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Cleveland Amory Linda McCartney
This website is dedicated in part to the life and memory of a great man in the animal rights arena who recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge himself, Mr. Cleveland Amory. Author, humorist, humanitarian, founder of the Fund for Animals, Crumudgeon and so much more.
It is also dedicated to the memory and work of Linda McCartney for the way she dedicated much of her life, time and energy to easing the pain and suffering of animals around the world. The world will miss her compassion.

(1917 - 1998)

(1942 - 1998)


Our baby boy was taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly
on May 17, 2001, by a heart condition which is difficult to impossible
to diagnose in felines. Please visit my detailed memorial to this special cat.
Tuner Criswell
Cherie Kaye (Dennison)

He crossed that Rainbow Bridge
in November of 1990; by the time we
discovered the cancer it was too late.

She was put to sleep when the
pains and ailments of old age
became too much for her little body.

Shadow Criswell
Angel Criswell-Dennison

Shadow loved Turner and grieved when he died. Several years later, they were reunited over the Rainbow Bridge.

I wish we had done more for her (you)...
Thanks Mom for looking after her.



Our Lost Pigeon
June 5, 1999

A Few Words on Grief

If you have recently experienced the loss of a beloved companion animal, know that you have my deepest sympathy and condolences. You are not alone in your grief and bereavement. It is okay to cry; rage and wail at the loss, if you need to. Our companion animals are family and deserve to be mourned as such. Also realize that everyone grieves differently, copes differently, and heals differently from the loss and separation of death. It may take a long time and that's okay.

Find and draw comfort and peace where you can. Some cannot bear the thought of bringing a new companion into their lives, others find the need to fill the void left by the lossed loved one--because it is so overwhelming--that they seek a new animal friend immediately, and still others find volunteering and helping others is the comfort they need to heal their own broken heart.

If your grief and bereavement becomes so great that you turn to thoughts of self-endangerment (or punishment for misplaced guilt, anger or rage), seek professional bereavement counseling. Even if you aren't a danger to yourself or others, you may benefit from counseling or joining a group of people who are in mourning as you. There are places and people who specialize in dealing with those who grieve for a lost companion animal, which can have special issues and require special counsel.

If you have a memory of a lost love one you wish to share, please feel free to e-mail me. If you would like to add your loved one to my might wish to include his/her name, your name and e-mail address (which will only appear in the tribute at your request), relevant dates, a short tribute, dedication, or story of your loved one lost, a photo and/or a link to a photo (or your website).

Bear (Unknown)

I had a dog named Bear. I've known her all my life up until she died from cancer. She was my best friend in the world. I'm now 14 and miss her dearly. I cried for about three days, it was horrible.

Submitted 04.30.05

Grumpy aka Grumps (Unknown)

This is my cat "Grumpy." He was shot and killed by a man -- cause he wandered in his yard -- two days before his first birthday. I miss him so much. He was such a big, beautiful cat. We love you, Grumps!!!!

Submitted 04.05.04

Angel and Rommel Bell (07.05.03)

I really would like to have a Memorial for Angel and Rommel Bell who was put to rest on
7-5-03. I feel so empty and have a great big void in my heart, and I will always feel a great big hole in heart and will always love them forever.

Submitted 07.12.03

Tuff Stuff (12.26.2002)

My cat's name was Tuff Stuff. He used to be called Panther but I changed his name after my sister gave him to me when he was still very young and I helped him through a problem he had. That's why I named him Tuff Stuff. He wasn't mean or a bad kitty. Just a real fighter to live and I loved him so.

This following is a letter to Tuff Stuff:
You gave me so much unconditional love that when you died a piece of me died with you, I didn't know it would be this painful to say goodbye, but it was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. You could no longer do the things you loved doing like running and playing and just walking became so difficult for you. That's not to say you didn't try; how brave you were, you wouldn't give up trying, not for a minute. I hope that someday we will be together again and then all the sorrow at your loss will cease forever and nothing will be left but love.

I Love You and Miss You so much, Tuffy.
Your Loving Human,
Submitted 01.06.2002

Bopper (11.14.2002)

My dog Bopper died November 14th 2002. He was a miniature collie, and I miss him.

Submitted 11.29.2002

Vishnu (04.04.01)

...I want you to know that I like your memorial page and your article on pet loss. I had to put my beloved cat to sleep due to cancer-related complications on April 4th, and I've been beside myself ever since. I made a page for her with poems that comfort me.

Submitted 04.15.01

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