September 30, 1998

Mike Hendricks
Kansas City Star
Via E-mail:

Dear Mr. Hendricks:

A friend of mine from your "neck of the woods" shared your September 24th column on deer control measures with me. As someone who believes in showing compassion to all living creatures, I wanted to thank you for your column.

Here in Ohio and more specifically "my neck of the woods" northeastern Ohio -Cuyahoga County - we have a similar population situation with deer, Ohio metroparks and industrial parkway spreads into natural habitats. Unfortunately, since the deer don't buy copies or place ads in the newspapers, they seldom have much lobbying force to have a voice in our local news publications. My point is that many people in this area are not even aware of the lethal measures for "population control" being considered LITERALLY in their own backyards by the ODNR.

This is why I commend you--for taking the time and using your column inches to make people aware of the situation and maybe even encouraging them to speak out (where the deer obviously can't) about alternative solutions to the population situation.

Its funny......cities all over the world are overpopulated by people who drain natural resources, cause millions of dollars in damage and destroy the environment, but its only the non-human animals we hold accountable for these destructive actions.

Well, again, thank you for giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Leigh-Anne Dennison
Cleveland, Ohio

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