Letterhead: Nestle Consumer Services Center

NOTE: I have typed this letter EXACTLY as I received it; all grammatical errors and typos are those of the NESTLE EMPLOYEE who typed it, including the question marks instead of apostrophes.

May 01, 1998

Ref Number: 1107901259

{Inside Address}

Dear Leigh-Anne Dennison:

Thank you for contacting us about our billboard for STOUFFER?S French Bread Pizza.

Input from viewers about our billboard is helpful to our marketing department. The outdoor ad campaign we running is targeted at a specific group of 18-34 years olds who are individualists and think of themselves as slightly irreverent. The campaign?s message is meant to be contemporary, upbeat, fun, and unique. We are not intending to portray vegetarianism or religion in a negative manner, and we don?t any of our ads are insulting or degrading. We are simply using those very current topics to pull the consumer into our message. Input from viewers about our commercials is helpful to our marketing department and to our advertising agencies. We reported you comments to our advertising department so they will be aware of your feelings.

We appreciate your interest in our products

Susan Franklin (Computer Generated Signature)

Susan Franklin Manager, Consumer Services Center

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