Takoma Park/Sligo Creek, Maryland

(May go to Arlington, VA)

Request Rec'd 12.18.03

Missing: Male, neutered, 7-year-old black cat with white swatch on chest, green/yellow eyes and black nose, approximately 12 - 15 lbs. Fur is rich, dark black, velvet looking. Shy with loud meow. Last seen near Carroll Avenue on December 12th.

Takoma/Sligo residents, please check your sheds/under porches, etc. If you see him, please call 301-891-1263 or 703-593-0628

He may try to return to old house in Arlington, VA. Call anytime. Please help Maxine find her friend. She is offering a $150 reward and a $25 Borders gift certificate for info leading to his return.

Contact: Maxine Hillary
Phone: 301-891-1263 or 703-593-0628


LOST in Pennsylvania -- Off I-81,
Mahanoy City Exit 131B

Request Rec'd 04.23.03

----- Original Message -----

On Monday all of my dogs got out, and a fostered beagle for Joyce Urban and Forgotten Friends Rescue escaped as well. They all came back except for my Springer/beagle mix and Joyce's beagle.

As we all know, when a beagle's nose works, their brain stops, and they can certainly outrun this fat lady! It's been such a long winter and the bunnies are out all over which makes these beagles go crazy wanting to chase them. Living right off I-81 at the Mahanoy City Exit, Exit 131B, they could easily have been picked up by someone and taken for a ride elsewhere.

My husband and I drove all the local roads looking for them, but with ALL mountains everywhere around, they could have doubled back and gone anywhere. I'm getting posters made up, placed ads in local newspapers, will have their pics, info on a local TV station bulletin board, called local shelters, Dog Enforcement Officers, local police departments, so I'm doing just about everything I can think of. As soon as I get my posters, I'll mail a poster to each Vet/Hosp/Clinic in the surrounding areas and post them to wherever will allow me to place them.

Say a prayer for MASON, Joyce's beagle who had been rescued from Marion County, West Virginia, with a fractured pelvis, ribs, and a broken leg after being hit by a car there. He's a tri-color, neutered, male, who holds his right, back leg up since his accident. TAZ is a black/white, male, Springer/beagle mix, neutered, friendly boy who'll go with anyone when he's tired.

I'll be happy to send the pictures to anywhere/anyone to keep their eyes open for them. If seen, call 570-773-3077.

Julie Stevens
New England ESS Rescue
Hazleton Animal Shelter

Needs Foster or Adoption

Request Rec'd 01.02.03 - PA

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2003 2:08 PM
Subject: (PA-US) Abused Golden Retreiver Needs Home

DIRECTLY TO ISellHooknLoop@aol.com.
A beautiful, loving, 5-year-old male Golden retriever who has been abused, may need a home.

I [original author] personally saw this wonderful dog cower in terror on the ground when the abuser visited the relative to deliver Christmas presents. He's in a safe situation right now, staying with a relative who will not return him to the family where the husband (and father of five!) kicked and beat him, not to mention keeping him chained to a doghouse. He's supposed to go to a different permanent home, but the prospective adoptive family may be reneging, and the relative is afraid the "owners" (questionable, since there's no license tag) may decide they want him back. I was asked to line something up for him--even a foster home--just so he doesn't have to be returned to the abuser.

By the way, even though the relative tells me the prospective adopter will be a good home, it's far from an ideal situation, because the adopter is the abuser's sister and it seems to me that the dog would be in danger of being taken back at any time. The best thing would be to get him out of the immediate area, which is in Northeastern Pennsylvania. If you can help, or have any ideas, please contact me at ISellHooknLoop@aol.com--not my usual screen name. For obvious reasons I'm keeping all this as anonymous as possible.

Homes NEED - Foster or Adoption

Request Rec'd 9.21.02 - NYC

A woman with 60 cats who lives on the lower east side is about to be evicted, and her cats must be found homes, foster or adoptive.
The cats are mostly white, with many long-haired ones and some kittens. They all test negative for feline leukemia and have been fixed. They're somewhat malnourished and depressed, but in otherwise good health.

This is an emergency situation. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting or fostering one or more of these cats, please contact Holly Staver DIRECTLY at 212/691-2053 or via e-mail at hstaver@stadtmauerbailkin.com.

Need Homes - Give them a Happy Ending!

Posted 07.22.02 - Rutherford County, NC

Puppies available were rescued from
a puppy mill in Rutherford County,
North Carolina. Visit
the rescued page
at Found-Pets.org
to see the puppies.
To adopt, contact
Rutherford Vet Hospital at
(828) 286-9335.

NOTE: All these dogs are less then 15lbs.

Guardians Relieved

Update 07.26.02 - Woodbridge, VA Vicinity
After a few weeks being AWOL,
Simba found his way home!!!

