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July 14, 1998

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Dear Ms. Dennison:

Thank you for your letter. We, at PETsMART, are very much aware of the problem facing those animals who are relinquished to animal shelters each year. It is for this reason that many years ago we began, and still maintain the Luv-A-Pet program that helps take these animals from shelters and give them good adoptive homes. Through the years we have assisted in the adoption of thousands upon thousands of these animals.

PETsMART and its employees founded and fund the largest single charitable trust in the world with the exclusive mission of ending the euthanasia of some wonderful animals. We continue to educate and teach pet owners about the responsible ownership of all pets.

We are constantly involved with people who love animals and reptiles of all kinds and who wish to express that love in different ways. They are the kind and caring people who want to bring a pet into their lives and/or lives of their children. They marvel in the love that they or their children express for their pet. As you may know, for a child, taking care of a pet is a rewarding life experience and the responsibility of feeding and attending to a pet's needs is of great value in preparation for adulthood.

There are also those people whose life work is to protect and care for animals whose owners no longer want them. They provide a most valuable service for the animals that they take under their wing. We have been working with many of these people as individuals and as groups in doing what we can to assist with the abandoned animals.

The dilemma that we face on a daily basis is, do we deny a pet to families who would love and take care of it as a member of their family because of a few people who are irresponsible? When one considers this question on a more global basis, it creates the same dilemma. We are very much aware that there are parents who mistreat and abandon their children. Do we, as a society, deny children to everyone because of those few who are irresponsible? The answer, obviously, is "no." As a society, we provide for the education of parents, adoption of those unfortunate children who no longer have families, and penalties for those who mistreat children.

At PETsMART, through our educational and training programs, we provide the basics necessary for responsible pet ownership. We help with adoptions through our Luv A Pet program. We also try to provide thsoe families who would love a pet as a member of their family, the pet of their choice.

As a Company, we have gone to great lengths to be responsible in how we deal with this very sensitive situation. Our hope is to provide the very best circumstances for the animals and their families who visit our PETsMART stores -- where pets are family.


Philip L. Francis
President and Chief Executive Officer


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