Glimpses of a Year
A series in Haiku written by Leigh-Anne Dennison - 1987
(copyright 1987/1999 L. Dennison)

The sun shines brightly
The flowers burst in their bloom
And summer appears.

The light of dawn glides
Travelling to earth in beams
Gliding, sliding down.

Green grass wet with drew
Trees waken their sleeping leaves
Another day begins.

The water flows down
Gurgling down quietly
Ending in the mind.

The sea pounds the beach
Relentlessly it beats down
Knowing nothing more.

Storm clouds cover the sky
The rain beats down in its anger
Still, the sun peaks through.

Gentle breezes float
Softly o'er dry Autumn leaves
Guiding us to snow.

Snowflakes speckle the ground
Crisp, cold, and clean is the air
The first winter day.

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