Simba's caregivers left a bowl of food on the sets everynight and attribute Simba's return to following his appetite home!

Original Alert: SIMBA -- an altered, indoor, male cat with long gray hair -- is missing from his family's apartment. The Taylor family cannot figure out how he got our of their fourth floor apartment overnight, but somehow he managed. He is bigger than he appears in this picture. If you see him, email me ASAP, and I will contact his caregivers. Thank you! (Click image for larger view.)

Family Needs Help Paying
For Cat's Operation


Reported 07.12.02 - Green Bay, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Winters didn't know the tabby cat they would later name Leo before the fateful moment they saw him hit by a car. But, they saw him, they rescued him, and when no one claimed him, they adopted him. They didn't know just how serious his injuries were -- now they know he needs surgery or he will die. They cleared their savings account but still come up short. They need to collect $1,500 to cover the operation. If you'd can help, donations can be sent to the following address:

The Leo Fund
c/o First Northern Savings Bank
201 North Monroe Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54301

New Law in Effect 07.01.02

Summit County/Akron, OH

If you let your cats roam free without ID, they could wind up not just in custody, but dead as a result of a new Akron law.

The Akron City Council on Monday unanimously passed a new law restricting cats from roaming at large. The law imposes fines on owners who fail to clean up after their animal and gives the city animal wardens the authority to pick up roamers if they receive a complaint about them.

Cats without ID tags may be assumed feral, stray or abandoned. Ill cats (including those with UPI, fleas, and ringworm -- all treatable conditions).

Read the full article Akron Beacon Journal
Read the Ordinance | Save Our Cats Website

Dog Stolen from Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Boots, Boxer - $200 reward for return

05.16.02 on KOCO-TV
Oklahoma City, OK

A 78-year-old decorated veteran is offering a $200 reward for the return of his dog that was stolen from the front seat of his car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Boots, a boxer, was snatched from the front seat of Lee Shelton's vehicle as Shelton went inside to go shopping.

Shelton is asking anyone with information about the dog's whereabouts to call him at (405) 632-8239.

Cat Shot/Dumped - SURVIVED! Needs Home
Fern, 6 -year old Tabby Cat
Rec'd: 05.31.02 from Rescuer
Oil City, NY

Left to die in Oil City, an industrial dumping ground, Fern is a darling (approx. 6-year-old) tabby with white paws, chest and muzzle. She was found dehydrated and covered in oil and dirt. She is super affectionate and attaches herself to her caregiver.

After several vet visits and tests, an X-ray revealed that she was shot at least twice with a pellet gun and left for dead. The vet thinks the stress of this caused an auto-immune response, and she now has inflammatory bowel disease. It took several medicinal attempts and 3 months, but diet and medicine regime (ZD food, Prednisone and Centrine) are correct and her stool is now semi-solid. Her weight is holding steady at approximately 7 lbs. indicating that she is in good health otherwise. All test results FIV, FeLV, FIP specific ELISA, Thyroid, and lead level, are negative.

Rescuer is moving out of state at the end of June with four of her own cats. The long car commute and months of temporary housing would be stressful and not good for Fern who needs a relatively stress-free home. "It breaks my heart to let her go, but I must find the right situation for her sake." If you know anyone in the tri-state area who can help her, rescuer will provide ample supply of food and medication as well as make a donation toward any future vet bills for her. She has been through so much and truly deserves a chance at a happy life.

Contact rescuer directly by email: Jill Clulow
or phone H: (516) 431-5516 / C: (917) 841-1635

Special Needs Cat - Needs Home/Foster
Precious, 35-lb cat

Rec'd 06.05.02 from
Homeless Animal Rescue Team
Sterling, VA

An elderly woman had to go into a home that did not allow pets so HART promised her we would help her cat Precious, who is morbidly obese and needs help! She has been started on a strict diet that will enable her to lose those necessary pounds. She cannot even groom herself. It is very sad. She is currently without a foster home and is sitting at the Petsmart of Sterling, VA, desperately awaiting a foster / or permanent home.

She is good with other cats. Since she cannot readily defend herself she needs a home where she is the only cat or the cats will not post a threat to her. She cannot maintenance feed. She doesn't need a lot, just love and affection, and a home where someone can monitor her feeding. [HART will provide the special diet, but she cannot maintenance fed. She must be fed, and then have the food must be removed when she is done.] If you can help please let HART know ASAP! Email or phone at (703) 691-HART.


FIND Hope, 10-mo-old
Golden Retriever

Rec'd: 05.31.02 from
S. Philadelphia, PA

On Saturday, May 18th, between 1:00pm and 1:15pm EST my 10-month-old, female golden retriver puppy was abducted from our 9 foot concrete enclosed back patio in south philadelphia/center city philadelphia.

