December 22, 1998

Director of Public Relations/Promotions
The Procter & Gamble Company
1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-0599

Re: Enclosed Medicinal Sample

Dear Sir/Madam:

Enclosed please find the medicinal sample which was recently delivered to my home. I return this to you for two main reasons.

First and foremost, I believe that the tests that Proctor & Gamble continues to perform on laboratory animals are unnecessary and I (and you) know that they are not legally required. While information available on your web site indicates that you are “seeking alternatives to animal testing,” the fact is that you continue to test on animals resulting in unnecessary suffering and death.

Because of my strong belief, I have made a personal (and familial) commitment not to buy or use any Proctor & Gamble products until they declare at least a moratorium on animal testing and at most (or best) discontinue all animal testing of their products. Therefore, I am returning this sample to communicate my boycott of the company to you directly.

The other reason I am returning this sample to you is that I am somewhat surprised and dismayed that you would choose to distribute through the mail a sample of a medication which might conceivably end up in the hands of child without the parents awareness. You might want to re-think this marketing campaign/promotional idea BEFORE just such an incident occurs.

From personal experience, one of the simple pleasures of my young life was running out to check the mail for my parents and grandparents (when visiting them). Certainly other children find the same kind of joy in this errand. Consider also latchkey kids who arrive at home well before their parents are likely to check the mailbox when arriving. In either of these circumstances children would have access to your medicinal sample and take it without parental awareness. Thus, I also return this sample to you to make this point clear.

For the record, I do not feel--whether it meets legal requirements or not--that the minutely typed line on the postcard which reads: “FOR YOUR FAMILY’S PROTECTION, KEEP THIS AND ALL DRUGS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN” sufficiently protects children.

I hope you will take a moment to seriously consider these points, and I thank you for your time.


Leigh-Anne Dennison

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