November 13, 1998

Ms. Jan Donlan
Senior Vice President
Orlando Science Street
777 East Princeton Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Re: Orlando Science Center's Annual Pet Fair Winterfest
Tiger's Eye Productions

Dear Ms. Donlan:

I have a special friend who lives in the Orlando area (whom I don't see nearly enough) and was excited to hear the news that your Science Center celebrates the special relationship between people and their pets with an annual winter festival. However, recently I also learned that Mr. David McMillan of Tiger's Eye Productions had been invited to your annual Pet Fair Winterfest for the purpose of promoting his training school for exotic animals. I would like to ask you to reconsider your invitation for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that if your Winterfest is centered on "pets," then an exotic animal trainer might be sending the wrong message to attendees--specifically that exotic animals can or should be made into pets. This is dangerous to both animals and humans for a number of reasons and in many areas is illegal.

The second reason I ask you to reconsider Tiger's Eye Productions' (TEP) participation in your Winterfest is that the training and behavior maintenance practices of TEP have been called into question by concerned animal welfare organizations. It has been alleged that not only has TEP clubbed and punched its animals as well as dragging them by their chain leashes, but that said events have been recorded on videotape.

While I have not seen these tapes personally, I consider the source of this information reliable. Further, I believe that even the allegations of such actions put your Center in a potentially damaging position--that is, I would be concerned that affiliating your organization with TEP would implicate an agreement with such heinous and cruel practices--something I am certain your Center would not want.

Having said my peace, let me just add that, in my opinion, an event such as yours should be used to encourage responsible pet ownership while recognizing the emotional rewards and joys that go hand-in-hand with those responsibilities.

Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your valuable time to share my opinion.


Leigh-Anne Dennison