February 8, 1999

Honorable Mike D. Harris
Premier of Ontario
Room 281, Legislative Building
Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

Dear Mr. Harris:

I was please to learn recently that Canada will not be holding its annual Spring Black Bear hunt because officials have determined it to be an unnecessarily cruel hunting event.

I wanted to say thank you for making a compassionate choice not to take advantage of the bears' weakened (post-hibernation) condition which is not only shamefully unsportsmanlike, but can result in orphaned young black bears.

Unfortunately, there are a few vocal hunters in the United States (including the former musician Ted Nugent) who are upset by the decision and claim they will enact a tourism boycott of Canada. I consider these to be a poor representation of our country's citizens.

There are many of us in the states who believe that wildlife protection and preservation are necessary, and we applaud your decision and will continue to vacation in your country. We are only too happy to spend our tourist dollars in a country as progressive as yours and will continue to do so!!

Thank you for thinking of the animals first.


Leigh-Anne Dennison