Letterhead: Procter & Gamble

January 20, 1999

{Inside Address}

Dear Ms. Dennison:

Thank you for contacting Proctor & Gamble about product safety testing.

Government regulations require new drug products to be tested on animals, specifically monkeys or dogs depending on the nature of the study material. In our research, animals receive anesthetics and analgesics to minimize discomfort whenever possible. We also expect respectful treatment. Once we learned animals were treated rudely in a study done for us, we decided not to place any new studies at the contract lab.

We do no unnecessary safety testing on animals. Even when a law doesn’t specifically state that animal tests must be used, government authorities still expect a manufacturer to do them if they’re considered scientifically necessary to ensure the safety of new materials.

Since there aren’t sufficient proven alternative tests, we’re very active in our efforts to get new ones accepted by regulatory agencies in the U.S. and around the world. As shown in the attached information, the FDA and respected animal welfare groups are working with us to help develop and validate alternative tests. Please encourage the organization that prompted you to write to join in this cooperative effort.

We believe spending $90 million for alternative research is a good investment. Not only is the use of animals avoided, but reliable alternative testing costs less and is more time efficient than animal research.

Thanks for your interest. We hope you find this information helpful.


Jane Cooper
Consumer Relations - CCT

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