Letterhead: Burger King Corporation Consumer Relations

March 24, 1998

{Inside Address}

Dear Ms. Dennison:

Thank you for your recent letter requesting information regarding Burger King Corporation's plans for a veggie burger.

Burger King Corporation has tested meatless burgers at targeted locations in the past.

The test came about when a franchisee suggested an alternative vegan product in his restaurants after he visited England where the Spicy Beanburger is available at Burger King ® restaurants. The Spicy Beanburger contains no animal products and is made from green peppers, carrots, kidney beans, onions, garlic, potatoes and chiles. The Spicy Beanburger is also topped with cheese, though, thanks to the Burger King tradition of a HAVE IT YOUR WAY ®, customers can elect to have this item omitted. Unfortunately, suppliers could not produce our system with a sufficient quantity of this product on an ongoing basis, and the test was dropped.

Following the Spicy Beanburger, Burger King conducted a trial with a soybean-based product called the Griller. Some vegetarians rejected the Griller, since it contained egg whites. Since the Griller met with mixed results, we ceased that test as well.

While we have no immediate plans to test a new vegetarian burger, may I suggest you try our BK BROILER ®. As with any of our products, you can HAVE IT YOUR WAY®, thereby eliminating mayonnaise or other condiments.

As a small token of my appreciation for you taking the time to write, please accept the enclosed Burger King gift certificates for you to use in any of our restaurants, at any time. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


Martha Ramierz (Genuine Signature)

Martha Ramierz
Supervisor, Consumer Relations


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