regarding the Consumer Products Safe Testing Act [March 1988], when she said:

"It is totally unconscionable to subject defenseless animals to mutilation and death, just so a company can be the first to market a new shade of nail polish or a new, improved laundry detergent....It's cruel, it's brutal, it's inhumane, and most people don't want it."

I, Mr. Zeien, don't want it, and am glad to find that at least some product manufacturers out there such as you and your company are finally listening to the wants and needs of the consumers. Please, keep it up.

Leigh-Anne Dennison

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