$200 REWARD!

Lonesome has been stolen and could've been taken anywhere in Canada or the U.S. As you'll read below, Lonesome is sick. If the person who has stolen her plans to keep her as a pet hopefully they will soon realize this and take her to a vet (or turn her in at an SPCA). If she's brought in, they'll be able to identify her by her ID tattoo. Lonesome's person has stated that she will do anything and go anywhere if it means getting Lonesome back safely. (More details below.)

From Lonesome's caregiver:

My dog Lonesome is missing, and I believe she has been taken [stolen] from our home deliberately. I am making an effort to notify all animal clinics and shelters that I can find in Yukon, Northern BC, and Alaska. Not only is she a missing dog, but she s a missing dog in need of medication (she's on Doxycyclene and glucosomene - she has all the symptoms of Lyme Disease and is being treated for it due to time spent in southern areas where it's prevalent).

If they (you) have stolen Lonesome and plan to keep her, then please realize she needs veterinary care - some vet's office somewhere will see her soon.

We've alerted customs for people trying to cross over into Alaska, but they don't always ask for proof of papers for animals. If they took her over the border right away, our notification will be too late.

I'm getting desperate, and I'm soooooo worried about her. She'll be frightened and in pain without her medication, and I know she's missing us as much as we're missing her.

And please, please, please let me know if you think she may have already been in your clinic/shelter and who brought her in. We've notified the RCMP in Dawson and I'll do anything and go anywhere to find her.


Have you seen LONESOME?

  • ID # E4E80 (tattoed inside her ear, may be faded/covered by fur)
  • 65 lb female
  • Black and white husky cross
  • 6 years old
  • Brown eyes
  • wearing a red collar
  • Incredibly friendly and good natured!

Seventh & Princess, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
SOMETIME AFTER 10:30 pm TUESDAY, JUNE 19th, 2001

Lonesome was let off her lead on purpose -- either as a prank or has been stolen outright. Caregiver is offering a $200 reward for her return but, honestly, I'll do almost anything to have her back.

Lonesome is on anti-biotics for an illness and needs to come home! She doesn't look sick, but may be moving as though she has arthritis/stiff joints; she can't defend herself and can't move out of the way of cars.

If Lonesome's collar has been removed she has an ID tattoo inside her ear (may be faded) - I can also identify other little things about her if there's a need.


From Caregiver:

First, I want to thank everyone who replied to my plea for help regarding my stolen dog. Some sent messages of sympathy, some put up notices in their areas or posted them at their local vets/shelters, and others forwarded my message to countless other animal loving individuals and organizations. I’ve gotten literally hundreds of messages from people that I didn’t personally e-mail – I can’t believe the power of the Internet!

I especially want to thank the reporter in Oklahoma City who turned my message into a news story and put it out across North America – it made it back to the Yukon and into my local paper!!!

Lonesome hasn’t come home yet.  I’ve pretty much started to give up hope. I can’t imagine her ever being returned home...But at the same time I can’t stop looking. Crying myself to sleep every night is pretty self-destructive so I have to keep at it. At least searching is doing something.

Locally, I’ve exhausted all leads. I figure I’ll keep raising my reward until I get into the 4 digit numbers – if no one answers then she’s definitely not around here...

Lonesome is posted on 12 Internet lost/stolen sites that I know of...thanks. Please keep her there. Please keep her posted everywhere (sites, bulletin boards, etc.) – someone, somewhere will eventually see her – exposure is Lonesome’s only hope.

I wanted to change a couple of things in Lonesome’s “ad”. I want to add that she has brown eyes (I’ve had several calls re blue–eyed huskies) and that she’s spayed (she can’t be used for breeding)...please leave in the info about her illness – it may be her ticket home if she’s taken to a vet or dumped at an SPCA.

I can’t imagine how people deal with stolen children – devastated doesn’t begin to describe what I feel and Lonesome, much as I adore her, is not a child. I hope this deviant lowlife gets hit by a train. Actually I want Lonesome back first and then I want the scum who took her to have to suffer – then get hit by a train!

I’ll keep everyone posted – as my reward changes and, in case of a miracle, I get my baby back. Then I’ll be singing from the rooftops!

Again, my heartfelt thanks,
Lonesome’s person,
Julie Beaumont

Box 1701, Dawson City -- Yukon Territory, Canada -- Y0B 1G0

867-993-5835 (eve) -- 867-993-6937 (days)
j.beaumont@yknet.ca or jabeaumont@hotmail.com
The Dawson Humane Society 867-993-6900