April 15, 1998

Kathy Najimy - "Veronica's Closet"
Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
c/o Warner Brothers TV
4000 Warner Blvd - Bldg 160, Rm 750
Burbank, CA 91522

Re: Article in PETA's Animal Times (Winter '97)

Dear Kathy: Greetings!! I am not a big writer of fan mail, but recently I saw you in the Winter 1997 edition of PETA's Animal Times and decided to send you a written pat-on-the-back and word (or several) of encouragement.

I have always found you wonderfully funny and while I can't recount all I've seen you in, I can tell you (and my husband could attest) that I LOVED you in the Dr. Seuss special and watched it several times. Unfortunately, my hectic schedule (and whose isn't these days?) hasn't allowed me to watch "Veronica's Closet" all the time, but when I've had an opportunity to watch it, I have found it and especially you funny. You always add a wonderful kind of warmth and humor to the characters you portray. I also noticed you have a role in an upcoming movie, as a talk show hostess, I believe-good luck at the box office.

But, this letter isn't just about your acting skills. I wanted to let you know that I think its great that you and your family are pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage you to keep at it. My husband and I have been vegetarians for six years (since our one-year wedding anniversary) and believe me it gets easier. Right now, we are lacto-vegetarians (no eggs, but some dairy); our weakness being cafe lattes with its warm, foamy milk, but we soon hope to find an alternative to that too.

For better or for worse, in our society many, people look to celebrities as role models. You being put in that position by your profession, it is wonderful to see you (and some of your peers) not only support PETA and vegetarian habits, but to offer yourselves are endorsements-advocating a compassion alternative. Thank you for setting a positive example, and again, best of luck with your future endeavors.

Leigh-Anne Dennison

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