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In a bit of irony, ODNR's logo on their letterhead is a feathered friend, a chirpy little cardinal.
October 2, 1998

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Dear Ms. Dennison:

Your letter regarding the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife web site on the mourning dove was forwarded to me from the Governor's office. In 1994, we supported the legislation that made mourning dove season possible, joining Ohio with 37 other states that offer mourning dove hunting. That support was based on the conviction that dove hunting is a necessary element in the Division of Wildlife's winning strategy of professional, science-based wildlife management.

The web site you refer to gives information on mourning doves and mourning dove hunting in support of the 1994 legislation. The ODNR's Division of Wildlife was formed over a century ago to manage our fish and game. The Ohio Revised Code (1531.04 and 1531.08) authorizes the Division to set season dates and bag limits with the best biological information available. Dove hunting, deer hunting, Canada goose, ruffed grouse pheasant, quail hunting, and many other types of hunting and fishing are all promoted and regulated by the wildlife agency. Information is distributed on seasons and hunting through the web site, publications, displays, and various other methods.

Our agency has been very sensitive to the legal restrictions on what information we share on dove hunting, particularly since this became a ballot issue. In the specific instance of the website, we had the Attorney General's office review it to ensure the information was appropriate.

ODNR's Division of Wildlife, primarily funded by hunting and fishing license dollars, has very successfully and professionally managed Ohio's wild animal populations. The information on the web site is not inappropriate.


Signed by J. William Moody
for Donald C. Anderson DCA/bb

cc: Governor's Office

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