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 AIN'T NO CURE for the Summertime Mews & Alerts
Summer Heat Protection Tips for Pets
(06.08.05) Yahoo! News
Leaving Pets or People in Hot Cars Can Be Deadly
(06.09.05) WBOY-TV
Traveling with pets takes planning
(06.09.05) Patuxent River Tester
Protecting your pets this summer
(06.09.05) News 10 Now
The Dog Days of Summer;
How Pet Owners Should Prep For The Hot Weather

(06.09.05) Long Island Press
 HELP 'EM BEAT THE HEAT - What do to in a Heat Emergency

In the dog days of summer when temperatures climb, we may forget our best friends are wearing fur coats year 'round and may need our help to keep cool.

REMEMBER, it is DANGEROUS to leave children or pets in a car for ANY length of time. Even with the windows "cracked" and water available small children, dogs, cats and the elderly can quickly and often fatally succumb to heat stroke, so don't take any chances.

Dive into Summer with My Dog is So Cool
It's Gettin' Hot in There...

When temperatures outside reach
93° Fahrenheit (34° Celsius), even with
the window cracked, the temperature
inside the vehicle can reach:

125° F (52° C) in 20 minutes and
140° F (60° C) in 40 minutes.

Even when the temperatures outside
aren't as high, risks are! When
temperatures reach:

73° F outside, means temperatures of...
107° F in 20 minutes inside the car

86° F outside, means temperatures of...
132° F in 5 minutes/car in direct sun and
109° F in 10 minutes/car in shade

Sources: | Davis Instruments

Dogs & Cats: Hot Weather Tips ASPCA
10 Minutes to Disaster BC SPCA, Canada
Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dogs AMTN
Don't Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car
Cool It! Summer's Heat Can Be Deadly
for Your Pet
Don't Let Your Dog Get Hot Under the Collar
Summer Pet Safety Tips: Heatstroke
Animal Aid of SW MI
Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car May Be Hazardous to Its (his/her) Health
AKC [For a free copy of summer safety tips from AKC, call 919-233-9767]
 IN CASE of Emergency...
Know the signs of heat exhaustion.
Professionals, such as police K9 units, use the Hotdog™ system to protect their canines.
Remove the animal to a cool, shaded area.
Apply cool -- not cold -- water all over the animal to bring down his/her body temperature.
If it is not your animal, contact authorities and take immediate steps to save the
animal's life.
Provide cool water for the animal to drink (encourage slow drinking at first to prevent a shock to the system), and/or allow him/her to suck and chew on ice cubes.
Temperature Monitoring Systems for Cars © 1998 Copyright Criminalistics, Inc.
Hotdog: $328 and Hotdog Portable (Pictured) $805.00 (shipping not included).

POOCH Protection
Pet Sunscreen Sunscreen
to protect
your K9
UV rays.

To protect
your pup's
Doggles - Eye Protection for Your Pet
K9 Quencher

 MADE IN THE SHADE - Keeping Cool & Hydrated on the Go!

Handi-Drink by Pet-Crew
Available at Petco, Wal-Mart
and other pet retailers.

Clips on any water bottle.
Available at Pet Crew

Available at PetSmart

K9-Quencher, a sports drink for dogs, has this article on dehydration in dogs:
Don't Ignore Dehydration in Dogs by Robin Truelove Stronk, DVM (June 24, 2004)

= Vegan 
= Eggs 
= Dairy 
= Eggs/Dairy
= Honey
= Alcoholic


Summer Safety Tips


 FIRE UP THE GRILL...Vegetarian Fare for BBQs and Picnics

There are now a plethora of meat-free items including burgers, veggie hot dogs, sausage and riblets that can go on the grill with those veggies!

For the Backyard Cookout
Festive Rice Salad - This salad is an excellent dish to double for a picnic potluck with friends -- EVERYONE loves it!
Gazpacho - Cool and refreshing with a little zip and a whole lot of vitamins, this cold soup hits the spot on a hot day!
For the Picnic Basket
Cottage Crunch (Wrap)
Tofu Twister (Wrap)
On the Grill
Marinated Tofu Kabobs
Shanghai Grilled Tofu
Cooling Off
Frozen Hot Cocoa - What would summer be without sweet treats?
So how about some home-spun,
home-churned ice "cream" when the temperatures soar?

It's just not summer without
a few (veggie) dogs on the grill!
All the flavor--none of guilt!

BBQed riblets - are out of this world!
Low fat, carbs and vegan--big on taste!

Or do you prefer grilled sausage?
Boca's got Smoked, Italian or Bratwurst!

And don't forget the veggie burgers!
Enjoy Soy!


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