Hope is 45 lbs (lanky, still has not filled out), non-spayed, seziure disorder effected puppy, but otherwise perfect example the of golden retriever breed.

I have assembled a website with important details about her theft, news of current status and with a recent photo of Hope.

In addition I have covered a 10 square block radius with posters (over 10,000 since 5/19), direct u.s mailed 572 vets, shelters and clinics within a 40 mile radius from where she was taken
called every vet, shelter out of that range I can locate a number for.

It took 6 days just to get the police to begin investigating this case and even then it was sadly only at the request of a prominent local polititian I had a chance meeting with. Now that the police are investigating there are further complications, see her site for more details at http://www.pcdoctor-inc.net/hope/.

Please if you think you have seen Hope or are in possession of her contact us ASAP (info on site) If you have not seen her but know anyone who works with animals, please foward this email to them.

Thanks in advance,
Email: Michael

Available for ADOPTION
Rudy, 3-yr-old Shepherd/Akita Mix

Rec'd 05.24.02 from Private Source
Long Island, NY

His name is Rudy. He is a handsome three year old Shep/Akita mix about 65 lb. He is happy and fun. He is good with dogs and cats but would preferably be an only pet. Only because I think he is happier with not having to share the attention, he is NOT aggressive.

He is good with kids but plays too rough for really young ones, but he REALLY likes kids. He is UTD on vacc including bordatella and lyme, heartworm negative and on preventative and he is applied with Frontline each month. He is housebroken and very people oriented. He has been in a kennel for eight months.

Why is he special needs, you ask...? He is blind as a bat! He was born without retinas in both eyes, he was seen by a specialist. He doesn't know he's blind though, he has always been that way and doesn't know there is a world with sight. There is no fear or anxiety associated with his blindness. He is obedience trained too. He really needs a home. He has so much love to give. His owner abandoned him on the streets...literally! A friend of mine found him wandering the roads of Long Beach. See his photo that is attached. If interested, please contact Kathy at jkg0806@aol.com or call her @ 631-360-7575 Tues - Sat 8 am - 4 pm.

DARE To Rescue: Dachshunds to Foster
Private Source: US3South@attbi.com
New England (United) States

A personal plea for those of you living in PA, NY, NJ and the New England states: The New England branch of Dachshund Adoption and RescuE (DARE) is in desperate need of foster homes to care for our dogs waiting for their forever home.

All you need is a love of dogs and some basic dog experience. We work closely with our foster homes to assure a good experience for all, especially the dog. If you have the room in your home to assist these furkids on their journey to their forever homes, won't you please contact me today? Please email me privately at US3South@attbi.com. On behalf of these furkids, thank you for whatever you can do to help!

Roberta & Pat, with doxies Chet, Cherokee & Missy, and mini-schnauzer Murphy, NE Rep, DARE

DareToRescue.com / See available pets in NE at PetFinder.org
www.drwp.net / www.puppymillrescue.com

Shelter Closes, Pets Need Homes
(05.10.02) Yahoo! News

A place that has helped sick and abandoned animals made its own plea for help Friday.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, 11659 Jones Road, will lose its lease on Wednesday.

"We are having to place all of the animals in foster care or homes. As of right now, we don't know where we are going to be," said Heather Schmidt, with the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

The no-kill shelter has been operating in northwest Houston for 12 years. It has a reputation for giving unwanted pets a second chance.

"These animals are so loved and cared for. And if we can't find someone to sponsor this shelter, they are not going to exist," said Elizabeth Crunk, a volunteer.

Every animal at the shelter was saved from other shelters where they were going to use euthanasia, according to shelter volunteers.

The non-profit organization hopes that corporate sponsors and citizens will donate money so it can move to a new facility to continue its work.

Anyone who would like to help the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary should call (281) 807-PETS or visit www.noahs-ark-sanctuary.org.

Dozens Of Pets Need New Home
(05.09.02) KGTV-TV / San Deigo, CA

Forty-six companion animal in Escondido (CA) need a new home. They belonged to Norma Henry, 62, a woman who died suddenly a few weeks ago, and didn't leave instructions for what she wanted done with the animals. Her neighbor, Mary Miller has been taking care of the animals.

"She spent a lot of money medicating them and they went to the vet regularly," Miller said of Henry. "The cats are all healthy. She fed them, they always had water."

Henry had taken in most of the animals because no one else would. Many have special needs, or are simply getting old. The animals are now up for adoption. The Rancho Coastal Humane Society is working to place many of the dogs and cats.

"It looks like all of them will be placed, and make it into a new life, and get some good loving here in the future," said Jim Silveira, of the Humane Society. Getting the pets ready for adoption could cost the Humane Society about $2,000.

You can help through donations or by adopting the pets:

The Rancho Coastal Humane Society
(760) 753- 6413
389 Requeza Street
Encinitas, CA 92023

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