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Dear Leigh-Anne,

Thank you for your comments sent to the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD). I can assure you that the Ontario College of Art & Design is also appalled and shocked by the alleged activity. In no way does OCAD condone cruelty to animals, or criminal acts of any kind, nor do we see such activity as acceptable as art.

Of the three individuals charged, only Jesse Power is a student of Ontario College of Art & Design. What Power allegedly did, he did as a private citizen. The alleged material he produced was never known to anyone at OCAD, nor produced as part of his studies. His actions are completely independent of OCAD. If the alleged activity proves to be true, it is tragic, but an isolated incident, and does not reflect the values or ideals of art and design education at the Ontario College of Art & Design.

We regret that OCAD's position was not made clear in recent media coverage and would appreciate you forwarding our position to other interested parties including those who view your web site http://www.geocities.com/la_peta/letters.

Thank you again for your comments.
Laura Matthews
Director, Communications
Ontario College of Art & Design
Tel 416-977-6000 ext 222
Fax 416-977-4080

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