Letterhead: Museum of Science and Industry

April 15, 1999

{Inside Address}

Dear Ms. Dennison:

Thank you for your recent letter concerning the Museum's baby chicks. I appreciate and share your concern for hte humane treatment of animals in our care. The chick hatchery has been an important and memorable learning experience for families and school groups for more than forty years. Our intent is for visitors to gain and share a greater appreciation for processes of biological development through their contact with the display.

Reflecting this intent, the Museum made the decision last year to relocate the chick hatchery out of the "Food for Life" exhibit and into a new "Genetics" exhibit that is scheduled to open in about 18 months. We are planning upgrades to the hatchery itself to improve both its educational value and the environment for the chicks. In addition, I have asked my staff to review the practices for the post-hatchery treatment of chicks at this institution and other zoos and museums with hatcheries. Realistic alternatives to current practices will be considered.

I respect your point of view on this issue and will make it a part of our ongoing review.


David R. Mosena
President and CEO

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