Third Accomplice Sentenced, Another Slap

UPDATE: Kaczorowski was sentenced to 6 months in custody for cruelty and 3 years probation for mischief.

He was immediately released from jail for "time served." He "received 8 months credit for the time he spent in jail awaiting sentencing" despite only spending 4 months in jail.

According to the website:
Because of a decision through the Court of Appeal on the Jesse Power case, the Judge on Matt's case was restricted from handing out more jail time, but instead was able to give out 3 years of restricted probation on the mischief charge.

Matt received the following sentence: time served in pre-trial custody (2-for-1 credit for his stay at the Don jail) plus 3 years restricted probation.

The probation terms are as follows:
- counselling recommended by the probation officer
- must not be in possession of weapons or animals
- must reside at an approved location
- 200 hours of community service
- must not stay in Toronto

Man sentenced, released
for role in cat killing

07.12.03 - CTV, Canada

Man charged in cat's torture, death: Police say arrest aided by Web site
03.13.03 - Toronto Star

A 21-year-old drifter facing charges of torturing and killing a cat made a brief court appearance yesterday amid heightened security.

Matthew Kaczorowski, wearing orange-coloured prison garb, looked on glumly from the prisoner's box as prosecutor Robin Flumerfelt told a judge that he faces charges of mischief, theft under $5,000 and possession of property obtained by crime. The case was remanded until tomorrow for a bail hearing.

The public gallery was packed for the accused man's first appearance in the emotionally charged case, and extra court officers were on hand. Two other men have already been convicted and jailed in the case, in which the cat was skinned alive. The animal's torture was filmed for an art project.

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What Can We Do Now?

Mourn (no doubt that those of us who love animals will need to grieve over this tragedy), then take action to protect other animals and work to increase culpability of those responsible for animal suffering. Push to pass Bill C-15 in Canada! Do it for Kennsington.

Write to the House of Commons and ask that Bill C-15 be passed, which will stiffen penalties for animal cruelty offenses.

The Toronto Coalition For Anti-Cruelty Legislation
(Bill C-15)
offers useful information and updates.

You can also sign a petition here and here, to encourage the passage of this measure.

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Feline Victim named
Kennsington (post-mortem)

Anthony Wennekers, 25, was sentenced to the time he's already served since his arrest almost a year ago. Jesse Powers, 22, was sentenced to 90 days' jail time to be served on weekends, plus house arrest that will require him to stay in his home except to attend school and work.

Excerpt from an article in
Canadian Press:

To gasps of horror, Ontario Court Judge Ted Ormston told the packed, tearful courtroom Thursday he didn't sentence the men to the maximum time allowed because he felt their crime was not the worst offence possible.

"There are worse ways that this cat could have died," said Ormston, who took more than two weeks to deliberate the sentence. "I find the cat died a cruel death at the hands of these men, but I do not find it was the worst offence."

After viewing the videotape Ormston said the men could have spent longer torturing the cat, but didn't.

Ormston said that in court psychiatric reports, letters from Power's teachers and from Power himself, he was convinced that Power was the ringleader of a "misguided venture" to kill and eat a cat to protest animal cruelty. He did not find the "initial motive" was torture.

(as of 04.19.02 / 12:55 pm)

The sentence two men received for skinning and torturing a live cat was:
Total Votes for this Question: 5757

So far, 86% have voted for Too light
So far, 3% have voted for Too harsh
So far, 7% have voted for Fair and just
So far, 4% have voted for Don't care

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Third ACCOMPLICE Sought:

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Contact the government to insist the bill be passed without amendments:

The Honorable Martin Cauchon
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