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Trips with Pets
Added 01.02.04
- Created for those who enjoy traveling with the furry members of their family, provides a selection of thousands of pet friendly properties across the U.S., directories of vets and pet recreational activities, pet trip supplies, airline pet policies, and much more.

Paws to Heaven
Added 02.22.04 -"Dignify the Memory of Your Pet." Urns and other memorial products as well as a directory of Pet Loss Support groups, counsels, articles and more.

Updated Regularly
- Listed geographically.

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Rescues/Shelters by Location AR-Opponents/Animal Industry Sites


Humor may be subjective, but these websites are still in poor taste. Don't be mistaken into thinking they are real. The abuse of cats and dogs for meat are real (see links below) and far from funny.
    Read More: HSUS | Snopes | PETA | ASPCA
Dog Island

Dog and cat meat are no joke...
Anti-Dog Meat Movement Headquarters
Korea Animal Protection Society
Korea Dog & Cat Meat Market, Exposed
Dogs and Cats Tortured & Boiled Alive

Dogs and cats at market in South Korea © PETA
Dogs and cats at market in South Korea © PETA

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