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Added 05.07.02
...Leaving a Light on More Than
Tired Travelers

The slogan, "We'll leave a light on for you," was as good as gold for getting travelers to remember the Motel 6 chain. Now, The Accor Group, parent company to a host of international hotel chains and restaurants including Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn, recently showed they have a heart of gold when they put a spotlight on two HSUS programs -- "Pets for Life" and "Diaster Recovery."

A recent article in The Washington Times has Accor ad man, Mike Breslin (Ketchum), quoting the group's Executive Vice President Carol Ann Kirby as saying: "We entered into the relationship with the HSUS to highlight the longstanding pet-friendly policies at our Motel 6, Red Roof Inn and Studio 6 properties." As a pet caregiver (to 4 felines), a rescue group volunteer and an animal lover, I cheer Kirby and Accor's commitment to companion animals and their guardians--I give two paws up!

You can show your support for their commitment to people and pets by writing them a short and polite letter (read mine) and by choosing their hotels and restaurants for your travel and recreation needs.

Write to: Mr. George Le Mener, President and CEO ~ Accor Economy Lodging
P.O. Box 809092 ~ Dallas, TX, 75380-9092 ~ Fax: 972/702-5996
Or call and leave a polite message of thanks at (972) 386-6161

Added 05.07.02
NC Senator Jesse Helms [R] and
Ontario Judge Ted Ormston
in a cat and mouse game...

Well, not exactly...this is no game, but it looks as if both men are losers. Claws are OUT at this two supposedly esteemed government officials. One was charged with adjudicating a case of severe cruelty and the other was partially responsible for the passage of an amendment to a farm bill that changes the Animal Welfare Act to intentionally overlook rodents (mice and rats) and birds as "animals" and, therefore, exempting them from humane protection rules in the act.

"A rodent could do a lot worse than live out its life in research facilities," Senator Jesse Helms [R-NC] said on the Senate floor. "I wonder if anyone in the chamber has ever seen a hungry python eat a mouse. ... Isn't it far better for the mouse to be fed and watered in a clean laboratory than to end up a tiny bulge being digested in an enormous snake?"

"There are worse ways that this cat could have died," said [Toronto] Ontario [CAN] Court Judge Ted Ormston on April 18th, 2002, in delivering his meager sentence in the now infamous Artist-Cat-Torture case.

I'm sensing a sad trend here. Since when do we play by THOSE rules -- judging (alleged or potentially) illegal, immoral or unethical actions by the "it could be worse" rule? So to both of you I say "Boo and HISS!"

Added 03.25.02
Paws UP! After years of lobbying...
BK Does It the Veggie-Way!

Almost four (4) years to the day I sent my letter to Burger King as part of a letter writing campaign with tens of thousands of other vegetarians, BK announced the launch of their first-ever vegan burger (an actual burger, not just the toppings on a bun as many fastfood veg'ans have gotten used to).

My husband and I tried our first BK Veggie™ meal on Saturday, March 16th, and were quite thrilled with that flame-broiled veggie taste. Need a bonus? This sandwich is served with reduced fat mayo so it clocks in at only 10 grams of fat and 330 calories. (Go "mayo free" for a completely vegan treat and even fewer calories and fat grams.) Paws up BK -- look for that thank you letter...

BURGER KING® Launches First-ever Veggie Burger with the Great Taste of Flame-broiling
Send your congrats and gratitute to: John Dasburg, Chairman, CEO and President
Burger King North America, 17777 Old Cutler Road, Miami, FL 33157

Added 03.07.02
Cindy...Not so Super Model out to "super" model Cindy Crawford who recently took a walk down the catwalk in a knee-length fur coat. [Ananova] [NYPost]

In 1994, Crawford appeared with fellow supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss in PETA advertisements swearing they would "rather go naked than wear fur." In the print ads, Crawford was wearing only a faux fur hat. Crawford now joins Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as turncoats by donning fur coats.

Crawford, however, claims (via her publicist) that she never agreed with PETA's credo. She says that Crawford had only been "really nice" to PETA and never consented to being a PETA, anti-fur role-model or spokesperson. She further says Crawford was photographed in the hat as a favor to faux-fur hat designer, Todd Oldham.

Added 02.26.02

Thanks (Paws Up) to Radio America
On Wednesday, February 13th from 7:30 to 8:00 pm Radio America, based in Washington DC, dedicated an entire segment of their show to the subject of animal advocacy fueled by recent anti-cockfighting legislation and an article on entitled: "Cockfighting May Be KO'd by Congress." Jim Metcalf was sitting in for regular talkshow host Gary Nolan with Steve Ray producing, and I was the interviewee. I was treated with respect, and Jim and I discussed the subject in an informative, productive and non-confrontational manner--especially impressive given the conservative political stance of the Radio America network. If you'd like to thank Radio America for addressing the issue of cockfighiting among other AR issues, drop producer Steve Ray an email message. THANKS!

Added 01.09.02

Two Paws Up for Jeep® and their New Deer Advert
In Jeep’s new ‘Deer Hunter’ commercial, a man drives a Jeep with two seemingly dead deer tied to the top
through a wooded site, where hunters in camouflage can be seen hiding near the road. seeming dead. The driver of the Jeepcrosses to a location bearing a “No Hunting” sign. He stops the Jeep, gets out and releases the deer. After the driver tells the deer they are safe, the deer bound away. Other Jeep owners are shown doing the same thing in the background.

Sports hunters are giving Jeep/DaimlerChrysler a hard-time over their compassion ad, so it's important to communicate your appreciation to them. Write words of praise to:

Dieter Zetsche, CEO ~ DaimlerChrysler ~ P.O. Box 218004 ~ Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004
Ph 248-512-2992 ~ Fax 248-512-1760 ~ Customer Asst Ph 800-992-1997 ~

NOTE: Unfortunately, Jeep was inundated with calls from irrate hunters and have since pulled the ad.

Added 01.03.02

Swanky Paws Up for Centro-Fly
Could changing their leather to pleather be too far behind?

Ultra-hip New York night club Centro-Fly has recently joined fellow hotspot SPA in adopting a "no fur" door policy. Owner Tom Sisk wants fashionistas to know that fur doesn’t fly at Centro-Fly and has directed his door people to turn away all fur-wearing club crawlers. Centro-Fly’s animal-friendly stance isn’t popular with New York’s furriers, however, and the club is receiving a barrage of e-mailed insults.

To contact Centro-Fly to applaud their fur-free policy,
call, write or e'em at: Centro-Fly
45 W 21st Str, NY, NY 10010~ P: 212-627-7770/F: 212-627-0099 / E: Centro-Fly


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