Judge Frank Ochoa
Superior Court Administration
1100 Anacapa Street
PO Box 21107
Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1107

Dear Honorable Frank Ochoa:

I am writing regarding the case against Mr. Oelschlager, who is scheduled for sentencing in your court for the two counts of animal cruelty that he was found guilty of by the Santa Barbara Superior Court Jury.

I would encourage you to sentence him for the maximum amount of time allowed under the laws as he demonstrates the classic symptoms and actions of someone looking to profit from animals without any thought or concern for their welfare. His disregard for these animals lives resulted in the death of a pet rat a customer loved and dearly wanted back. The living conditions these animals were subjected to clearly shows his only interest in them was as a means for making a quick buck.

Mr. Oelschlager made a conscious decision to continue to operate his store at the expense of these poor creatures and claims he was "too busy" to attend to them properly. At any time, he could have made a decision to sell the store or hire a competent manager who could provide proper care. He was given six (6) chances to clean up his store and improve conditions, but he didn't.

I believe it is important that he be sentenced to the fullest extent allowed be law and forbidden from owning or selling animals again. It is essential that he, along with others in our society who operate like him, learn that our society does not approve of or condone the mistreatment or miscare of the animals entrusted to us. Judge Ochoan, I believe that Santa Barbara deserves better than the image perpetuate by this man.


Leigh-Anne Dennison


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