July 11, 1998

Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams
c/o The Outside Organisation
Queens House
180-182 Tottenham Court Road
London W1P 9LE

Dear Victoria:

Because of your fame and popularity as a powerful girl who has succeeded in the industry, you set an example--a standard--for the mode of dress and actions of many little girls and young women (like it or not--that's the burden placed on those in the limelight). Because of this, I felt compelled to write you about a tragic situation that involves one of your clothing choices--particularly, the choice to wear fur.

Perhaps you were not aware of the cruelty involved in the entire fur harvesting process. I thought that if you learned more about it, you might choose to make a different statement. As such, I hope you will take just a couple brief minutes of your time to read the attached article about how fur is "farmed."

After reading it, you might want to join the ranks other celebrities who have chosen to say "no to fur." They include designers Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, and Oleg Cassini (who have stopped using fur in their lines), as well as actors Alec Baldwin, Kim Bassinger, musician Paul McCartney, and models Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, and Cindy Crawford (who no longer work with or wear fur).

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter and this article. I hope you will find it informative, decide with compassion over fashion, and alleviate the suffering and tragedy that fills these small creatures' short lives by not wearing. You would be setting a wonderful example for all the young girls and women who admire you.

Won't you please use that "girl power" for compassion's sake.

Leigh-Anne Dennison

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