July 23, 2001

Ms. Sue Coe
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c/o Galerie St. Etienne
24 West 57th Street
New York, New York USA 10019


c/o Farm Sanctuary
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I am writing today because I have long been an appreciator of Sue Coe's work and would like to notify her of an incident that has occurred within the art community that I believe she will find most distressing. It relates to the torture and murder of a cat in the name of "art."

One article about the case appears at the end of this email. My husband and I have both spoken with members of the Toronto Police Service who confirmed the facts of this article verbally and via a fax of a press release issued on June 11th (viewable at www.geocities.com/la_peta/toronto.html).

I write in particular to Ms. Coe because when my husband and I began to speak out about this and challenge the "artistic" value of the videotaped torture of another living creature, we were accused of being "Philistines" who are on a "witch-hunt" to prosecute art which we are--it is suggested--too dull to understand.

While neither of us are formally trained in art or art appreciation (critiquing), we both are college educated individuals with a great appreciation for art and artists of varying styles and periods. (One of my personal favorites being Edward Hopper, while my husband prefers the surrealist works of Salvador Dali.)

The article included here references one artist who has come out against these supposed "work of art" and the student(s) who are attempting to pass off and excuse cruelty as artist exxpression and freedom. I wanted to make Ms. Coe aware of the situation hoping that as a respected artist in her own right, she too might speak out against this so-called "art."

I would very much appreciate it if you would forward this information and article to Ms. Coe, and/or share with any members of the art community who would be concerned with this video and how it might affect the image of the art community at large.

I thank you kindly for your time and attention.

Leigh-Anne Dennison
Alexandria, Virginia

Skinning of cat divides art community 'Between art and snuff': Gallery's directors stand by the accused

Ms. Sue Coe was good enough to craft a response and email it to me herself; please view it for yourself.